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In the end, Wang Chi and the others gave their consent to Xu Que's request to set up the Divine Formation.

However, while letting Xu Que set up the Divine Formation, they surreptitiously removed about 100,000 middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones from the amount they were going to give Xu Que. They'd decided to do this while he was keeping busy with the Divine Formation.

In fact, they were trying to buy some time in order to confirm whether or not the so-called minor tribulation would appear in an hour's time.

Even if it did appear, they were prepared this time and would try to withstand it with their own strength. If they could withstand it, then they wouldn't need any so-called Sons of Light.

If they couldn't, then...well, they would have to bear the pain of suffering such a loss of their Spirit Stones to avoid the calamity of the tribulation.

Xu Que got busy, placing the middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones around the spacious Taoist Sanctum, spreading them out as much as possible.

He spread out the type of spell formation that would gather up all the Celestial Core Power of the middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones.

"Oh, Slayer Lord, why does your spell formation look like a Soul-Gathering Array?" At this point, a nearby Elder, who was good at spell formations, frowned and asked Xu Que this question.

Xu Que calmly spread out his hands and said, "It certainly resembles it, but that doesn't mean it is a Soul-Gathering Array. The principle is similar, after all. The purpose of this formation is to gather the Qi to search for those Sons of Light."

"I get it." The Elder understood what he'd said and felt that Xu Que's words had made sense.

However, this was in fact really just a Soul-Gathering Array. The only difference was that the Qi Xu Que was going to gather led to the Spiritual Links that were under the ground.

These underground Spiritual Links were attached to the Qi for the Heaven Palace Sect's Mountain's Protective Spell Array. But Xu Que had used up to 1,000 spell formations to transform the Mountain's Protective Spell Array into a death spell.

In other words, Xu Que had linked all of the Celestial Qi of the Soul-Gathering Array up to the death spell. The stronger the Celestial Qi, the more terrifying the power of the death spell would be.

"Elder, please take a look at these 100,000 Celestial Spirit Stones that have been laid out. Where are the others? The Dean and the other Elders said that they were going to bring out the remaining Spirit Stones. Why aren't they here yet? It's been such a long time." Xu Que looked at the Heaven Palace Sect's Elder who was with him and asked with a frown.

"Don't worry, there's no rush. The Dean said that he was going to retrieve the Spirit Stones, so he will naturally do that. Just be patient." The Elder replied with a smile.

None of the top-ranking members of the Heaven Palace Sect wanted to take out so many Celestial Spirit Stones when they weren't certain about the reason. But they couldn't say anything in front of so many disciples because their first aim had to be the safety of the Heaven Palace Sect. So, they could only procrastinate for a while at the moment.

"Well, it's almost time." Xu Que's expression still seemed very urgent, but he was smiling on the inside.

The 100,000 middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones were all concentrated within the group of death spells near the main gate of the Heaven Palace Sect. Once it exploded in a moment's time, oh my, he didn't even dare to imagine what would happen then.

A hint of a smile was apparent in Xu Que's eyes. He certainly knew what those high-ranking people in the Heaven Palace Sect were up to. But it didn't make any difference to him.

Now he would just wait for enough Celestial Spirit Stones to be here in order to detonate the Mountain's Protective Spell Array, which had been transformed into a death spell. Then it would destroy the entire Heaven Palace Sect and at the same time shatter the world of memory. Then finally he would be able to smoothly traverse the Relationship Tribulations, and he could return to the Heaven Continent.

It was simple and primitive.

Soon, the hour that Xu Que had predicted to the Heaven Palace Sect as the time for the minor tribulation approached.

Dean Wang Chi and the other Elders hurriedly rushed over with urgent, grave expressions as they were cutting it very close to the tribulation time.

"How's the setup of the formation coming along? Has the minor tribulation arrived yet?" Wang Chi immediately asked upon arrival.

"Oh, Dean Wang, you all have come in time. The minor tribulation will be here very soon." The corners of Xu Que's mouth curled up, and he reached out his hand to point toward the spot next to the main gate.

"The minor tribulation will land there?" Wang Chi was startled.

"Yes, it was the deity's instructions." Xu Que nodded.

"How much longer?" Wang Chi looked grim.

Xu Que looked up at the sky and raised his hand and he said, "Now!"

As soon as he spoke, he snapped his fingers with a POP sound.

As if it had been long arranged, with the snap of his fingers, a loud noise instantly came from the courtyard perimeter wall next to the main gate.


This time, the noise was far more earth-shattering than it had been the last time.

The whole perimeter wall, including the edge of the Taoist Sanctum, was instantly torn apart and shrouded in a ball of glowing brilliance.

"Go!" Dean Wang Chi and several of the Elders looked at each other and made their moves at the same time. They moved like lightning and swept toward the area of the explosion in the blink of an eye.

However, before they had time to cast their Magic Arts, a powerful wave of Qi unexpectedly swept several Elders away and blasted them up into the air.

"Oh no, quickly retreat!" Wang Chi's face changed dramatically. The Suppression Magic Art he had originally prepared directly changed to an Escape Art.

They couldn't have imagined that the mighty force of what looked like a normal explosion could be so terrifying.

They had only reached the outer periphery of the explosion and had been directly affected by the wave of Qi. The few Elders who had been blasted into the sky had been seriously weakened and were almost at their last gasps.

The many Heaven Palace Sect disciples who were present at this time looked dumbstruck as they watched.

"Are the Dean and the others crazy?"

"Rushing up to throw away their lives in vain?"

This is a tribulation from heaven and earth. Even the deity had issued a decree to teach them how to crack it. How could this be something that they could go up against forcibly?

Not far away, Xuanyuan Wanrong also looked astonished.

She hadn't expected that Xu Que would have had the ability to instigate such a enormous undertaking. When the first spell exploded, the formidable power was startling enough. But now that first spell didn't even compare to this formidable power. It was so formidable that even a Celestial Prime would've been seriously injured.

"Was it possible that this guy could really destroy the whole Heaven Palace Sect?"

"Dean Wang, Dean Wang, quickly come back here, it's extremely dangerous." At this time, Xu Que's anxious voice could be heard.

Before Wang Chi and the several Elders who'd remained after the tribulation had landed and were able to calm their panicked states, they heard his voice, and blood almost spurted out of their mouths.

"Could you frigging warn us any later?"

"Save Elder Lin and the others," Wang Chi said in a deep voice after he'd gotten his bearings.

He had evaded danger really fast just now, and he wasn't hurt. However, he knew that he'd cut a sorry figure by rushing up and then retreating. The key was that all the disciples had seen it, which was damaging to his prestige. This made him extremely unhappy inside.

Xu Que looked very calm. This situation was going a lot better than he'd expected. He'd realized that a small part of the death spell was going to be able to hurt those Celestial Kings and Celestial Primes. But he hadn't expected it to actually deal a heavy blow to the Elders.

It went without saying that it was to the credit of that 100,000 Celestial Spirit Stones. The explosive force had been extremely strong.

Nevertheless, without those 1,000 death spells exchanged from the System store, it would've been useless no matter how many Celestial Spirit Stones there had been. After all, all the costs of those death spells added up to more than 100 million Acting Tough Points.

If it hadn't been for the System giving him them for free for a limited period of time, where would he ever have gotten hundreds of millions of Acting Tough Points? Of course, even if there had been hundreds of millions of Acting Tough Points, it would have been impossible for Xu Que to use them in exchange for so many death spells.

"Slayer Lord, quickly set up the Divine Formation and find the other Sons of Light."

At this time, Wang Chi had already come up to Xu Que and thrown out a storage ring while he shouted in a deep voice.

He was in a very unhappy mood, but he had to admit that the formidable power of the minor tribulation had already exceeded the scope of their control as far as their capabilities could stretch.

If there was really the impending approach of a great tribulation, then the Heaven Palace Sect would truly be destroyed.

He couldn't bear the risk and also could not afford to shoulder the blame. At present, he simply couldn't find another way to deal with the sudden turn of events.

So he had to trust in Xu Que's words and take out 10 million Celestial Spirit Stones to set up the Divine Formation.

"Well, rest assured, Dean Wang. I will definitely set up the Divine Formation properly before the arrival of the great tribulation," Xu Que replied, feeling vigorous as he contemplated the 10 million Celestial Spirit Stones.

He took the storage ring from Wang Chi, and there was a pang of excitement in his heart.

Ah, 10 million middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones. It's a pity that I can't take them with me. I really only need a little bit more than 1 million Celestial Spirit Stones in order to make a death spell that will destroy everything.

But just imagine the formidable power of these 10 million Celestial Spirit Stones, all poured into the Trap \u0026 Kill Array that has transformed the Mountain's Protective Spell Array?

Well...I'm certainly looking forward to it!


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