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Faraway in the Pacific Ocean, the sea churned violently, making each wave higher than the previous one. The way it was manifesting itself was more horrifying than an impending tsunami. The entire Revival Island was shaking. With the restriction almost fully activated, an ancient spell formation sealed in time began to emerge on the surface. A blinding brilliance shot up as if it would tear apart the sky at any moment.

Its horrifying pressure instantly petrified all the people of the world. Many TV stations forked out a considerable sum to send their reporters and shooting teams to the Revival Island. Like an army unafraid of death, the reporters went straight to a shooting venue near the island. The brave will come so long as the reward is enough! Within half an hour, what happened on Revival Island was relayed to the masses through television and the Internet.

Many people were awed by what they said. Floating runes circled the whole island, blindingly and piercingly bright. The three Heavenly Human powerhouses stood in the middle of the island. Bright light was emitted from their bodies, with a purity so sacred and inviolable that it was as if they were gods.

"Oh, holy father, it's a real angel!"

"The Bible prophecy came true!"

"Angels shall descend on Revival Island, renewed, and destroy all evil in their way!"

Many followers of God began to kneel and bow in the direction of Revival Island, praying fervently as tears ran down their cheeks.


At the same time, in border regions of Jianglong City, Huaxia, Xu Que looked solemnly into the distance, knowing full well the gravity of the situation.

Jiang Hongyan said softly, "This spell formation is not yet fully activated, but its powers are already comparable to a Celestial Spell. The murderous aura of this spell is too strong! You should not act recklessly."

"I'm afraid I don't have a choice." Xu Que smiled as he shook his head, "The entire spell of Taishan is under my control. If I could feel the existence that is controlling this realm, I'm sure that the three of them could too. If they manage to control Revival Island, the Earth might be destroyed!"

Jiang Hongyan considered this and nodded, "I'll go with you!"

"No!" Xu Feifei immediately exclaimed, engulfed in worry, "Brother, Sister Hongyan, don't go!" Her eyes became moist with tears as she spoke. She looked at Xu Que, "Brother, we've just been reunited. Are you leaving again? Can we not flee? most, can we take everyone from Earth?"

"There is no way to bring so many!" Xu Que smiled bitterly. He had studied the Space-Breaking Spell and knew that he could at most bring a few more people with him. Bringing the whole Earth's population with him was impossible. Also, he could not watch Earth get destroyed. After all, this was his home, a memory-filled and loving home. How could he watch as the Heavenly Humans demolish the place he calls home?

"Brother Que!" Someone suddenly walked over. A man in military uniform stood straight and looked at Xu Que in utmost seriousness, "Heed your sister's advice, Xu Que. Don't go!"

Everyone around him began to join in.

"That's right! Don't go, Brother Que!"

"We are not afraid of dying!"

"Don't be tricked by those filthy angels! Isn't it just dying? We were prepared to give our lives the moment we made our way here!"

"Brother Que, look at the comments on the Internet! Everybody's telling you not to go!" Someone showed Xu Que his phone screen. What was happening right now was being relayed instantaneously to the world through the live-stream. Comments shot onto the screen.

"Brother Que, don't go!"

"We've just seen Revival Island. That's not Revival Island anymore; it's now Death Island!"

"It's too scary! I've never seen an island this scary. Just looking at the screen made me get goosebumps!"

"Revival Island wasn't that scary when I saw it in the movies! Those runes are too eerie. It's filled with killing intent!"

"Whoa, look! A helicopter carrying a reporter got too close by accident. The spell instantly turned them into ashes!"

"Holy cow!"

"Brother Que, brother-in-law, you must not go!"

"That's right! Even if you went, they might still harm us anyway!"

"Brother-in-law, don't go!"


On the Internet, people tried to convince Xu Que and hoped that he would give up on going to the island. Everyone knew deep down that even if Xu Que went into battle, the three Angels would surely still kill them all. It was evident from when they butchered Mord back then without hesitation. Therefore, at this moment, they were reluctant to send Xu Que to his death. They wanted him to survive so that he could avenge them in the future.

Of course, there remained a few that believed that the Angels would only kill Xu Que. They kept spamming for Xu Que to not drag them into this, but were instantly put down. 

"Brother, don't go!" Xu Feifei tugged at Xu Que's sleeves and looked up with her large doe eyes.

Xu Que shook his head slightly, "Feifei, don't be like that! You know that I must go!"

"Brother…." Xu Feifei's tears fell from her eyes.

Everyone present was moved to tears. They tried to persuade Xu Que to drop the idea.

"Brother Que, there is really no need for you to go!"

"No one will blame you!"

"That's right! Look at how hard Feifei is crying! Can you bear to leave her alone in this world?"

"Don't go, Brother Que. We are serious!" Everyone persuaded sincerely.

Xu Que waved his hand, "Everyone, that's enough! I know your good intentions, but this is a trip that I must make."

Xu Que's gaze scanned the surroundings as he spoke. When he finally found the camera, he said solemnly and determinedly, "Everyone. I have always said that all men of the Exploding Heavens Faction are upright and strong! With disaster right in front of us, how could I stand on the sidelines and watch it happen? Furthermore, I am the one who created this problem. It is only logical that I should bear responsibility for it."

He inhaled sharply and his eyes turned slightly red, "Feifei might be my family, but Earth is my home! Huaxia is the country where I was born and bred. I will not watch them destroy it, never!"

"Therefore, stop trying to stop me! I must go, even if I die in this battle!" Xu Que raised both of his arms and yelled loudly, "When you see the Exploding Heavens Faction, what you have is only extinction! The Exploding Heavens Faction will not only bring you dread, but also will leave you only a single needle and a piece of thread! Those who invade Huaxia shall face death, no matter how far they may escape!"

His voice resounded like the Holy Thunder of the Nine Heavens. Deafening and astounding, his words rang through everyone's hearts and eardrums. That was the moment when the people of Huaxia felt their eyes moisten, in a rush of adrenaline and patriotism. Everyone present began to yell at the top of their lungs in unison, "When you see the Exploding Heavens Faction, what you have is only extinction! The Exploding Heavens Faction will not only bring you dread, but also leave you only a single needle and a piece of thread! Those who invade Huaxia shall face death, no matter how far they may escape!"

Countless audiences screamed at their screens, "When you see the Exploding Heavens Faction, what you have is only extinction! The Exploding Heavens Faction will not only bring you dread, but also leave you only a single needle and a piece of thread! Those who invade Huaxia shall face death, no matter how far they may escape!"

"Everyone, I am leaving!" Xu Que turned around without any hesitation, leaving them a resolute view of his back. He leaped into the air at once. Jiang Hongyan too did not hesitate. Her figure swept out and floated like a fairy.

"Hongyan, don't follow me! I have to go into battle alone! Stay back and take care of Feifei for me!"

Jiang Hongyan stood dazed for a second. Before she could speak, Xu Que's voice rang out again.

"This body I shall cultivate, above the nine heavens I shall break! Spill this scalding blood o' mine, for I'm not someone the world could bind! Even if only death awaits, alone in this battle, I shall fight! Emerge from blood with my head held high! When I die, bring my ashes by your side. Scatter them into the wind when you meet bad guys, and let me protect you one last time!"


As his words fell soberly into the ears of his audience, Xu Que stepped onto his lightning bolt and darted out across the sky.

"Brother Que!"


Everyone present, including the countless people in front of their TVs and the Internet, all had tears streaming down their faces. They felt that once Xu Que went into that battle, he would not make it back anymore!


Meanwhile, on Revival Island, the three Heavenly Human powerhouses had already become blindingly bright. They had absorbed the endless stream of energy from underground, storing it for later use. The Killing Array had brought them too big of a surprise.


Suddenly, the sound of something cutting the wind resounded in the area. The three Heavenly Human powerhouses came to attention and let out menacing smiles, "He's finally here!"

Many helicopters equipped with cameras recorded the scene in full 360 degrees and presented what was happening to the whole world. In the sky, Xu Que's hands moved so quickly that they became blurry. He completed a Taoist seal as strands of True Core Strength intertwined with his ten fingers!

On the ground, the three Heavenly Human powerhouses were relaxed and calm. With sarcastic smiles on their faces, they watched as the runes covered the entire island. Their power was overwhelming, blinding, powerful, and filled with murderous intent.

 "Xu Que! Today is the day that you meet your death!"

"Today, you will be reduced to ashes, never to be born again!"

"Heaven Human Mergence Spell! Initiate the massacre with my blood!"

The three Heavenly Human powerhouses howled into the wind.


Suddenly, a loud and thunderous thud exploded in mid-air, causing the void to twist.

"Face the Gale!" Xu Que bellowed as he swiftly raised both of his arms. The Gautama Buddha Seal of the Heaven and Earth Seal was complete. The void of all four directions roared in agony! The next moment, a massive mountain range appeared out of thin air. Larger than Revival Island, it covered the sky in an instant and began to fall at an alarming speed.

"What?" The three Heavenly Human powerhouses paled immediately.


In that instant, the enormous mountain range crashed down and hammered the three Heavenly Human powerhouses, along with the island, into the Pacific Ocean. The seawater exploded, raking up a giant water screen. The water screen sizzled into mist and dissipated in the air. The whole world fell silent at that exact moment. Everyone opened their mouths wide in awe and shock. From their screens, they could see that Revival Island was gone and the three Heavenly Human powerhouses were also gone. Only a jarring mountainous region stood in the vast Pacific Ocean.

Ding! "Congratulations to host Xu Que for successfully acting tough! You have been rewarded with 23,000 Acting Tough Points!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host Xu Que for successfully acting tough! You have been rewarded with 26,000 Acting Tough Points!"


Ding! "Congratulations to host Xu Que for successfully annihilating three supreme powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage! You have received 3 million experience points!"

Ding! "Congratulations to host Xu Que for leveling up! You have now reached the tenth level of the Form Synthesis Stage!"


The system notifications rang in his mind.

Xu Que stood atop the mountain with both hands at his back, the fringes of his clothes fluttering in the wind. He looked around and yelled loudly, "I'm here, where are you guys? Didn't you want to battle me? Come on out!"

"Come out quickly, oi!"

"Where did they run off to?"

"I'm gonna leave if you're not coming out!"

"I'm going to head home and write in my diary!"

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