Unfathomable Patriarch
95 Chapter 95
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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95 Chapter 95

Matt eyed the lady standing in the middle, she had a demonic air around her. She was looking straight at them, there was an alluring smile on her face. The other people in the room were dancing to the old fashioned music in the rather large hall, Matt wasn't sure what this was about but before he could think about it more, one of his party members moved forward.

"Hoho... what a beauty!"

It was Huo Qiang, he had a strange look in his eyes while staring at the alluring woman in the victorian ere dress. Matt took the time to look at his horny brother's status, he was even starting to drool while staring at the busty succubus.
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[ Huo Qiang [ Core formation late stage ] ( Charmed ) ]

He thought that he had managed to pass the will or fortitude check, he wasn't sure himself as he didn't really play those kinds of games back in his day. Besides the hornball that had close to a hundred concubines, the member from the Kwok clan was starting to pant the monk was chanting as some kind of energy shield formed around him giving off a golden light. Qiang's retainer was somehow holding up, but he was shaking a bit as well the women in the group seemed unaffected.

"We shall not fall under your demonic plot, foul demon!"

The monk proclaimed as the golden light surrounding his body burst forward encompassing the whole group. Matt could see the charmed status vanish after the shield formed around them, Qiang staggered forward while rubbing his head not really sure what was going on.

"Huh? What was I doing?"

"Well, I think you almost went and proclaimed your undying love to that demon lady over there"

Matt replied to Qiang's question while pointing at the Sin of lust, after the monk formed the protective shield the woman's seductive gaze turned to one of rage. The music stopped and every succubus and incubus in the room looked at them.

"Insolent creatures!"

The horned lady shouted out as her body got surrounded in a shadowy aura, covering her whole body and only leaving the face out in the open. The aura looked like gray liquid and it moved around her limbs quickly switching to a darker and sinister coloring. The reason for it was soon revealed as the clothing that the demonic woman was wearing switched from a classy lady dress to something out of a bondage dungeon.

Matt gulped as he heard the loud whip cracking, the woman's high heels clicked on the floor as she moved slightly forward. She was wearing a skin-tight black latex suit, with a window to display her tightly squeezed bosom.

"Watch out, they have some kind of ability that deludes your mind, you might attack others around you if you aren't careful."

Zhang Dong shouted it out while pulling out his longsword, he moved forward he wasn't affected by the charm debuff so he could go out of the shield and fight it out with the demonic woman. Though there were quite a lot of those lower monsters to clean up too, would be difficult if he had to face them on his own. But luckily he wasn't alone and one of his party members had just the thing for this occasion.

"Everyone, take a talisman it will protect you from the demonic influence!"

The monk was coming in handy, he had carved out some talismans from some leaves that he plucked from the forest area. Thank's to his foresight everyone in the group was able to attach an evil repealing talisman that would temporarily shield them. How much those would hold out was unknown, but it was probably better than having them remain in that small golden shield while he got whipped around by the angry-looking horned lady.

The first stage of the tower was turning out to just be a boss area, there were around fifty of those dancing demons. Their clothes were also transforming to look more latexy getups. What was different about their apparel was that they had their faces covered, looking like gimps with spikes attached in various places. The men of the group were quite shocking, having a large metal spike right between their legs which made Feng Liena look away in disgust.

When the battle started the Sin of lust gave out a shrill scream, shattering all of the crystal chandeliers in the area. She gave her own followers a couple of good whips with her weapon, the creatures screaming out in ecstasy as the pain washed over their backs.

"Kill them all my lovelies, make your Mistress proud and you might get rewarded~"

The gimp army charged out, everyone looked invigorated at the mention of a reward from their Mistress. Matt wasn't sure who designed this place, but he wanted to give him a couple of smacks. They were outnumbered by quite a bit, but luckily the boss of the area decided to use her minions first while sitting back in a throne. Her legs were crossed over one another and resting on the back of one of her minions, the high heels were digging into the incubus' back and drawing blood, but the person in question looked quite ecstatic.

'Should I engage the boss alone or should I help the others and whittle them down with them...'

He wasn't sure if the people behind him could handle the assault of the gimp troop. He wanted to believe in them though, during the jungle part they showed to be capable and there was even the monk with good anti demonic abilities.

"Can I trust you with those creatures' minions?"

He asked the other cultivators, the boss wasn't all that strong judging by the system message but if they truly thought that they needed his help he would play it safe.

"Fear not brother Dong, we will handle these trash demons, go and give that bitch a good thrashing!"

Huo Qiang spat on the floor as he got to the bitch part, he looked quite angry due to the fact that he got charmed before.

"Leave it to us, young Patriarch."

Replied the old lady, while already gathering wind energy into her staff.

"That's reassuring."

He gave the people a smile then turned around, looking at the charging monsters. Some of them were running on their hands and feet, some were clawing their way onto the walls and ceiling as they tried to surround the group from all sides. Matt ignored them as he pushed his Qi into his legs again, he used his body as a battering ram and with a thumping sound took off running.

The wooden floor burst open the moment he charged forward, the monsters tried to block his advanced but they just lost their limbs in the process. He burst through the small wall of latex-clad people and aimed his sword at the sitting seductress, but just as he was about to strike her down, his sword encountered a hidden barrier.

"Ufufu~ What's the rush little piggy? Why don't you play with my lovelies first~?"

He smashed his fist into the barrier but to no avail and then jumped back as one of the incubus men tried swiping at him with a clawed hand. The monsters around here looked like beings from a fetish video, they had hooks going into their flesh that was getting pulled apart. Some of those hooks were in their eyes or in their mouth as well, they truly looked grotesque.

'Guess I have to clear out those guys first...'

While Matt was battling the hellish guards his cultivator friends were doing their best as well. The monsters were quite strong all things considered, but luckily they were attacking without any tactics just rushing in blindly. They were still at a disadvantage though, they were outnumbered and there wasn't really any place to run. The hall was quite large, about the size of a football field but even though there were windows to the sides they were indestructible.

They found that out the moment they tried flinging one of the monsters outside. They expected the glass to shatter but instead, the gimp's head burst like a tomato after it made contact with the transparent material. This was clearly a sealed-off space, either they would kill the monster or they would die instead.

Matt looked back while smacking a monster to the side with a well-placed kick, shattering its body in half while electrocuting it at the same time. The others were holding out, the Feng clan members were good at blasting the gimp rush back while the Huo clan members were quite adept at setting them ablaze. The new sabers were showing promise already, as many heads were rolling around on the hall floor.


The woman on the throne shouted just as Matt managed to slay the last one of her guards, the barrier vanished and she strode forward. Her hips swayed side to side, but that wasn't all that was swaying with them. At this point, Matt was mostly immune to womanly charms as those so he just gripped his longsword and defended himself as the woman's fingernails extended and she tried to tear his face apart.

"Who are you... you're the first one that can actually talk..."

Matt asked while evading a couple of high heel kicks to the face and groin area, the latter attack made him sway backward while sweating.

"Silence pig, you could have had a pleasurable demise, but now you will only suffer!"

She clearly didn't want to talk, or couldn't if she was actually a real person with a mind was still up to debate. Matt wanted to pry some answers from her, maybe she would be more willing to talk if he cut off an arm or two...

His eyes started glowing in bright blue light, electricity forming around him as he got more serious. He activated his body refining skill, perceiving the surroundings in slow motion. Soon the attacks rained down, the monster woman was quite fast and the whipping attacks were quite hard to read, but soon enough she found herself with her weapon arm missing after Zhang Dong got a good shot in.


She looked quite mad, her body started executing a terrifying aura as it glowed in purple light. The next attack was a lot harder to receive as Zhang Dong found himself getting pushed back, instead of the whip the Sin of lust used her remaining arm and legs raining down a barrage close-ranged blows.

'She suddenly powered up... similar to when a boss monster loses half of its HP and goes into a second form or changes its attacking pattern.'

She was quite fast and strong, but still, she wasn't in the great circle stage while Matt was content on fighting experts at that level without a problem at this point. Soon enough the monster's head was flying through the air, the only injury he suffered was a rip to his clothes and some cut hair while he was dodging, maybe a shorter haircut was due.

The moment the monster was slain the remaining mobs disintegrated into colorful lights. The cultivators behind him gave off a sigh of relief as they also managed to survive the predicament with minor injuries.

"Congratulations on passing the first floor, you may now proceed to the library, the next floor will open in exactly 24 hours."

The voice sounded quite robotic, like something a text to speech app would sound like. A new door appeared out of nowhere with a sign ' Library first level' the cultivators that he was with were bewildered by the strange voice, but Matt kind of knew what it was about.

'This is probably some kind of resting area between the levels, might also be a safe zone.'

"I think we should go inside not like there is anything left in this room for us."

The monsters had vanished and there were no weapons left for him to take with him, after some deliberation everyone headed through the door to the so-called library. What greeted them were books, scrolls, and manuscripts, quite a load of them.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》