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Jiang Hongyan and Buttface looked at Xu Que interestedly. Both of them knew that Xu Que's strength was already terrifyingly high. However, didn't he just say that he had learned something new in the month that he had been practicing secluded meditation? Could it be some other terrifying Magic Art?

The more they thought about it, the more curious they became.


A blinding white brilliance suddenly shot up from Xu Que's body. It appeared like a flash, but faded even faster. The white light disappeared in the blink of an eye, but...Xu Que was gone!

In his place stood a gorgeous, scantily clad woman all in red, with a folded fan in her hands.

The air seemed to freeze!

"Crap!" Buttface was the first to register Xu Que's transformation, and called out in surprise.

Jiang Hongyan stood rooted to the ground, unable to react. While usually she was always calm and collected, her face was filled with shock this time.

No one expected that the something new that Xu Que had mentioned would entail him transforming into such an enticing woman.

What the hell was this fellow planning?

"Crap! Are you out of your mind, kiddo? This is what you learned in one month of secluded meditation?" Buttface asked, confounded.

No one knew that Xu Que was the most astounded of them all. The figure that the Shapeshifting Card had transformed him into was none other than the insanely popular game character – Mai Shiranui.

What the crap!

What's the meaning of this?

You're making the great, handsome, and robust Act-Tough Saint into a trap?!

Ding! "You are currently transformed into Mai Shiranui. The random effect obtained is: Gaining 100 points of affection from strangers!"

Xu Que's lips twitched at the System's words. He immediately responded, "What is this freaking Shapeshifting Card? This is crazy, don't I need some face? I dare you to generate a real Mai Shiranui for me, see if I'll fu… pooh, no, cancel this effect right now! I'm humiliated to the bones!"

Ding! "As the Shapeshifting Card is classified as an item its use cannot be canceled. The effect will end automatically after four hours. Please use it well, Host!" replied the System.

Xu Que turned green.

Unable to cancel? Use it well?

Use it well, your ass!

Well, crap, he had finally fallen into the pit he had dug for himself. He had no choice but to become a trap for the next four hours!

"Little one, what are you planning this time?" Jiang Hongyan turned to Xu Que and asked teasingly.

"Uh...This is a tactic, yes, a smart tactic of mine to distract the enemy! I'm luring the tiger away from the den. It's a feint and a distraction! You'll see when the time comes!" Xu Que forced a rigid smile.

This is the pride that an Act-Tough Saint must uphold at all costs!

Play it cool on the surface, while cursing yourself in the heart!

Even though he's now forced to become a trap, he still has to hold it together and not show his real feelings. Otherwise, it would be just too embarrassing!

"Young lad, you keep getting scarier. I can no longer see through you!" Buttface commented in sheer horror. He felt that Xu Que was becoming more and more perverted, and that there were no means to achieve his ends that he would not use!

"Quit yapping that nonsense and follow me!" Xu Que patted Buttface's head and strode along on those white and slender legs of his…. Sigh. He/she was headed toward the other end of the forest. That was the direction that led to the Heavenly Human territory.

However, Jiang Hongyan could see that Xu Que was really embarrassed. While he would rather die than admit it, Jiang Hongyan knew him well enough to see through his strong front.

Gazing at his back as he walked away, Jiang Hongyan could hardly hold back the smile that formed on her lips. After all, it was such a rare occurrence to see the little one being this flustered. Xu Que had always acted too mature for his age, and so this was the first time she had ever seen him in such a bashful situation.


In the end, the three of them finally reached the border of the forest. In front of them was an invisible barrier. While it could not be seen nor felt, anybody who walked up to it would be pushed back by a great force. Even if someone attacked it with magic arts, nothing could make a dent in it.

Xu Que quickly gave up on forcefully breaking the barrier after a few tries. On the one hand, he could not blast the seal open quickly. On the other hand, the seal was speedily weakening and would dissipate any second. Trying to pry it open now would be a waste of True Core Strength.

Of course, the main reason he was having so much trouble was this costume of his. Mai Shiranui's robes were so skimpy that she might as well have worn nothing. He could not move comfortably at all.


At that moment, the deafening roar of thunder rang throughout the clouds. It was as if a lightning bolt was tearing through the sky in bright daylight.

Xu Que glanced upward and saw a dim light screen spreading downward at high speed. It started from the tip of the skydome, as if someone had ripped a tear in the skies.

"The seal is lifted!" Xu Que smiled and put away the folded fan in his hands. Smiling, he looked forward.

Arwoof! "I decided to be a silent lone wolf!" Buttface began to get nervous. He hid behind Xu Que and looked as if he would bury his head in the sand at any minute.

Jiang Hongyan was as calm as she always was. Luxurious and elegant, her air of supremacy as an Empress made her stand out against the dark forest all around her. She was enough to overwhelm all things beautiful in the world.


In a few moments, the seal in the air had spread downward. The invisible barrier in front of them burned away like a parchment catching fire – a brief flash and it was gone.

The next second, the scenery before them began to change.

The forest still lay behind Xu Que, Jiang Hongyan, and Buttface. However, in front of them, stone houses of all sizes began to emerge. These houses were littered all over the mountaintop; a small city with quaint architecture.

At the city border stood an entire troop of Heavenly Human soldiers, their aura overwhelming and stormy. They charged toward the outskirts, furious and ready to kill.

Three elders stood in front of their troops, their pressure all-engulfing and all-consuming. With youthful looks and white hair, they were none other than the three Heavenly Human powerhouses at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage.

Behind the three elders stood hundreds of Crossing Calamity Heavenly Human powerhouses. Males, females, old, young...all of them looked furious.


A blink of an eye was all it took. The crowd of Heavenly Humans had swept out of the forest, shooting death glares at Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan.

However, Xu Que's Shapeshifting Card seemed to make a genuinely significant impact.

The crowd charged toward them, fuming and murderous, as though they would kill Xu Que, Jiang Hongyan, and Buttface as soon as they got their hands on them. However, as soon as they got close enough to Xu Que, their expressions suddenly began to soften.

The other effect of the Shapeshifting Card began to take effect. When in front of strangers, it can invoke an increase of 100 affection points from the other party!

Xu Que had no idea how extremely helpful 100 affection points could be, but they seemed to have worked pretty well based on the current situation.

The three elders at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage still had expressions as cold as stone. However, they were no longer sending that pressure toward Xu Que and his companions

As for the Heavenly Humans behind them, almost all of them had succumbed to the beauty and elegance of both Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan. Men stared at them both like they had lost their souls, while women too seemed to be dazed by their beauty.

However, in his current state, Xu Que almost wanted to puke his heart out silently.

If people had looked at him, mesmerized when he was still in his own male body, he would have been extremely pleased. However, in this current female body, he could not even come out with a good diss! Damn you, Shapeshifting Card!

"Hmph. So there are only two humans left?" One of the Heavenly Human elders at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage scoffed coldly. Although his killing intent had diminished, his attitude was still unfriendly.

After all, they were Heavenly Humans; prideful by nature and proud by nurture, they disregarded any other races that were not their own. No matter how high their affection points were, their mindsets could not be changed easily.

"What are you humans, and where is Xu Que of the Exploding Heavens Faction? Show yourself this instant!" The elder spoke again, his eyes fixed on Xu Que.

Xu Que immediately held the folded fan up and covered his mouth, smiling amorously, "Oh, you silly old man, you're so naughty…. Puu! No! Senior, I am Mai Shiranui, and beside me is my little sister – No Depth!"

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