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At that moment, everybody around the globe could not believe their ears.

What the heck did he mean?

You protected Huaxia and then left us all to die?

Crap, who are you to do that?

Those who had spent a fortune to escape Huaxia and had laughed at the people who stayed behind online are all stunned beyond belief.

"I am going back to Huaxia!"

"Crap, hurry up and book an air ticket back to Huaxia!"

"Crap, I just received news that many are blocked at the national border. No one can enter!"

"What is going on?"

"The whole of Huaxia is in lockdown! You can only leave, not enter!"


"Don't do that to us! We are also from Huaxia. Let us back in!"

People were crying out all over the Internet. They were even trying to sneak back inside. However, all of their efforts were futile. This spell formation had been laid down by Xu Que and could not be broken even by a cultivator at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage. What could mere mortals do?

Netizens within Huaxia were all amused.

"Ha, ha!"

"Ha, ha, ha!"

"You had that coming! I thought it was your wish to leave the country? Didn't you laugh at us for waiting for death in Huaxia? Good riddance!"

"Currently, in the whole world, Huaxia is the safest place!"

"Sweet revenge indeed!"

"This is the best!"

"This feeling is the best!"

"Xu Que, 666! Exploding Heavens Faction, 666!"

"Ha, ha, his 'That's right, that's right' was the smoothest rebuttal of the year! I reckon that the whole world is in a daze now!"

"Although I know that this is wrong since we are all humans after all, I can't stop smiling for some reason!"

"Pfft, me too!"

The atmosphere on the Huaxia Internet was laid back and relaxed. They figured out that those three angels could not do anything against Huaxia and were, therefore, aiming their spears at other nations in an attempt to force Xu Que to surrender. However, Xu Que had no regard for the people of other nations at all. His words 'That's right, that's right' were so shameless that everyone else on the Internet was stunned.

On the site, Zeng Darong and others had arrived. They too were rendered speechless by Xu Que's response.

Zeng Darong said, "I was wrong. This fellow isn't as shameless as he was before. He's MORE shameless than he was before!" 

Su Xiaoliang said, "I admit defeat!"

Wang Jin echoed him. "I admit defeat too!"


In Lin Yuxi's home, Liu Lan smiled bitterly, "Yuxi, I told you back then that this guy is exasperating, right? You said that he was cute back then. If your words got out, I bet the whole world would beat you to death!"

Lin Yuxi, "...."

In M Nation, various commentary could be heard:

"I am about to vomit blood!"

"I've already vomited blood!"

"I thought that this had nothing to do with us, but it turned out that they had pointed their guns at us! Oh, heavenly father, are these really Angels that you have sent us?"

"Those three are not Angels, they are Devils! That Xu Que too, he's the ultimate demon among devils!"

In R Nation, the commentary was not much different:

"Idiot! How could he do that?"

"That's too inhumane!"

"There's nothing we can do if he won't save us!"

"We're doomed, we're doomed! The world is ending!"

In H Nation, there was much carrying on:

"Oh crap!"

"Those damned people of Huaxia! How could they do that to us!"

"If we survive this, we will make M Nation install more shuttles!"

Excluding the people of Huaxia, people everywhere in the world were fretting over the impending disaster. The H Nation was the most uptight of all. On the Internet, many H Nation netizens began to curse at Huaxia.

At the same time, in the skies of Jianglong City, anger can be clearly seen on the stiffened faces of the three Angels. It was evident that they had not expected Xu Que to disregard the lives of other humans except for the people of Huaxia. This made them feel as if their plan had fallen apart.

"Brother Que! One sentence from you and the Internet goes crazy!" A man said as he smiled, passing a phone to Xu Que.

Xu Que's eyes narrowed and he scanned the screen. He frowned. "Oh, no!" His face suddenly darkened slightly.

Everyone present was startled. Oh no? What did he mean by that?

"Pa!" Xu Que slapped his forehead and exclaimed in remorse, "I've forgotten something vital! There is a province where I had not managed to install the spell formation!"

"Huh?" Everyone was shocked. Huaxia viewers watching the live-stream also felt their hearts jump to their throats.

There's a province where he had not managed to install the spell formation?

What the heck?

Don't say it out loud if you left one out! It's all over now, the three Angels must have heard you!

"I almost forgot that across the sea, we still have an H province!" Xu Que immediately looked towards the H Nation. The eyes of the three Heavenly Human powerhouses lit up all at once. Their icy gazes swept toward where Xu Que pointed.

Everyone present was confused. "H Province?"

The world was also dazed. "Was there such a province in Huaxia?"

People of the H Nation said, "Crap!"

Huaxia netizens responded, "Puu – ha,ha, ha, ha, ha!"

"Xu Que!" The three Heavenly Human powerhouses sneered coldly in midair. The female Heavenly Human raised her hand once again and glared at Xu Que, "Now, what else have you got to say? Come out and receive your death, or hide in there and see us annihilate the H province!"

Xu Que snapped at once, his face filled with anger as he shook all over. He snarled, " guys should not take this too far!"

His face was filled with conflicting emotions. That face filled with dilemma and pain was relayed to the world clearly through the cameras.

Citizens of the H Nation exclaimed, "sStop acting!"

The people of the Huaxia Nation all laughed.

'Ha,ha, that is too funny! That fellow can sure act!"

In R Nation, the people all felt doomed:

"We are finished."

"We are doomed, doomed!"

... ...

"Ha, ha, ha! The female Heavenly Human in the sky laughed hysterically as she snorted, "Xu Que! We will only give you three breaths worth of time to kill yourself! Otherwise…."


The sea of blue flames in the sky suddenly became agitated. It tossed and turned as if trying to swallow the world.

"Hmph! Impossible," Xu Que answered coldly as he straightened his spine. He said determinedly, "I, Xu Que, stand upright between the heaven and earth! I will not be threatened."

Everyone present followed his lead, yelling, "That's right! We, Huaxia, will never be threatened!"

"You trash Angels! Come at us if you've got guts! Don't bully the H Province!"

"Friend, you shouldn't have said that! I am from the H Province. Let me speak a word on behalf of our people – we are willing to sacrifice ourselves!"

"So what if you're from the H Province? I'll also represent the R Province to say that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves too!"

"Make a move if you dare!"

The people yelled over each other. Their presence was overpowering. The three Heavenly Human powerhouses were so furious that their faces went purple. Especially so for the female Heavenly Human. With anger on her face, she bellowed in great fury, "Atrocious! Do you really think that I will be afraid to make a move?"

As she said that, she brought her hand down sharply.


The oppressive blue flames transformed into a huge fire dragon and hovered in the air. Then, at a horrifying speed, it crashed down toward the H Nation across the sea. Within seconds, a blue mushroom cloud ascended from afar. The whole world fell silent immediately. Everyone was so stunned that they could not speak, and their hearts could only tremble fearfully. Even those who were at the site were stunned. No one had expected that fire to be so terrifyingly powerful, that it could wipe out an entire country in a blink of an eye!

"Ah! I'm so angry that I could die! How dare you really make a move!" Xu Que suddenly howled, his face filled with rage. He glared fiercely at the three Heavenly Human powerhouses.

The female Heavenly Human sneered, "Hmph! If you're still not killing yourself…."

Before she could finish, Xu Que paled suddenly and screamed once again, "Oh, no!"

At that moment, everyone in the world felt their hearts tremble.

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