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"This is a little bit too destructive!"

Xu Que was surprised. He had planned to subdue the three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe by throwing them out of the Five Elements Mountain through the Gautama Buddha Seal. After that, he would deal with them when he had time. He didn't expect that the Gautama Buddha Seal would kill the three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe instantly!

Moreover, this was just the mini-version of the Gautama Buddha Seal. He didn't have enough Skill Essences. The cultivation progress of the Gautama Buddha Seal had only reached 1 percent, but it was still so horribly powerful!

It was hard to imagine that he could even kill Celestials instantly when he consummated the cultivation of this magic art! 

In this way, the Five Elements Mountain in the Four Great Continents must have been thrown out by someone whose Gautama Buddha Seal had reached the highest level. Otherwise, it couldn't be so huge. More important, the creature under the mountain was still alive and had even escaped at last!

It was conceivable that the one who threw out the Five Elements Mountain by using the Gautama Buddha Seal and the creature who was subdued under the mountain were extremely powerful!

I still have a hell of a long way to go in cultivation! Xu Que thought anxiously. 

Then he jumped up into the sky and dashed toward Huaxia, stepping on lightning.


At the same time, people all around the world were still dumbfounded. They had thought that the fight would be extremely fierce, and even predicted Xu Que's heroic death at last.

They never thought that the fight would be ended in such a short time.

The three powerful angels disappeared under the mountain directly and didn't come out after a long time. Nobody knew whether they were alive or dead.

Xu Que's leaving made them even more confused.

"Don't tell me they have been killed!"

"I guess so, or Xu Que wouldn't just leave there!"

"Damn! This is so unexpected! The three angels looked so invincible a moment ago! I thought they were very powerful!"

"They were too vulnerable! Rubbish!"

"Crap! This is so annoying! Just now I even cried when Xu Que aroused my emotions!"

"Damn! I only want to spit blood now! He is so powerful but he chose to swindle our tears by acting!"

Snigger! "This guy is really good at acting!"


Many people complained, at the same time as they let out sighs of relief in their minds. At least Xu Que was the winner, which was a good result for most people.

Xu Que didn't want to ruin this world. But the three angels really planned to do that. Their death was great news for people on Earth! However, their death was the worst news for members of the Rothschild Family. All the members of this family looked deathly pale. Levan, who was sitting in his helicopter, turned cold with fear.


At this time, Xu Que returned, stepping on lightning majestically.

Levan turned around and saw Xu Que. He trembled a bit and even forgot about trying to escape. He picked up a loudspeaker and shouted, "Mr. Xu, sorry, we know we were...."


Before he finished his words, Xu Que waved his hand directly.

Dozens of helicopters of the Rothschild Family exploded in the sky directly. People inside those helicopters were turned to clouds of blood mist and were blown away by the wind.

"Stupid people! If you could solve a problem by saying sorry, why do we need the police?" Xu Que snorted and turned to the video cameras on the ground. Then, he said coldly, "People of the M Nation, listen up! I don't want to change the pattern of the world. You have three days to wipe out the Rothschild Family! Otherwise, the M Nation will become the M Province of Huaxia!"

Hearing his words, people of the M Nation couldn't hold their seats anymore. They dashed toward the White House immediately.

At the same time, people on the ground stared at Xu Que in surprise for they were still immersed in the combat between Xu Que and the three angels.

Only Jiang Hongyan was smiling as if she had expected this.

In fact, when the three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe controlled the killing Array, she thought Xu Que and she could defeat them with the assistance of the Heaven-Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes.

When Xu Que said he would confront them alone, Jiang Hongyan knew he was confident about defeating them. Otherwise, according to his style, he wouldn't leave in such a hurry if he thought he was in danger. Before his departure, he even mentioned his bone ashes after his death. She knew clearly this guy was acting again. 

Of course, she believed Xu Que could win, but she didn't expect Xu Que could kill three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe with one move; this had totally surprised her.

"Xu Que, you are a bastard! Come down to me!" A shout rang out at this time. Xu Feifei shouted as she stared at Xu Que, with red, angry eyes. She was so angry because she thought that Xu Que was sacrificing himself to save the world. She didn't expect Xu Que could turn an easy combat into a tragedy full of bereavement, patriotism, and heroism!

Xu Que landed on the ground with a lame smile. Xu Feifei rushed up and started to punch his chest with her little fists.

"Bastard! Why are you so good at acting?"

"How dare you fool me by acting?"

"Bastard, just now I cried and shed bitter tears! I will punish you for that!"

Xu Feifei shouted angrily as she punched Xu Que.

Xu Que shouted with a wry smile, "Feifei, please don't do that! People all around the world are watching you! A girl should be demure!"

"Nonsense!" Xu Feifei, who was still angry, ignored the people around the world who were watching her.

At this time, netizens around the world started to leave their comments.

"Feifei is awesome!"

"Feifei is so cute!"

"Being demure is not important! The most important thing is to have a beautiful face!"

Howl! "Hello, everyone, I am the Mighty King of the Exploding Heavens Faction! I support Xu Feifei beating Xu Que to death!"

"Holy crap! The one who said you will beat Xu Que to death should stand out and show your identity!"

"What he said is quite interesting!"

"Hello, does the German osteopathic hospital still have a free bed?"

Netizens were talking about this issue with ease. A lot of people took pleasure in Xu Que's miserable situation caused by his younger sister.

After all, Xu Que was so wicked. He fooled the entire world several times. Nobody could punish him. Now Xu Feifei's punches really vented many people's hatred.


In this way, a crisis which could have ended catastrophically was finished in a festive atmosphere.

That day, Xu Que left Jianglong City together with Jiang Hongyan and Xu Feifei. He didn't want to keep a low profile. He worried that he wouldn't be able to continue to act tough if Xu Feifei continued to punch him like this!

However, the world remained quite noisy over the next few days.

After the death of the main members of the Rothschild Family, the family fell into disorder.

The M Nation, which tried to break away from the control of the Rothschild Family, took resolute action to wipe out members of the Rothschild Family. A lot of high officials, including the President, were changed. Then the M Nation started to hunt down members of the Rothschild Family all around the world. The whole action took place in a very noisy manner for they worried Xu Que wouldn't know they were following out his orders.

At the same time, Xu Feifei's medicine had been put into production in Huaxia.

The world was restoring order. Only the R Nation was still suffering. They kept asking the rest of the countries of the world to send professional animal control teams to get rid of the ubiquitous dogs in R Nation.

However, this funny issue was always superseded by the topic of the combat between Xu Que and the three angels.

One day, the capital TV station was occupied by a pack of wolves and dogs. A big husky-like dog appeared on the news program. Wearing a suit, a tie, and even a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, he laughed wildly in front of the video camera, "Hah-hah-hah! I am the Mighty King and the deputy sect leader of the Exploding Heavens Faction! Now I have occupied the R Nation! So, just tremble, people on Earth! I decided to show my cooking skills today. I will cook the hereditary Smelly Tofu!"

"Nicholas Doggie, bring me my pot!"

"Put oil in the pot!"

"Skin of Li Shizhen, bring me my secret wolf excrement!"

"Holy crap! Erdo Hanato, don't eat my ingredients secretly!"


Through the Internet, everyone watched this scene. The world was surprised once again!

A talking dog became popular in the world!

Buttface has become a celebrity!


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