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All the disciples of the Heaven Palace Sect were called together for a meeting.

After all, Xu Que had said that once the Divine Formation had been completely set up, a white light would immediately appear between heaven and earth, which was the vision of the Son of Light shrouded in light. They needed to send people to find the Sons of Light among them straight away.

Dean Wang and the others naturally also obeyed Xu Que's words and gathered all the disciples to get ready.

However, the entire time Xu Que was setting up, they were looking over his shoulder, inspecting the whole process, under the guise of letting Xu Que set up with peace of mind and not disturbing him. In reality, they were afraid that Xu Que was going to defraud them of their 10 million middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones.

Of course, 10 million middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones were definitely not a small number. Even if they could really resist a great tribulation, they would feel the pain for a very a long time about having to pay the 10 million middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones.

Xu Que was not worried about their looking over his shoulder. He had always planned to use the 10 million middle-grade Celestial Spirit Stones in the Array. He wasn't planning on stealing them. After all, it was the world of memory, and it was a false existence. Once he departed this world, everything would disappear.

Consequently, since he couldn't take the 10 million Celestial Spirit Stones with him anyway, he'd decided to let someone else take advantage of the Heaven Palace Sect and do his dirty work.

He would use the Celestial Spirit Stones in this world of memory to urge and stir the spell formations exchanged from the System to destroy the balance of the world of memory. Afterward, he could break out of the world of the memory. The scheme was not brilliant, but simply a cheap trick to get what he wanted to achieve.

While Xu Que was setting up the Celestial Spirit Stones, he was deeply moved and considered himself truly the unrivaled and craftiest schemer of the highest of the heavens, an exceptional genius.

"I'm going to steal your Spirit Stones right in your presence and also borrow the foundation of your Mountain's Protective Spell Array to complete a major death spell to destroy all of you. Aren't you going to be enraged?"

Thinking of all this, Xu Que couldn't help laughing even harder to himself, and he couldn't help speeding up this process of setting up.

All the Celestial Spirit Stones had been set on the ground in a prescribed order. The formless spell formation gradually took shape.

Many of the Elders who had studied spell formations considerably could see that the spell formation seemed to have as its prototype the Soul Gathering Array. But the Elder who had previously raised this question immediately stepped forward to explain to his colleagues what Xu Que had explained to him. Soon, all the other Elders were exclaiming with their admiration over Xu Que's work.

At the same time, Buttface and Duan Qide, who were on the top of the mountain watching everything that was going on, had already launched into action.

When they'd learned that this was a world of memory, they'd already planned to risk everything. Before the world of memory disappeared, they wanted to do something big and do whatever they wanted to just this once.

As a result, Buttface had proposed that they go to directly empty out the treasure house of the Heaven Palace Sect, as well as to defecate excessively inside.

Once he'd expressed this idea, he'd quickly become partners with Duan Qide. Thus, at this time, the man and the Kylin had hidden together on the top of a mountain peak. After witnessing Xu Que pull the wool over the eyes of all those people, they began to launch into action.

Xuanyuan Wanrong was still standing at the outer periphery of the Taoist Sanctum with a blank expression on her face. It was almost as if she were an outsider or a bystander, quietly watching everything.

No one went over and bothered her. She also didn't reveal any abnormal behavior even though the murderous aura had increased sharply in her heart at this moment. She really desired strongly to use a sword to cut down Wang Chi and those Elders who'd surrounded and killed her parents in the incident she'd witnessed in the memory pearl.

But she was well aware that she couldn't do so at present. Coupled with Xu Que repeatedly stressing that this place was just the world of memory, even if she did take revenge here, she would only vent her fury and not really take revenge.

Therefore, she waited and acted as a bystander for the time being. The only thing she could do was to conceal herself and not be detected by Wang Chi and the others. She didn't want to give them any warning about what was coming.

However, she didn't know that whether she'd exposed any clues or not, Wang Chi and the others had secretly had their eyes on her.

They couldn't be sure whether Xuanyuan Wanrong had found the Mighty King and obtained the memory pearl.

Consequently, they had already made plans even before today to extract Xuanyuan Wanrong's memory again. If Xu Que hadn't suddenly come out with his story about a Divine Decree and announced that the Heaven Palace Sect was about to face a great tribulation, perhaps they would already be busy preparing everything at this time to put their hands on Xuanyuan Wanrong.

"These are really troubled times." Looking at Xu Que setting up the so-called Divine Formation in high spirits, Wang Chi couldn't help but mutter coldly to himself.

He swept his glance toward a black-robed elder and soundlessly communicated with him without moving his lips.

"Elder Hei, you watch over Xuanyuan Wanrong closely. I have a very bad feeling about her. That group of disciples came with a report that they'd lost track of the Mighty King. I guess this woman is likely to have already obtained the memory pearl and parted ways with the Mighty King."

The elder in the black robe heard Wang Chi, but his expression didn't change. He made a slight move as he soundlessly communicated his reply, "Yes."

Following which, he was silent for a little while and then said again, "Dean, Slayer Lord came back with Xuanyuan Wanrong just now. Could this great tribulation be...?"

He voiced the suspicion in his heart, but they didn't feel as if the possibility of it was very great.

After all, they had personally witnessed the miracles of Xu Que being able to make a Divine Text appear from the Tao Test Stone and also use a hammer to break the Tao Test Stone. This couldn't be false.

So, to say that Xu Que was the Divine Son, they could basically believe it for the most part

But Wang Chi had always been an extremely suspicious person. Before he might not have thought about it so much, but now that the Elder in the black robe had mentioned it, as also involving Xuanyuan Wanrong, Wang Chi couldn't help but to also start to carefully consider this scenario.

The more he thought about it, his suspicious nature just got carried away.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt something fishy was going on.

The more he considered, the more uneasy he became. A feeling, which was causing his chest to feel constricted, became more intense.

"Is it possible that…this is really a plot? But how did they do it?" Wang Chi suspected a lot of things, but really couldn't explain the two incidents of Xu Que making a Divine Text appear from the Tao Test Stone and also breaking the Tao Test Stone.

"Elder Hei, could you ask Elder Li and the others to translate all the Divine Text according to the previous translation booklet. Whether it is right or wrong, do the translation first." In the end, Wang Chi soundlessly communicated with the Elder in the black robe to go take care of another matter.

Since the matter of the Tao Test Stone couldn't be explained, then they would at least take a look at whether there was any translation error in the Divine Text. For the time being, this matter should be confirmed first.

"Okay!" The black-robed Elder nodded and turned to gather several other Elders.

Soon, the several Elders in charge of the translation received their orders. They were startled, but still enthusiastically took out the Divine Text that had been collected earlier.

Placing the translation formula that they'd thought was wrong side by side for comparison, they began the translation.

But unexpectedly, the translation formula, which they had originally thought was wrong, was surprisingly easy to use when they used it to translate the Divine Text. And the translated Divine Text they obtained seemed clear and coherent.

Each Elder had mastered the translation formula and each of them was responsible for a section of the Divine Text, and then they were supposed to put it all together.

As a result, after they had all translated the sections of the Divine Text for which they were responsible, their bodies suddenly shook, and their faces changed sharply.

One Elder looked flushed, and his mood fluctuated dramatically like he had the impulse to vomit blood.


"What's going on...with the Divine Text?"

Several Elders raised their heads in shock at the same time and looked at each other in horror.

They all took out the translated Divine Text in their hands and looked at each other's translation of the Divine Text.

Oh, my God, they're all filled with insults.

"You lowly ant, take your dirty hands away!"

"You're unworthy."

"F*ck, you've just spat on your hand and you dare touch the Stone?"

"D*mn, you even picked your nose?"

"F*ck, don't touch me, beat it!"

"You have tarnished me. I'm going to kill you. I won't give up till you die."

"You, the ant cursed by the deity, along with the ants not recognized by the World of Tao, how dare you be so disrespectful to the Stone."

"You're done for, it's going to be over for you, you're an ant cursed by the Fire God. In the future, when the eyes of a certain deity fall upon you, you will definitely be dead."


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