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The netizens of Huaxia laughed again.


"Another oh no?"

"Which province is it this time?"

"Ha, ha, it goes without saying! Of course, it's the R Province!"

"This guy is just filled with drama from head to toe! I'm impressed. He's so shameless!"

"I bet that the R Nation will be doomed!"

"What a pity! So many senseis who taught us this and that are going to die. What a pity!"


The netizens of Huaxia resumed their daily routine of peaceful banter. They had completely let down their guard, since they assumed that Huaxia was unquestionably safe. However, before Xu Que could open his mouth, a helicopter suddenly approached, and the second-in-charge of the Rothschild conglomerate, Mord, shouted anxiously through his megaphone, "Don't be deceived, Angels! That was not Province H of Huaxia, but H Nation! He's using your hands to destroy their enemy nations!"

The expressions of the three Heavenly Human powerhouses darkened at once. They had, in fact, guessed that Xu Que was duping them. Since Xu Que could lay down so many spells, he could have laid it all over the globe, given the small size of Earth. How was it possible that he accidentally left one out? However, having Mord expose the truth made them furious.

"Too noisy!" The female Heavenly Human powerhouse, her face filled with disdain and irritation, yelled loudly and waved her hand!


In a split second,a formless energy gushed out of her and crashed into the helicopter that Mord was riding in. The force knocked the entire helicopter shapeless, and, before anyone could react, it exploded in mid-air, breaking into little pieces. Mord and his helicopter crew were completely destroyed. They fell from the sky.


Everyone present became instantly solemn as they inhaled sharply. Even though they were clear of the terrifying prowess of the Angels, they were still traumatized by what they were capable of. With just an off-handed wave, they could instantly pulverize a helicopter and its passengers. Only a god would have such power!

"This...this…." Members of the Rothschild family were instantly horrified. Many found themselves drenched in cold sweat. They had always considered themselves the allies of the Angels. They had never expected the Angels to destroy their second-in-command in a matter of seconds, just for a sentence! That was the moment when they finally realized that they were nothing in the eyes of the Angels. To the Angels, they were just ants that they could kill anytime!

Levan sat in another helicopter, glad that he had not shared the same chopper with Mord. However, he wasn't sure about anything anymore. Maybe his collaboration with the Angels was a wrong move? He started to ponder. Because up until now, not only had Xu Que not suffered a single blow, he was dealing with everything efficiently and leisurely. On the other hand, the three Angels were easily tricked and were always furious.

"We are finished! Could it be that we have bet wrongly this time?" Levan trembled to himself. He knew that if he lost this bet, the whole conglomerate would be no more.


At the same time, the three Heavenly Human powerhouses glared at Xu Que and bellowed, "Xu Que! How dare you, a lowly dog, trick us!"

"Ha, ha, trick you? I'm sorry! With your large IQs, you three should not be qualified to be tricked by me!" Xu Que gave them an icy smile as he nibbled the chicken wing that he was still holding.

The female Heavenly Human powerhouse let the fumes go to her head. She yelled angrily, "Hmph! Shameless man! Do you intend to hide in there for your whole life, like a cowardly tortoise?"

"Yo-ho!" Xu Que was instantly amused. He replied, narrowing his eyes, albeit mischievously, "Could it be that you're inviting me to battle outside? Okay, I'll come out now!"

As he said that, he made a move that seemed like he was charging forward.

Everyone was immediately taken aback, including Xu Feifei, who blurted out, "Don't go, brother!"

The live-stream on the Internet too was suddenly filled with comments, "Don't go, brother-in-law! They are just provoking you!"

However, then they all saw a scene that surprised them. When the three Heavenly Human powerhouses saw that Xu Que was about to come out, their expressions changed dramatically and they immediately skidded backward, their eyes filled with wariness.

All the people present, as well as the worldwide audience, were stunned. It was as if they saw four big words on the Angels' faces—"Don't you come out!"

"Eh? Why did you guys run so far away? I'm not even out." Xu Que quipped and smiled sarcastically.

The female Heavenly Human powerhouse instantly regretted what she had done, as she only yelled those words out of fury. Right after she said it, she realized that the three of them were no match for Xu Que's Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes. They had intended to threaten Xu Que with the lives of humans, but, to their dismay, that plan had failed. Having been startled by Xu Que, it suddenly dawned on them that if Xu Que chased them, they could at most kill some people in other nations, then be caught by Xu Que, and executed on the spot. The three Heavenly Human powerhouses looked serious as unsettled feelings crept into their hearts.

Sigh. "Not fun at all! How dare three lowly ants provoke us, the Exploding Heavens Faction? Don't you have any idea of my strength when you're 'hunting' me down?" Xu Que shook his head and sneered.

Everyone present finally caught on to what Xu Que was saying. Their hearts shook at the vague inference they made. Comments overwhelmed the live-stream:

"Could it be…."

"Don't tell me…."

"I knew it…."

"What the hell are you guys talking about?"

"Idiot, can't you see? Those three Angels are no match for Xu Que at all! They had planned to threaten Xu Que with the lives of humans, but little did they know that he would be unmoved!"

"Ha, ha, ha, Xu Que moved slightly, and they were so scared that they skidded backward! How funny."

"Who knew Xu Que was this powerful."

"As expected from someone of the Exploding Heavens Faction…!"


The three Heavenly Human powerhouses looked at each other and spoke to each other via soundless communication.

"What do we do?"

"Are there no other ways to deal with him?"

"Why don't we...destroy the whole realm?"

"We can't. There is a hidden yet powerful restriction force in this realm. I'm afraid that not only could we not destroy it, but we might also suffer backlash injuries should we try."

"Then what do we do? Don't tell me that we can only wait for him to hunt us down with the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes?"

"Eh, wait a minute! Do you still remember the restriction spell on Revival Island?"


"The energy of that restriction seemed to be related to the Heavenly Human bloodline. It is entirely possible that it was left by our ancestors who had come here before!"

"I have had a premonition. If we could offer a sacrifice to that restriction spell, we would no longer need to be afraid of those Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes, no matter their numbers! We might even be able to kill Xu Que with it."

Once they had finished their conversation, their eyes lit up with hope and they regained their composure.


In an instant, the three Heavenly Human powerhouses left without a word. They stretched out their wings and rushed toward Revival Island in the Pacific Ocean.

"Uh? They fled?"

Everyone was stunned and confused by the sudden development. Xu Que was also surprised. He didn't think that those three would leave so abruptly without a single word.

In the blink of an eye, only a few dozen helicopters remained in the vast blue sky. Every single member of the Rothschild family had all the blood drained from their faces.

"It's over!" Levan let out a long sigh and closed his eyes in desperation.


Suddenly, somewhere far out on the Pacific Ocean, a loud, thundering crash could be heard. The crash was so loud that it could be heard all over Huaxia.

"Eh? Is that...Revival Island?" Xu Que's eyes narrowed as his line of sight traveled thousands of miles. He could vaguely see the three Heavenly Human powerhouses land on Revival Island. They sliced their palms open and allowed their blood to drip into the soil. The entire Revival Island trembled and suddenly tossed up a tsunami. An immeasurable amount of seawater was heaved up from the surface. From under Revival Island gushed a horrifying pressure that came from ancient times. It was almost like a warning that a terrifying existence was about to emerge.

"This is bad! That felt like the aura of the Heavenly Humans." Jiang Hongyan turned solemn at once.

Xu Que glared in the direction of Revival Island. To think that the aura underneath Revival Island would be so similar to the Heavenly Humans! Not only that, but it seemed a lot more potent than the Heavenly Humans at the Great Vehicle Stage. It looked like some petrifying spell formation. 

"Ha, ha, ha! God bless the Heavenly Human Tribe!" Almost at the same time as the tsunami erupted, a burst of manic laughter spread out from Revival Island and rang throughout the whole world. The three Heavenly Human powerhouses laughed furiously, their faces filled with mad euphoria.

"Search high and low and still find nothing, only to see it when one least expects to! To think that the Heaven Human Mergence Spell lost for tens of thousands of years was hidden here all along!" 

"Xu Que, do you dare to come out and battle us?"

"Even if you have millions of Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes, they are nothing compared to the Heaven Human Mergence Spell!"

"We'll give you three breaths of time to enter the spell and battle us! Otherwise...we will activate the restriction and demolish this realm!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha…." Waves of their laughter rang in the ears of everyone in the world. At that moment, the whole world came to a standstill. Everyone paled, including the people of Huaxia who once again became worried.

Do those three Angels intend to destroy the world?

If they destroy Earth, what's the use of Xu Que's formation, no matter how powerful it is?

Everyone's gazes focused on Xu Que. Xu Que had ignored the Angels back when they threatened to kill the people of other nations. However, the three Angels were now threatening to destroy the world. The Earth is about to perish. What choice will he make?

"So done!" Xu Que shouted angrily.

Everyone who was not from Huaxia fell into a sudden state of bewilderment. "So done? He meant to say 'so, done!' right? So he is going?"

"No, I think in the language of Huaxia that is a vulgarity! He's 'so done' with this crap!"

"Damn it, why is the language of Huaxia so profound?"

"So is he going or not? I'm waiting for an answer online. It's urgent!"

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