Unfathomable Patriarch
176 Chapter 176
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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176 Chapter 176

"Oh, maybe we should include the Patriarch's master into the name as well!"

"How about we name it Hung Dong Sect?"

Matt just stood there while his allies discussed nonsensual names for his new faction. He didn't know why they wanted to put his name into this, but this was getting out of hand.

'Think I'll have to choose one... unless I want to be part of the Huge Ribbed Dong sect or something..."

He mentally facepalmed, he had come up with some names beforehand but was hesitant in choosing one. He wanted input from the people that would be joining it.

'Okay, whatever let me just go with that one...'

He coughed into his hand to get everyone's attention, the people that saw the immortal level manual were in high spirits. The others were more curious but still eager.

"It would seem overbearing if the sect includes my name in it, I'm not the sect the people in it are."

The people nodded, it would be kind of pretentious if the sect was named after one man. Though in their minds there was nothing wrong with it, mostly a sect depended on their leader's power to actually get anywhere.

"So I've been thinking. Our sisters from the Feng clan wield the Dao of air and wind, our brothers from the Huo Clan the Dao of fire and immolation. We from the Zhang Clan are primed for the Dao of the water and streams...if we are just short of one, the Dao of the Earth..."

"But alas, we can't have it all. So my idea would be to name our new faction, United Sect of Elemental Dao... or United Element sect for short."

The people in the room rubbed their chins in contemplation, this did sound a lot better than their proposals. It was also the proposition of the only nascent soul cultivator in the room, so the people in here didn't feel like they could chime in.

"United Elements?... I like it... We do stand united!"

Huo Qiang nodded while holding up his fist high into the air.

Feng Liena nodded while smiling, but a bit saddened that her proposal of naming the new sect the 'Big Dong Sect' was refused. She tried not to show it, but she did a small pout while nodding.

"Senior Brother Dong's naming choice... I will agree with it as well."

Matt turned to Feng Liena, he felt a bit sadness in her tone.

'Hey there now, do you really want me to run around with a sect that is just a synonym for a big pecker girl?'

He couldn't explain what his name meant back in his home language, the people might be speaking English here but he knew that it was the systems doing and he was just getting an automated translation. The people also heard him talking in their home language that wasn't English, so sometimes things were lost in translation. He couldn't really learn this language, the system even translated all the books so he had no reference point to go of off.

"Okay, great. With this, the name is set!"

He clapped his hands, the moment the name of the faction was created he received a prompt.

The Zhang Clan faction will be changed to United Sect of Elemental Dao, do you agree? Yes/No

He clicked the 'Yes'. The whole faction page didn't really change, he still had the same resources and the same cities that he had under the Zhang Clan. This was also the reason that he wanted to keep the old faction going and feared that he might have to restart everything with no passive spirit points coming in.

"Well then, I would like to welcome everyone into the new United Element Sect"

The most important people were Liena and Qiang, the only cultivators in the great circle of core formation. He peeked at their status, but it didn't change much, they were still being shown as part of their own clans.

'I guess they will need to make that oath, the Zhang Faction was widely known and already had members even before I got here...'

He kind of knew how this should work, the system recognized when people were joining the Zhang Clan, so it should work in this situation.


He turned to Feng Liena first, the girl was all smiles.

"Then repeat after me..."

"I pledge allegiance to the United Sect of Elemental Dao, and to the people for which it stands, one Sect under the Dao path, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all..."

He tried recalling some oaths from the countries back earth that he knew, this one was quite popular and widespread so he used it while changing some words here and there. The Feng Matriarch didn't have any problem in remembering her lines, cultivators of her level already had close to photographic memory.

The moment she ended her oath he could see her faction name switch from the Feng Clan over to the United Element sect that he just created. This made him sigh out in relief, the first part of the next step had worked and he could now move into the next stage. Huo Qiang was the next, his status window also updating to the new sect faction.

"Good... now the rest of you..."

The people perked up after seeing the Zhang Clan Patriarch going to the two and letting them take the oath before him. This would be quite the honorable moment in their lives, they could boast that a mighty nascent soul master let them take an oath before him at a critical juncture of the sect creating process.

"Why don't you all just do it at once, otherwise this will take too long..."

Matt wanted to get out of here now, he had said most of the things he wanted to. He needed to get Qiang and Liena to the medallion space and hand them the cultivation manuals. Even before that, he needed to activate his crafting abode and actually create them first. So going through this large group of people and having them recite the pledge of allegiance would be a time-waster.

'Why did they all start frowning?'

He could see the old farts in the room get moist eyes and look saddened by his proclamation. They looked like kids that got denied their favorite ice cream. They hesitated at first but soon recited the pledge that the new Sect leader told them. The person that was most hesitant was Huo Qiao, the man still being loyal to his own clan and thinking that this sect idea was a bit hastily constructed. He still recited the oath though, the sight of the immortal grade manual still engraved in his mind.

"Let's not prolong this any further, Brother Qiang, Sister Liena my clan members will lead you to a hidden treasure that my clan... our sect is in possession. Wait for me there, I will be with you as soon as I procure the technique."

Matt looked at the Zhang Clansmen that were standing in the room, they nodded and moved forward.

"Lady Liena and Lord Qiang, please follow me, I shall guide you there."

One of the elders stepped forward, guiding future nascent soul cultivators was quite the honor.

"We will await your return then, Senior Dong."

"Don't make us wait too long though, Liena gets lonely fast!"

Huo Qiang laughed while receiving a swift kick to the shin from the Feng Matriarch in question. The sight of the tanned girl's furrowed brows and kick making Matt hold a laugh. The woman turned around and covered her face with a fan, knowing well that she did something rude in front of Zhang Dong.

"Ah, excuse me Brother Dong... I'll be leaving first..."

Since the secret ground ordeal, she was trying to act more refined, but sometimes her old tendencies could be seen. Qiang in return just shrugged and followed after the woman, the elder guided them to the Dimensional Regalia where they could cultivating in peace.

Matt exited out of the meeting room after telling the people in there to pass on the information that the clans will be uniting under a new sect. He also spotted Zhang Zhi on his way out, the man looked depressed for some reason, but he made nothing off it. Later on, it would come to light that he felt dejected that he was left out from the Grand Elder discussions. He also didn't get to pledge his allegiance to the new sect leader like the other two core formation experts.

Back in his own room, Matt flopped face-first onto his large king-sized bed. He remained motionless, just trying to clear his head.

'I'm not fit to be the leader... this whole situation is barely holding on by some ducktape...'

He pushed himself off that bed and then double smacked both his cheek.

'No, I must get my act together, that's not how a leader thinks. If I don't keep it together everyone here will die or will be enslaved...'

While he was pumping himself up he heard a knock on the door, followed by a familiar voice.

"Master, it's me and Xue... may we enter..."

He rose up from the bed and straightened his robes out, he was slowly getting tired to having to act like a master cultivator. His image had to be kept though, who would respect a leader that was acting too familiar with anyone or goofy like he sometimes did.

"You may enter."

He heard the large door open and the two walked forward, they had their heads lowered as if they were here to get punished.

"What is it my disciples?"

The siblings didn't look up to him but immediately went down to their knees, their heads lowered in quite the deep bow.

"Disciple Liu has come to seek forgiveness!"

"Disciple Xue is also here to seek guidance and repent for her actions!"

Matt looked at the two youths down on the floor, he could only see the back of their heads and the two were really faceplanting into that cold floor.

"Yes, I heard about what transpired at Jade Grass City..."

He had gotten a report about everything by Zhang Kuo, with a long formal letter of apology to boot for not informing him about the Dao festival. He wasn't mad at the two, no one could have predicted that some young master would try to capture the old potato granny. He thought that the report was a joke at first, but the target turned out to be Feng Maling.

He just scratched his head and leaned down. He was in the middle, Liu was to the right while Xue to his left. He placed his hand on their heads and gave them some headpats.

"Why are you kneeling, you did nothing wrong. Standing up for someone is nothing to be ashamed off!"

Xue didn't really do anything wrong in the first place, the one in hot water was Liu who one-shotted that Dark Palm disciple. By cultivator logic, he did a stupid thing though. He implicated the whole clan and set them on the path of destruction. If he remained seated the only one hurt would have been the people from the Feng Clan. Yang Kai was aiming for them, going by the standard thought process in this world it was natural to let Yang Kai nab the granny and his disciple to beat up Nuana.

"But Master, this is all my fault... if I didn't..."

"If you didn't help your friend she might be dead now. There is no reason to believe that the Dark Palm sect wouldn't have found anything else as an excuse to attack us."

Zhang Dong cut Liu off as he was talking, not really thinking he did anything bad moral wise.

"You might have hastened this situation... but this would have happened sooner or later."

He knew that the Dark Palm psychos would find an offense with them sooner or later. They were an up and coming clan and would be gaining more prestige and power with each passing day. It was hard to tell how long they could hide before the war started, but the moment that sect found out that he was a nascent soul cultivator would be the start.

"I'm glad that you came to support your brother Xue, he is lucky to have a sister like you."

The two looked up and saw a smiling Zhang Dong, he looked a bit different today. It was rare to see their Master show any type of emotion, mostly he faced them with his back while explaining things. Or just used that painful technique to insert his knowledge into them before promptly shooing them away.


They both shouted out in unison, Xue getting teary eyes while Liu gave him an intense stare of appreciation. If he looked in his disciple window he could see that the devotion of these two disciples had reached the apex at this point.

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    《Unfathomable Patriarch》