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Xu Que activated the Lucky Aura. He swept his gaze across the System parcel interface. The Big Mystery Bag immediately opened. A few beams of light shot out and nested into the parcel slots, then showed up as items:

High-Class Escape Emblem X 2

Random Shapeshifting Card: This item is a tool. It can generate all sorts of characters randomly, which will change randomly with time and generate 100 points of affection or animosity. The duration of this tool usage is four hours.

Ultra-Invincible Emblem X 2: Single-Use Consumable Amulet, withstands all attacks from anyone below the stage of an Immortal Cultivator, lasts for five seconds.

"Eh? This batch isn't bad at all!"

Xi Que's eyes lit up. While he hadn't gotten many items from this gift bag, every single thing in it was extremely precious.

He had obtained two High-Class Escape Emblems and two Ultra-Invincible Emblems. No matter how you looked at it, it was a windfall!

However, that Random Shapeshifting Card….

"What the hell was that thing? Random characters, random changes, random generation of affection and animosity points? Crap, how random could it possibly get?" Xu Que frowned. He was not a man too fond of randomness.

Most important, simple tricks like altering one's appearance were nothing to Xu Que – he already has a disguise puppet for that. All in all, the shapeshifting card did not hold great interest for Xu Que.

"Forget it. I've earned my keep with those two Ultra-Invincible Emblems. As for the two Escape Emblems, ha, ha, I now have a total of three emblems, counting the one I obtained before!" Xu Que ignored the Shapeshifting Card and bore down passionately on the two Ultra-Invincible Emblems. His heart was singing. With these two spells, my mum would never again have to worry about me being beaten up!

Arwoof! "Lad, are you crazy? Didn't you just say that you're going to meditate? Why are you grinning like an idiot while sitting there?" Buttface, standing guard outside, asked as he looked at Xu Que weirdly.

"Idiot! Stop bothering me. I'm going to cultivate right now!" Xu Que glared at Buttface. He took out the manual of Wordless Magic Art and closed the System interface.

With only a month left, it was too late for Xu Que to advance his cultivation stage. He would not make much progress within this short amount of time. Therefore, he had decided to consolidate his Taoist Consolidation. He would continue to decipher the Wordless Magic Art.


He closed his eyes, and his spirit immediately flowed into the Wordless Magic Art. Once again, he would immerse himself into the world of nothingness. Under his feet was the same old labyrinth of jumbled, black words. Those were his reflections on his Taoist Connotation.

Xu Que was no stranger to this place. He brought himself to the center once again and sat down with his legs folded.

A few moments later, strands of black amulet scribbles flowed out of his body like a long river. They flowed in all directions, slowly filling up this blank world.

One day.

Two days.

Five days.

Ten days.


Soon, 30 days had passed in a flash. Xu Que was still fully immersed in the Wordless Magic Art and his world of Taoist Connotation. For the entire month, he had never woken up from his reflection of Taoist Connotation. Although nothing had changed about his Taoist Connotation, it was more robust than it had been before he went into Secluded Meditation.


When Xu Que opened his eyes, the Spiritual Qi surrounding his body had solidified in front of his eyes. His Taoist Connotation was at a state of maximum thickness, inadvertently suppressing the Spiritual Qi.

Arwoof! "Lad, you're finally awake! What great timing! You both woke up at the same time!" Buttface's voice came out of nowhere.

Dazed, Xu Que turned to see the outside of the tree hole. Jiang Hongyan too walked out from the neighboring tree hole. Jiang Hongyan's cultivation had ended several moments earlier than his.

The current Jiang Hongyan was not only stronger than before, but she was undeniably more beautiful at first glance. Her beauty remained so strong that just by standing there, she became the view. However, that exquisite aura she carried had deepened. That might be the result of her finally mending her soul into a rightful whole.

"What a coincidence, Little Miss! How were your gains?" Xu Que smiled as he got up and walked toward Jiang Hongyan. He waved to lift the restrictive barrier.

Jiang Hongyan smiled mildly, nodding, "It was a success!"

"That's great!" Xu Que answered. With most things, and especially about mending her soul,...Xu Que had never worried Jiang Hongyan would fail.

"Oh god, stop chitchatting! The seal is lifting. I can already feel the killing intent from the many people outside, dying to kill us all!" Buttface said anxiously.

Buttface had been lying outside the tree hole for the whole month. Now that the seal was finally going to lift, Buttface was beginning to get fidgety.

Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan stepped out of their respective tree holes. They let loose of their Soul Strengths to scan their surroundings.

The duo immediately sensed that the seal of this area was indeed quickly weakening and was about to disperse. Also, due to the seal weakening, they could sense the countless powerful auras outside the barrier, all thirsty for their blood.

"There are at least three powerhouses at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage!" Jiang Hongyan frowned and raised her beautiful brows slightly. Her expression was solemn.

"Three! Well, that's quite a handful." Xu Que frowned as well.

He had initially thought that no matter how deep the foundations of the Heavenly Human Tribe were, there would at most be only two Heavenly Humans at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage. He even thought that those two powerhouses at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage would believe that he was too insignificant to deal with and would sit out the battle.

However, it turned out that he had miscalculated. The opponent sent out three powerhouses at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage, all at once.


Suddenly, Jiang Hongyan waved her slender hands and a patch of green glitter fell upon them. Like Immortal Elixirs dissolving into a fragrance, the glitters began to spread.

Such is the effect of the Celestial Concealment Herb. It could wipe away their presences and conceal their figures, making it difficult for the Heavenly Humans to detect their whereabouts.

"What should we do now? Should we run as well? It's not too late to run!" Buttface asked hesitantly. Buttface always wavered when it came down to having to choose between life and delicacy.

"It would be too late if we ran and did nothing else. Also, there's no need to run at all!" Xu Que shook his head and turned his gaze toward the land before the forest. He knew that that was the way leading to the Heavenly Humans' territory.

Well, he had no need to run anyway, at least for now.

With the two Ultra-Invincible Emblems in his hands, even with just three High-Class Escape Emblems, he could guarantee their escape no matter what kind of sticky situations they found themselves in, bypassing any confinement from barriers or seals!

"I don't care if it's a tiger's den or dragon's nest, I must see that place with my own two eyes!" Xu Que said determinedly. After all, his return to Earth depended on it.

Jiang Hongyan nodded in agreement. She smiled faintly, "The seal is about to be lifted. Let's head there first."

No matter the danger, she would not deny Xu Que's suggestions. Furthermore, she was much stronger than before. Of course, the most important reason was that she believed in Xu Que's strength. Xu Que would not have taken the risk if he had no confidence.

"Wait! I learned something new when I was practicing Secluded Meditation. Let me try it!" As if he had suddenly recalled something, Xu Que called out the System interface at once. His gaze quickly landed on the item Shapeshifting Card.

He knew that those Heavenly Humans in that forest must have witnessed him wiping out other Heavenly Humans,via some methods unbeknownst to him. Therefore, they would definitely be out for his blood.

If so, it might just be the perfect opportunity to try the Shapeshifting Card. After all, it's something quite precious, yet useless. If he could bluff them after his transformation, he could save a lot of trouble. With that in mind, Xu Que used the Shapeshifting Card.

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