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That night, Xu Que went back to the hotel in a leisurely manner as if nothing had happened.

Elimination of the Xia Family had been something he had had to do!

Tit for tat had always been his principle. Even if his enemy really wanted to correct their mistakes, he still wouldn't forgive them. People had to pay for the mistakes they had made.

Moreover, he had given an opportunity to the Xia Family. If they would hand over Xia Luoqing according to his request, he wouldn't wipe out the entire Xia Family.

However, the Xia Family chose to cooperate with the Rothschild Family by leading the three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe to Earth. Apparently, they were going to try to kill Xu Que for the second time.

According to Xu Que's style, he would never let these people go.

Tolerance would never appear in Xu Que's dictionary.

His motto was just two sentences – I won't offend those who don't offend me first. Those who offend me will be killed by me!

Therefore, in his mind, he was neither a good person nor a bad person. He was simply Xu Que, who was the unparalleled most handsome man in the world.


The next day, the Xia Family's elimination was mentioned in the newspaper, and the story claimed that the reason was an ordinary plane crash, and thus it was ignored by many people.


Xu Que woke up Buttface. Then he set out for the places of historical interest and scenic beauty together with Jiang Hongyan, Xu Feifei, and Buttface.

Their first destination was the Pyramids of Egypt. This was a place full of mysterious and controversial stories. Nobody expected that a restrictive spell had been placed under this place, which had been intact for the past 10,000 years.

When Buttface arrived at this place, he disdained the Sphinx and said arrogantly, "Little brat, push over this thing and replace it with my statue!"

Xu Que knocked on Buttface's forehead with his fist... Then he stepped onto the Pyramid and lifted the restrictive spell with the assistance of the System. Several days later, Xu Que managed to gain control over the spell core of the second restrictive spell on Earth.

However, this time he didn't get any runes. Maybe because nothing was left there, or because Xu Que was the wrong bloodline, he didn't know the exact reason for that. He shook his head and said he didn't want to waste his time on it. They left for the next Spell Core directly.

Buttface didn't want to leave and insisted on building a statue of himself. At last, Xu Que stared at him ferociously, which terrified him. Before their departure, Buttface carved Buttface of the Exploding Heavens Faction visited this place on the Pyramid!

Because of this, he was punished by Xu Que's fists again!

Howl! "Stop beating me! I know what I should do!" Buttface ran back to the Pyramid and carved Xu Que of the Exploding Heavens Faction visited this place!

"Crap!" Xu Que was so annoyed that he couldn't help but beat Buttface up on the way.

Their second destination was Stonehenge in England.

Several days later, Xu Que gained control over this Spell Core again. However, he didn't find any windfall.

In this way, Xu Que traveled around for the next month:

The Underwater Ruins in the R Nation;

Baalbek in Lebanon;

Machu Picchu in Peru;

Chichen Itza in Mexico.

All Spell Cores of the restrictive spells hidden in the famous places on Earth were obtained and controlled by Xu Que. Although he didn't get any windfalls, he had gained control over the restrictive spells of Earth completely. From this moment, he had become the real controller of Earth.

Also, after finishing this trip, Xu Que realized that these extraordinary Spell Cores were not all set up by one person, but by several big shots.

It was highly possible that one of the Patriarchs of the Heavenly Human Tribe used to stay on Easter Island, where he had set up Spell Cores together with others.

What happened in those years? Why did those big shots choose to set up such powerful spells together? Xu Que asked himself.

Jiang Hongyan said in a low voice, "I think we could find some records in the ruins of some ancient sects!"

"Right!" Xu Que nodded his head.

It was something he was just about to do. He planned to go to Mount Kunlun, which was full of myths and legends.

"Let's go to Mount. Kunlun. Then we will leave this world, no matter whether we find a windfall there or not!" Xu Que said.

Buttface said, "Why do we have to leave in such a hurry? I haven't had enough fun yet. I haven't had enough time to enjoy all these delicacies! How can I leave now?"

"It is quite boring to stay in this world. Moreover, the Four Great Continents are in danger. We will have plenty of opportunities to come back to this world in the future!" Xu Que said, shaking his head.

He had accumulated enough Acting Tough Points to upgrade the System to Version 10.0. At that time, he could purchase many Space-Breaking Spells from the System, which could help him to go back to Earth at any time.

Therefore, he decided to go back to the Four Great Continents and defeat the Emperor first. Then he could start to enjoy his life.

"The problem is we can't go back easily! We don't know whether there is a Void Interface Point in this world. Anyway, we can't go back by following the way we came here!" Buttface said.

Xu Que nodded his head slightly. He needed to find a Void Interface Point before he could go back to the Four Great Continents by using a Space- Breaking Spell.

However, the runes obtained by Jiang Hongyan in the ruins of the ancient sect in the mountain at the rear part of the Capital University mentioned that a lot of sects used to leave this world. Although the way to leave this world was not mentioned, the runes said they had to go through a door to a broader world.

Xu Que guessed that door would be a Void Interface Point. And it was not very difficult to find it. Anyway, Earth was a small planet. After leaving Mount Kunlun, they would find it somewhere.

"Let's go to the No. One Sacred Mountain!"

After saying that, Xu Que dashed toward Mount Kunlun together with his teammates.


Mount Kunlun, which was also known as the Void of Kunlun, was the No. One sacred mountain and leader of all mountains of Huaxia. It was so mythical.

From ancient times, this mountain had been named by the ancient people as the Ancestor of the Dragon Veins. In some ancient mythologies, the Queen Mother of the West, who had a head of a human being and a body of a leopard and was served by two green birds, was living on Mount Kunlun. She worked together with the Emperor of the East in the management of meetings and guiding the female and male cultivators, respectively.

Xu Que thought he was a decent person and had no interest in a woman with a leopard's body. He just wanted to check whether the mythologies were true and find all possible opportunities and wealth.

However, when they landed on Mount Kunlun, they were amazed by the majestic mountains covered by white snow.

"I didn't expect such a big barrier spell could be hidden in these mountains!" Jiang Hongyan said in surprise.


Apparently, what surprised them was not this majestic mountain but an enormous spell that surrounded the mountain peak.

They couldn't sense any Spiritual Qi fluctuation in this spell, which isolated the mountain peak completely. Ordinary people could never sense its existence. Xu Que and his teammates wouldn't have found this spell if they hadn't come to this place for a different reason.

After looking at this spell for a while, Xu Que said in puzzlement, "This spell is isolated from the outside world. All Spiritual Qi is blocked by it, and it hasn't been opened for at least 10,000 years. Maybe cultivators are still living in it! Even the Queen Mother of the West may be in this spell...."


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