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A complete silence descended on the room.

Everyone was stunned.


"Elder Li, what the h*ll is going on? You're supposed to be translating the Divine Text. How come you just said a dirty word?"

"If you'd wanted to curse, you should've done so privately. It's not quite appropriate to do it so publicly in front of all the disciples."

Dean Wang Chi frowned, but he was excited. If even Elder Li had been so excited that he'd uttered a dirty word, it must be that the word he'd discovered was very unusual.


Xu Que, meanwhile, was also getting very excited. He punched the Tao Test Stone and looked at the white-haired Elder as he said anxiously, "Just tell us what the word is!"


Suddenly, the Tao Test Stone flashed again with a bright light. Another word appeared next to the original Divine Text.

All of the people who were watching what was going on were shocked. They looked over at the Tao Test Stone.

"Quick, look, the Tao Test Stone has just had another reaction."

"One more word!"

"Oh, my God, can it be this form of Divine Art is really coming to our Heaven Palace Sect?" Several Elders were so excited that they couldn't help but exclaim.

The original white-haired Elder was about to open his mouth to respond to what Xu Que had said, but he was drawn to the Tao Test Stone's reaction.

He'd kept a close eye on the Divine Text. Countless information from the ancient book of records had surged into his mind, and all kinds of reserves of knowledge related to the Divine Text were in play. All this had been input to the translation formula they had meticulously striven to obtain. Soon, the meaning of the Divine Text became evident to him. He suddenly began to look sluggish and as if he was in a daze.

"This..." the white-haired Elder looked dumbstruck as he continued, "...this can't be right. This is impossible. Our methods of translating must be wrong."

"What's going on?" Dean Wang Chi was looking somber as he asked, "Elder Li, stop talking nonsense. What exactly does this Divine Text mean?"

"F*ck you!" The white-haired Elder opened his mouth and uttered these shocking words.

The whole crowd was instantly horrified and speechless.

"D*mn, has Elder Li gone insane?"

"Dean Wang was just saying out loud what we were all thinking. Stop speaking nonsense. And now you're going to tell him off?"

"Not to mention that it was wrong for you to tell him off in this way. With the Dean's distinguished identity, how can you act in this way? You must be losing your mind."

"Absolutely...absolutely disgraceful! What did you say?" At first, Dean Wang Chi stared blankly, but, then after he'd realized what Elder Li had said, he'd become furious.

"No, no, it's not that. Dean, please calm down, you've all misunderstood me."

Elder Li reacted at this point and hurriedly waved his hands as he pointed to the Tao Test Stone and explained, "What I said just now was me reading out the translations of these two Divine Texts. The first text that appeared was translated as f*ck and the second Divine Text was translated as you."

"What is this insolence you're speaking? The Divine Texts are the words of a deity. How could he have used such vulgar words?" Wang Chi asked angrily.

Elder Li looked panicked and exclaimed, "Dean, I'm telling you the truth. If you don't believe me, you can let several other Elders give it a try. However, what I suspect is that there has been a slipup in our translation methods. These words must have been translated incorrectly."

When Wang Chi heard this, he swept Elder Li with a cold glance and said in a deep voice, "The several Elders who have been responsible for translating the Divine Text, come up here now!"

"Yes, sir!"

A few Elders immediately came forward and surrounded the Tao Test Stone.

They all scanned the various pieces of paper and all the materials that they'd been using to do the translations.

Following which, they suddenly raised their heads and looked at each other with looks of astonishment.

"Uh, Dean, Elder Li's translation was correct. According to our translations, these two Divine Texts are indeed the two words f*ck and you," said several people as they bowed toward Wang Chi.

"How is that possible?" At this point, Wang Chi was completely dumbfounded.

Across the board, many of the other disciples were also baffled.

"What was going on?"

"What about the Divine Art that had been mentioned before?"

"How did it turn into obscenities?"

"And these two words are really vulgar. They're not really words that a deity would ever use. Could this all be an error in translation?"

"And, if the translation is correct, then who are these two words addressed to?"

Suddenly, everyone in the crowd became quiet and all their eyes swept over toward Xu Que, all at the exact same time.

Originally, everyone had regarded Xu Que as the Divine Son since he was the only one who could make the Tao Test Stone flow with Divine Text.

But now the Divine Text was swearing dirty words, and the person that the curse was targeted at was evidently Xu Que.


Xu Que also realized what was going on and why all these people were looking at him with strange gazes, and he instantly went on alert.

"F*ck! Oh my, f*ck me, I'm now furious. You lousy piece of stone, how dare you scold me?" Xu Que yelled loudly, and then he suddenly raised his leg and kicked straight out at the Tao Test Stone.

With a loud bang, the entire Tao Test Stone shook, and then, with another flash of light, a third word appeared.

Xu Que didn't have to wait for the Elders to translate. He could almost guess what the third word was. He flew into a rage.

"A broken piece of stone dresses up as a diety and starts cursing at me.

"Are you so arrogant that you don't think that I, the Act-Tough Saint, can't deal with you?"

"System, come on, bring out the Nine-Star Stone-Crushing Hammer from the System store for me. I'm going to crush this Tao Test Stone today!" Xu Que immediately called up the System and rummaged around for some high-priced equipment in the System store.

The Nine-Star Stone-Crushing Hammer, which was a weapon listed in the Divine Equipment category, was shockingly expensive.

Even with all the Acting Tough Points that Xu Que had accumulated by Acting Tough up till now, he didn't think he would be able to afford it.

But at this time in the world of memory, the System had also been offended by the memories created by the Heavenly Stone of Taiyi. So it had promised that Xu Que could try any props in the System store as well as any System functions for free as long as he was in the world of memory.

Of course, Xu Que was naturally going to squander anything he could get for free to his heart's content. He also looked through the weapons in the Divine Equipment level. However, the conditions for using the Divine Equipment were very harsh. Even if Xu Que had been able to use them for free, he still couldn't order them about. After all, with the small amount of Celestial Core Power that he possessed right now, he could've possibly been sucked dry just trying to lift some of these objects.

However, the Nine-Star Stone-Crushing Hammer impressed Xu Que, because it didn't require the use of Celestial Core Power to move it. It was easy to move, and it was extremely strong.

However, as everyone knows, there was no such thing as reaping without sowing in the world. The insignificant ability of this piece of Divine Equipment lay in its name. Its only function was that it could be used to smash stones. It was said to be able to crush any stone in the world and yield results with just one try. It was guaranteed to shatter any stone into pieces.

Xu Que was delighted when he'd read the introduction to it.

"What kind of f*cking Divine Equipment just crushes stones?

"Wouldn't I be crazy if I had so many Acting Tough Points and used them to buy a piece of Divine Equipment simply to smash stones?

"Besides, is there a stone in this world that is so hard that I couldn't smash?

"Never in a million years did I ever expect that there would be a stone such as this in front of me.

"This Tao Test Stone belongs to the Divine category, beyond the Celestial level."

Xu Que had pounded it a few times and couldn't cause it the slightest bit of damage. It simply shook a few times. It was extremely hard.

But Xu Que initially didn't think about smashing it. He bore no ill feelings toward it. So why should he make things difficult for a piece of stone?

But now, he was really angry with the d*mn stone.

"You dare to scold me? You even wriote that message for me in Divine Text to scold me? I'll f*ck you up!"

Xu Que scolded the Tao Test Stone once again and waved his hands. Suddenly a bright golden hammer appeared in his hands. He raised it up high up before smashing it into the Tao Test Stone.


The Nine-Star Stone-Crushing Hammer slammed down into the Tao Test Stone

and caused a thunderous noise. It was deafening, and circles of waves rippled across the void.

The Tao Test Stone cracked open on the spot. Within one of its cracks, a dazzling glow could be seen gleaming. It shone on Xu Que's body.


The next moment, it was as if the dazzling glow suddenly swarmed out from the stone and directly streamed into Xu Que's body.

After that, the enormous Tao Test Stone shook and abruptly turned into ashes on the spot. The ashes sprinkled all over the ground, becoming dirt that then was scattered by the wind.

This entire episode was over in an extremely short time. Even Xu Que didn't have any time to react.

Everyone present stared openmouthed as they stood frozen in place. Their minds had gone completely blank.

"Had the Tao Test Stone been obliterated?"


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