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"How was that possible...?"

All the people who were gathered in the chamber were shocked.

They considered the Tao Test Stone to be an object that had been left by the deity. It could be said to be the most sacred object in the entire Heaven Continent. No one in the entire world should've been able to break it except a deity.

There had once been an equipment-forging grand master who was at the Celestial Prime cultivation stage who had taken an interest in the sturdiness of the Tao Test Stone because he'd wanted to refine it into some equipment. However, he'd spent a lifetime trying to break off a piece, and he'd still never been able to break it down even by an inch.

But now, a new disciple who was only at the Golden Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven cultivation stage, and who had only recently entered the Heaven Palace Sect, had actually taken out a small hammer and smashed the Tao Test Stone to smithereens?

"Oh, my God, this Tao Test Stone must be a fake, right?"

"Don't tell me that this man is really the Divine Son? Is that why he was able to break the Tao Test Stone to pieces?"

Many of the bystanders looked at Xu Que in horror.

Other than wondering if Xu Que was the Divine Son, people were fascinated by the small hammer. "After all, even if it had been a magic weapon used by a Celestial Emperor, it wouldn't have been able to break the Tao Test Stone to pieces. So, how could his small hammer have smashed and shattered it?"

"And what about those two Divine Texts?"

"Why would the Tao Test Stone want to insult the Divine Son? Did something really go wrong with the translation?"

"This..." Dean Wang Chi's face looked horrified as he regarded the leftover pile of dust on the ground. He looked at Xu Que and had no idea what to say to him.

"Was this boy really the Divine Son?"

From faraway in the distance, Xuanyuan Wanrong had also watched the entire incident and was startled as well. She knew Xu Que acted crazy a lot, but she hadn't expected that this guy would actually smash the Tao Test Stone to pieces.

"Was this his natural strength? Or was it as everyone speculated, and he was the Divine Son?

"If he was the Divine Son, then this could also explain why her future self would've chosen him as a cultivation companion."

"Oh, Slayer Lord, some brilliant light from the Tao Test Stone fell upon you just now. Do you feel any effects from that?" At this time, one of the Elders looked at Xu Que and asked him this question.

Just now when the Tao Test Stone had been shattered, everyone had witnessed how the Tao Test Stone had released some rays of light, all of which had streamed into Xu Que's body.

Xu Que had remained standing in the same place, but he seemed very natural, as if nothing had happened.

Everyone was very curious about what those rays of light were.

Xu Que himself remained a bit stumped.

The Tao Test Stone had indeed been smashed. Obviously, the System's Nine-Star Stone-Crushing Hammer had lived up to its reputation as Divine Equipment.

However, the few rays of light at the end had been a bit of a surprise.

Those rays of light hadn't streamed into his body, but into the System. At the last moment, as the Tao Test Stone broke apart, the System had automatically detected a substance called Divine Tao Mark and had asked Xu Que if it should absorb it.

Once Xu Que had seen the three words Divine Tao Mark, he'd felt certain it must be very powerful, so of course he'd agreed.

So, the golden light had been pulled in by the System and then it had all been absorbed into Xu Que's body. It was all gathered in his Dantian area at this time, where it had been transformed into a grain-sized dot of light. It was like a golden star, which was radiating rays of mysterious splendor and lighting up his entire Dantian area.

The System beep could be heard.

DING! "Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Divine Tao Mark. Your current progress is at 1 percent, and you have acquired a new form of language, a Divine Language."

Xu Que's mind was full of questions and he was in a bit of a daze.

He'd originally thought that the Divine Tao Mark would be something powerful, and that after acquiring it he might have some form of Divine Art. But he'd discovered that it actually needed to be collected. Smashing a Tao Test Stone only yielded 1 percent of a Divine Art. "Did that mean that he'd have to smash 100 Tao Test Stones in order to acquire a Divine Art?"

It seemed as if he would have to achieve a certain amount of progress before he could acquire the Divine Art. Now, for example, he had acquired a new form of language, a Divine Language, at only 1 percent.

This was the language used by the deity. In other words, he had now mastered this form of language, and so he would be able to comprehend those words from the Tao Test Stone that the Elders had just received.

Obviously, those Elders of the Heaven Palace Sect had translated those words correctly. The two words that the Tao Test Stone had given them, including the third word which Xu Que had gotten afterward, were as Xu Que had guessed. They were the three curse words.

Xu Que suddenly frowned. "Why did that lousy stone scold me?"

"Slayer Lord?" At this time, an Elder, seeing that Xu Que wasn't doing anything, shouted, "What happened? I was asking you how you felt when those rays of light entered your body just now?"

Xu Que snapped to attention and looked serious as he nodded.

"Everyone, this matter is not too encouraging," Xu Que said in a low voice.

"What's the matter?" Several Elders present were shocked.

Dean Wang Chi couldn't keep still. Xu Que's serious expression scared him a little.

"The light just now only conveyed one message to me. Or it should be called...a Divine Decree," Xu Que responded.

"A Divine Decree?"

Everyone's mouths were hanging open.

"This guy is truly the Divine Son..."

As everyone knew, the Tao Test Stone was an object that had been left behind by the deity. It could assess one's Tao Aura. Only when it encountered Xu Que did the Divine Text appear, so everyone had already been sure that he was the Divine Son.

And now, only he seemed to be able to break the Tao Test Stone and receive a message from it. It was a Divine Decree.

In that case...who else could he be if not the Divine Son?

"What did the deity say?" Wang Chi immediately asked.

"The deity said, we must have light." Xu Que raised his head and recited.

"???" Everyone listened with faces full of doubt.

Only then did Xu Que sweep his gaze across everyone present and say with a solemn face, "Everyone, the deity wants me to tell the world that a great tribulation is about to appear in the Heaven Continent, and the first people to bear the brunt of this will be the Heaven Palace Sect."


There was an instant uproar from everyone who had heard his pronouncement.

The faces of Dean Wang Chi and many of the Elders became very troubled.

"The Heaven Continent is about to have a great tribulation? The first to bear the brunt of it will be the Heaven Palace Sect?"

"F*ck, wasn't my Heaven Palace Sect about to acquire the Divine Art and rise up now? Why are we facing a great tribulation all of a sudden?"

"Slayer Lord, what do you mean by a great tribulation?"

"Do you have any information on how to crack the great tribulation?"

"My Heaven Palace Sect can't suffer a great tribulation at this time."

"What do you mean when you said we must have light?"

Immediately, several Elders looked at Xu Que and asked many questions in succession.

"Alas," Xu Que sighed and said, "...the great tribulation that is coming from Heaven and Earth is extremely scary. The way to crack it is extremely arduous."

"When will the great tribulation come?" Dean Wang Chi asked.

"Five!" Xu Que raised his hand and splayed his fingers.

"Five years?" Wang Chi's face changed.

Everyone present was also shocked. Five years were rather too soon!

"Four!" Xu Que continued to count and bent one finger.


Everyone present was perplexed, "???"



Xu Que calmly finished counting and said, "Everyone, the Heaven Palace Sect's first minor tribulation is here."

Having said that, he kept his hand raised. With a POP, he snapped his fingers.


A loud noise suddenly came from where the main gate was.

The Heaven Palace Sect's Mountain's Protective Spell Array unexpectedly activated on its own. It seemed as if the sky and the earth had spun madly and had directly blasted the whole main gate until it vanished in a cloud of dust.

But, fortunately, it was only the main gate that had been blown up.

After the crowd had gotten over their initial shock, they looked at the empty area where the main gate had been, and they swallowed hard.

"Was this considered a minor tribulation?"

"Fortunately, it wasn't near where we were. Otherwise, we would've been the ones annihilated."

This minor tribulation was pretty terrible. Everyone wondered what a great tribulation would be like?

Dean Wang Chi and several Elders looked at each other at this moment with grave faces.

Just now they'd all sensed that the Mountain's Protective Spell Array had been activated, but it had seemed that it couldn't resist the destructive power, and the main gate had instantly vanished in a cloud of dust. Other than that, they didn't sense the appearance of other external forces.

Perhaps such an unpredictable appearance of a tribulation was really from heaven and earth.

"Don't tell me...they're going to destroy the Heaven Palace Sect?"

"No, it can't be. Slayer Lord seems so calm, and he just said that there was a way to crack it."

"Slayer Lord, what the h*ll is going on here? What did the deity say about cracking it?" An Elder looked at Xu Que and asked him hurriedly.

Xu Que nodded and said, "The deity said that only light can make this great tribulation disappear. But this method is extremely difficult. It requires the Heaven Palace Sect to work together and use the most powerful Magic Art, with the most natural treasures to create a Son of Light."

"Light?" Everyone stared blankly.

"To create a Son of Light?"

"How...does one create a Son of Light?" Wang Chi looked at Xu Que and asked.

A corner of Xu Que's mouth ticked up, and he said with his hands cupped together, "It just so happens that I am the Son of Light, known as Ultraman Tiga."


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