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Xu Que was surprised, for he hadn't expected such an enormous spell would exist on Mount Kunlun.

The spell was quiet and well-hidden, and hadn't been opened for more than 10,000 years. For such a long time, it had been completely isolated from the outside world.

It was hard to imagine that, if a World of Cultivators really existed in this spell, how would the cultivators survive? Was their life like that of the Heavenly Human Tribe?

"Little brat, don't overthink it. Just open the spell, and I will go inside to find opportunities and wealth!" Buttface said excitedly. Apparently, he believed something good was hidden in this spell, which aroused his interest.

"If the Queen Mother of the West is in there, I'm afraid you will be punished by her if you dare to enter!" Xu Que stepped forward and said with a faint smile.

Although he was kidding, because he really didn't believe the Queen Mother of the West could be in this spell, he was still a little bit vigilant.

Such a large spell had been placed here. Maybe they would encounter some old monsters in it. Anyway, caution is the parent of safety!

He summoned the System in his mind, "System, open this spell, and prepare the King of Tough-Acting Fist who needs 50,000 Acting Tough Points in case of any danger!"

Ding! "This spell is in a state of disrepair after its long history. To open it will only cost 100 Acting Tough Points. Is the Host going to open it?"


Xu Que stared at the spell with eyes squinted.

Instantly, mysterious forces gushed into the spell from his body.


The next moment, the entire spell trembled a bit. A gap appeared abruptly. A gust of ancient chilly wind gushed out from the gap violently. A rotten smell could be sensed in the air.

"What?" Xu Que frowned immediately.

He checked the entire spell with his Soul Strength but didn't find any trace of life in it. The spell was just lifeless.

"It seems the Good Fortune Jade Disk is responsive to this spell!" Jiang Hongyan said suddenly as she raised her hand. Then the round jade appeared in her palm. A faint yellow halo appeared on the crystal jade, which was surrounded by many flowing runes.

"It is guiding us!" Jiang Hongyan said, as she looked at Xu Que in surprise.

In this area, only she could sense and control this round jade, which was a Celestial Artifact. Therefore, only she could understand the jade's guidance.

Xu Que replied with a smile, "It seems this thing is really related to Mount Kunlun! Let's go inside and have a look!"

Then he stepped into the spell first.

Buttface shouted seriously, "Little brat, don't be rash! What if the Queen Mother of the West is really in it? When I was in the R Nation, I was told a snake monster with eight heads used to exist in this world many years ago. And its name was...the Serpent Oishi!

"Nonsense! Its name was the Serpent Orochi!" Xu Que turned around and punched Buttface's forehead with his fist.

However, this time Buttface didn't howl. On the contrary, he was staring at something behind Xu Que with wide eyes.

"What are you looking at? Why are you so terrified?" Xu Que asked dubiously.

Buttface was dumbfounded, "Be...behind you, holy crap, so many treasure items! Ah! There are also a lot of peaches here! Is this a peach garden?"

Howl! Buttface rushed into the spell after finishing his exclamation.

Xu Que, Jiang Hongyan, and Xu Feifei were surprised and turned around immediately.

They saw nothing in the spell except for an ordinary hill. Because it was isolated from the outside world, there was no snow and ice but a lake in this place. It was quite creepy that they couldn't find Buttface in such a small place!

"What? How could he disappear in such a short time?" Xu Que frowned slightly as he turned to Jiang Hongyan. However, he was stunned at this moment.

Not only had Buttface disappeared, now Jiang Hongyan and Xu Feifei who were standing together right near him also vanished.

"Damn! This is unacceptable!"

Xu Que looked around with wide eyes and started to search this area with his Soul Strength again.

He didn't find any life-forms in this area except for himself.

"Crap! Are you going to play illusions with me? Who did this? Step out!" Xu Que shouted angrily.


At this time, he heard a clear sound of water from the lake in front of him as if a drop of water fell into the lake and created many ripples.

Xu Que frowned again as he looked at the lake.

Where did that water drop come from? Is it raining?

He couldn't help but look up. He was totally surprised by what he saw.

One moment ago, there had been nothing in this spell. Now, a fairylike woman in a white gauze dress was washing her hair, half-kneeling beside the lake.

Water was dripping down into the lake from her shiny black long hair.

"Amitabha, lady almsgiver, please don't mess with me!" Xu Que said immediately.

The woman in the white dress looked at Xu Que with her beautiful eyes. Then she said in a low voice with a gentle smile, "My lord, this place is isolated from the outside world. How did you enter this place?"

"Ah! Actually, I am the King of Hell. I know your life is about to end. So, I come here to reap your life!" Xu Que replied with a faint smile.


Hearing that, the woman in the white dress sniggered as well as she covered her mouth, "My lord, you are so humorous! The Messengers from Hell are responsible for reaping lives. How could the King of Hell do that?" Moreover...."

After saying that, the woman looked up and fixed her eyes on Xu Que as she said seductively, "It is said that the King of Hell is quite ugly. How could he be so handsome like you, my lord?"

"As you said, it is just hearsay. Also, I am here to talk about business with you. I have a Book of Death and Life in my hands. If you transfer money to me, I will cross out your name in it! What say you?" Xu Que said with a smile as he stepped into the spell.

The woman in the white dress was stunned a bit. Apparently, she didn't expect Xu Que would become a swindler in such a short time.

"OK, you are a cultivator and you are beautiful, so I won't punish you. You should remove this illusory spell immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me if my blade is ruthless!" Xu Que said as he took out a really big knife.

The woman in the white dress said with a cold smile, "Are you going to threaten me after breaking into my place?"


After finishing her words, she became a plume of smoke and disappeared on the spot.

Xu Que squinted his eyes after her, as he was about to attack with a smile.


A dull sound came from behind abruptly as if an avalanche had occurred.

Xu Que turned around and was surprised by what he saw.

A wriggling serpent came out from the stone wall and was staring at Xu Que ferociously as it kept sticking out its tongue.

"Holy crap, is this your real body? It turns out you are a female serpent!" Xu Que cursed, widening his eyes, "You are so ugly. Today I will kill this monster by enforcing justice on behalf of the Heavens!"

After saying that, Xu Que jumped up into the sky by stepping on lightning. The big knife in his hand had been turned into a sharp sword. Then he thrust the sword at the serpent directly.


The big serpent roared suddenly, which even made the mountains around this area tremble.


Along with a big bang, the stone wall collapsed. Several large serpents appeared.

"What?" Xu Que was surprised. So, he shouted hurriedly, "Lady, which one is you? I can spare your life because you are beautiful!"


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