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Xuanyuan Wanrong's gaze became a little distracted, and, looking at Xu Que's outstretched hand, she felt a little warmth in her heart.

But this warmth made her feel like a wild cat whose tail had been stepped on. She suddenly roused herself, took a step back, and abruptly lifted her head. Her cold eyes stared at Xu Que, full of vigilance and caution.

"I don't believe this. Who are you?" Xuanyuan Wanrong asked.

She couldn't accept that this was just her world of memory, and, even more so, that this strange man who had suddenly appeared was the One Chosen by Heaven in the real world.

Of course, what had shocked her the most was undoubtedly the memory in the memory pearl where her parents had been besieged and killed by the Heaven Palace Sect.

Originally, she hadn't trusted people easily, and now, after restoring that memory, she'd become completely cynical about other people's intentions.

In this world, not everyone was credible, and no one could be trusted.

TSK! TSK! "Don't be so stubborn. I swear on my inner Demons that everything I've said is true." Xu Que smiled resignedly.

What a gentlemanly gesture he'd just made. If Xuanyuan Wanrong didn't accept this gesture, it wasn't him who was the scumbag.

"Sh*t, swearing on your inner Demons?" Buttface'd been startled, and, staring at Xu Que, he'd sat down directly on the ground. He was totally frustrated. "Then it's true. This is really a world of memory. All the treasure that I've worked so hard to save in this life has all been for nothing."

"Wasted? I'm the one with the largest loss here. I have no cultivation companion and no offspring. My dream has been to make the descendants of the Duan family excellent and noble people who are respected by thousands of people." Duan Qide was angry and couldn't accept the truth that they were in a world of memory.

But since Xu Que had sworn on his inner Demons, they really had no reason to doubt Xu Que's words.

Xuanyuan Wanrong also relaxed slightly. At least he had sworn on his inner Demons, and this had helped to dispel most of the doubts she'd had about Xu Que's words.

"What do you want to do?" She asked, still expressionless.

"Hey, in the world of memory, of course..." Xu Que raised his eyebrows and looked in the direction of the Heaven Palace Sect. He smiled and said, "We'll do whatever you want!"


At the same time, inside the Heaven Palace Sect, Dean Wang Chi kept on sending out elite disciples to survey the back mountain area.

He was worried that Xuanyuan Wanrong would get hold of the memory pearl. But what he was really concerned about were the divine texts on the Tao Test Stone.

After all, even if Xuanyuan Wanrong had restored her memory, he still had a way to seal her memory again, but the divine texts on the Tao Test Stone were related to Divine Magic Arts and could be Deity powers.

If they could be deciphered, it would double his strength, and he would even be able to suppress the four statues in the Secret Chamber and forcefully take away the Tiger Amulet of the Shadow Team.

"How's it going?" Wang Chi returned to his study and asked the Elders.

These Elders in the study were studying the divine texts and were very busy at the moment. They were constantly flipping through ancient records and searching for materials everywhere. This night's efforts had really made great progress.

"I can already confirm that in the divine text, the world hand does exist, and we've also managed to successfully decipher another word," an Elder said excitedly.

"What word?" There was delight in Wang Chi's eyes.

"Open." The old man answered.

"Open?" Wang Chi was dumbfounded, and then his expression changed. "Unless this doesn't refer to the Hand of God, but the rumored Opening Heaven Hand?"

The Opening Heaven Hand in ancient times had been known as a magical power that could open the heavens with just one palm. It was on the same level as the Hand of God, in fact even slightly higher.

Suddenly, Wang Chi couldn't control his excitement.

"The Opening Heaven Hand!"

If this could be achieved, from now on he would be the strongest man in the Heaven Continent, second to none.

He would be the master of the Heaven Continent, and he would even be able to lead the Heaven Continent to fight the Divine Realm.

"Quickly, continue to translate, you must translate the whole divine text." Wang Chi shouted his orders at the Elders.

"Dean, there are enough records here now, and we've also discovered a trace of a pattern in these divine texts. However, if we want to translate them completely, we'll still need to get some new divine texts to supplement and verify the accuracy of that pattern." An Elder explained to him.

"Verification? No verification is required. For the time being, regardless of accuracy, translate first." Wang Chi responded, somewhat anxious.

"No, Dean, I'm talking about supplementary verification. In fact, the focus is on supplementing these two words. We need new divine texts. Supplementing them, we can then complete all the translations and verify their accuracy," said the Elder.

Wang Chi immediately frowned. "The new divine text...where can I find it?"

Before he could finish his sentence, Wang Chi's eyes lit up.


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