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As the world of memory's lights and shadows receded, the sky gradually brightened.

Buttface had realized that this was a world of the memory where his existence was not really real. He was so annoyed that he'd determined to make trouble and had no intention of leaving. Duan Qide had helped him, and the two of them had merged spells and made themselves invisible to avoid being captured by the Heaven Palace Sect. Then they'd returned to the Heaven Palace Sect.

Xu Que and Xuanyuan Wanrong had also gone to the Heaven Palace Sect. Xuanyuan Wanrong's face wore a dark frown throughout the entire journey. It was clear that all the information that she'd received that day was very overwhelming for her and difficult to bear.

First of all, her history from the past when she'd been a child had been disclosed. Then she'd witnessed the scene of the death of both of her parents. And next, she had been informed by Xu Que that this was only a world of her memory.

What caused her to have even more disbelief was that she had been revealed as the One Chosen by the Heaven, and her choice of a cultivation companion was actually such a man as Xu Que.

She really couldn't figure out whether she'd been crazy or stupid when, in the far future, she'd picked this type of shameless man out of all the people who'd been available.

"Have you lied to me about all of this?" On their journey, this was the umpteenth time that Xuanyuan Wanrong had asked Xu Que this question.

Xu Que had already gotten numb to it and answered with a blank expression, "Big sister, I told you I didn't lie to you. Why would I lie to you? Do you think I desire your body? That's not possible!"

"Your personal character makes it hard to trust you," Xuanyuan Wanrong said icily.

"Believe it or not, that's your problem. We're now here at the Heaven Palace Sect. If you are..."

"Slayer Lord, Junior Brother Slayer, you're finally back!"

Xu Que hadn't finished talking to Xuanyuan Wanrong when a bunch of people immediately rushed up to him just as they'd arrived at the main gate.

"Quickly, follow us to go to the Taoist Sanctum."

"The Dean and many of the Elders have been waiting there for you for a long time."

Several of the Heaven Palace Sect's elite disciples spoke to him anxiously, pulling on Xu Que and trying to get him to head toward the Taoist Sanctum.

Xu Que looked startled and his eyelids twitched.

"It can't be?

"It shouldn't be?

"Had they discovered that he'd tampered with the Heaven Palace Sect's Protective Spell Array?"

"Just wait a minute. I have a stomachache. I'm going to the latrine," Xu Que shouted and turned around, deciding to run.

But his wrists were being held tightly by several elite disciples.

"Why are you going to the latrine? Junior Brother Slayer, let's stop joking around now."

"This is about the future of the Heaven Palace Sect. This is no trifling matter."

"The future of the Heaven Palace Sect is now placed upon you."

Several people spoke solemnly and continued to head toward the Taoist Sanctum.

When Xu Que heard this he felt relieved.

"It's fine as long as I don't expose myself.

"But why are they saying that the future of the Heaven Palace Sect depends upon me?

"If their future depends upon me, then their future is doomed. Oh no, there will be no future!"

Xuanyuan Wanrong fell behind this group and didn't follow them closely. Instead, she watched these Elders take Xu Que away without any expression on her face. She was more interested in looking at the group of figures at the far end of the Taoist Sanctum.

Wang Chi, the Dean of the Heaven Palace Sect, as well as a group of Elders and various other important people of the sect, were gathered all together.

Most of the people who had persecuted her parents back in her childhood were gathered there.

At this time, it seemed as if the imagery in the memory pearl had superimposed itself over this moment and these people, and it seemed as if they were still that group of people. The difference was that her own parents were no longer alive and she herself had grown up.

She had the ability to take revenge.

In an instant, the desire to commit murder emerged in Xuanyuan Wanrong's eyes. But it was suppressed by her in a flash.

She had been forcing herself to stay calm on the way here. She had practiced countless times in her heart. She absolutely couldn't expose any signs that her own memory had been restored. But she hadn't expected that it would be so difficult to control the desire to kill in her heart.

At the same time, Wang Chi and the others in the Taoist Sanctum also seemed to become aware of something. Their eyes suddenly swept toward the direction of the main gate.

But when they saw that Xu Que was being brought back to them by several elite disciples, their attention was instantly diverted.

"Slayer Lord, my good disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect, come over here quickly!" The Dean, Wang Chi, said with a bright voice and a smile. His face was full of kindness and his eyes were full of appreciation as he looked at Xu Que.

"Well, Dean Wang, I'm here." Xu Que quickly replied in a straightforward manner and went up with a big smile on his face.

In the back of the crowd, Xuanyuan Wanrong secretly breathed a sigh of relief. If the attention of Wang Chi and the other people hadn't been attracted by Xu Que just at that moment, perhaps her desire to kill just now would've been detected.

"Come, come, Slayer Lord, I told you yesterday that you're most likely to be the Divine Son descended to this world who has the most resonance with the Tao Test Stone. The Divine Text from yesterday is likely to contain a type of Divine Art. If it can be fully translated, my Heaven Palace Sect will be unhindered across the world, all powerful in the Heaven Continent, and will even be able to journey to the Divine Realm in the future. In that case, we will be able to gain a foothold in the Divine Realm." Wang Chi spoke passionately and his voice rang out throughout the Heaven Palace Sect.

He didn't need to keep a low profile, and he wasn't afraid of the news leaking out. He just wanted to let all the disciples of the Heaven Palace Sect be aware, and for all the people in the world to know that the Heaven Palace Sect was about to have the Divine Art. Then they would be close to taking over the Heaven Continent.

It was God's will, and no one could stop it.

"Dean, you're awesome..." AHEM! "The Dean exercises good leadership. The future of my Heaven Palace Sect will be great indeed." Xu Que insincerely flattered the Dean for a bit, but he wasn't feeling these emotions on the inside.

"The Heaven Palace Sect will be unhindered across the world?

"All-powerful in the Heaven Continent?

"And he wants to go to the Divine Realm?

"Dream on!

"In the real world, your Heaven Palace Sect will soon be on the decline.

"Well, but come to think of it, how did Xuanyuan Wanrong destroy the Heaven Palace Sect in the first place?"

...To be able to make such a colossus as the Heaven Palace Sect nearly be destroyed overnight and make it stay a completely unsolved case in the Heaven Continent...what a powerful thing she must've done.

Unfortunately, he would have to wait to leave this world for Xuanyuan Wanrong to have her memory restored. Then he could ask questions and maybe get her answers so that he would finally be able to find out how the Heaven Palace Sect had been destroyed.

"Slayer Lord, you're overly modest. If the Heaven Palace Sect is going to be able to obtain the Divine Art, you will be the person who is most responsible. In the future, you will be my Heaven Palace Sect's first Divine Son with a superior status." Dean Wang Chi said and he laughed. The appreciative look in his eyes became more and more intense.

He patted Xu Que on the shoulder, and his face was full of smiles as he said, "Come, please try the Tao Test Stone again. If you can get more Divine Texts, we will soon be able to translate this form of Divine Art."

"Okay." Xu Que was quick to respond readily.

He was also very curious as to why there would be more Divine Texts when his hand was pressed on the Tao Test Stone.

"Is it possible that everything is as they've said? That I am the Divine Son descended to this world and the Divine Text is a form of Divine Art?

"My God, if it were really translated, wouldn't I be invincible when I returned to the real world after learning it?

"Oh my, just thinking about this makes me excited."

At which point, Xu Que's heartbeat couldn't help but beat a little faster. He was looking forward to this test.

He went up to the Tao Test Stone, which was the same Tao Test Stone as yesterday. It was huge and mysterious.


Xu Que let out a deep breath and turned on the Celestial Core Power inside his body, which he then condensed in his palm and suddenly shot toward the Tao Test Stone.


The whole Tao Test Stone was instantly jolted. A flash of light came and went.

Immediately following which a strange word appeared on the Tao Test Stone. It was only one word, which was extremely unfamiliar.

"It appeared. The Divine Text has appeared again."

"This word didn't appear yesterday. This is wonderful!"

"No, this word has appeared in the ancient book of records. I will look it up right away."

Many Elders immediately shouted excitedly, and all the countless disciples around them looked pleasantly surprised.

All their eyes were focused on a white-haired old man. He took out a piece of paper and quickly looked up the recorded information. In just a few moments, he excitedly shouted, "Found it. Sure enough, it is this word."

"What is it?" Wang Chi and Xu Que asked almost in unison.

The white-haired Elder stroked his beard and said loudly, "F*ck!"

Xu Que, "???"

Wang Chi, "???"


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