Unfathomable Patriarch
179 Chapter 179
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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179 Chapter 179

Huo Qiang was on the ground in a pile of black goop, breathing hard. His muscular body twitched after the transformation and he was already feeling a lot stronger.

'Surprisingly his trust in me is even higher than Liena's...'

Qiang was but a simple cultivator, you gave him some treasures and cultivation manuals as gifts and he would treat you well. This wasn't over though, this was only the cleansing of impurities process he still needed to increase their cultivation level. He took out one more of those glass beads which were just regular glass. He was using them to hide how this process was working, hoping that the two would attribute their change to the balls of glass instead of his system.

"Ohhhh... Senior brother...t-this is!"

While Matt was looking at the status window and thinking about dumping spirit points into Qiang's cultivation the man in question started charging at him. He opened up his arms wide and his face was all smiles, he was clearly going for another hug. Problem being, that he was covered in black sludge that stunk like dung.

"Hey, get back, you stink!"

Huo Qiang came to an abrupt stop as he hit something akin to an invisible wall. His nose was squished and his hands spread almost in a T-pose.

"Brother, let me give you a hug, you have gifted me so much and I can't ever hope you ever repay you!"

He started squirming and pushing against the spiritual wall that Matt had formed with his Qi. He was so frantic that he even started biting it but wasn't able to make it budge even an inch.

"Calm down... the process isn't even over yet...let us just get on with it..."

He didn't think that he could reason with this man, his eyes were bloodshot and he was looking at him like he was a juicy piece of meat. He promptly clicked Qiang's cultivation option and started dumping points into his cultivation.

"W-what is happening?"

The man covered in black sludge backed away while looking at his own hands. He could feel his power rising, his muscles twitched and his core spun around as it exuded more and more power. Even when a cultivator entered the great circle of a realm, it wasn't the end. There was still space to improve, both of them could still boost their cultivation to the maximum and at 100% of it, they would reach a tipping point referred to as the half step point.

This was a moment at which the cultivator had the highest probability of reaching the nascent soul level. Most people couldn't push all the way through to that point though. If they tried to push onward they would mostly not be able to reach the higher realm and the only thing waiting for them was a backlash and cultivation regression.

Huo Qiang felt power rushing into his meridians. The Qi that was going into his body was incredibly pure and it caused him to tremble in excitement. The Flame core that he was using spun around and started expanding, it burned at an incredible rate even making the man's body exude steam. He looked like a ripe tomato which caused Matt to hesitate momentarily.

'Well... that looks peculiar... good that I tested it with him first... guess when I go over to Liena I'll insert the points slower...'

At the end of the procedure, Huo Qiang collapsed to his knees, his body was bulging and radiating strength. With time this subsided and the irritated muscles went back to their normal shape.

"I... This power..."

Huo Qiang roared out and bolted forward, he had his core formation cultivation pushed into 100% and had all of his impurities removed. He felt fantastic and he wanted to test out his newfound strength. This of course meant that he needed a target, which was Zhang Dong.

The same transparent shield appeared between the two, the red-haired man waiting for this moment. He gathered all of his fire Qi into his right fist that shone in a crimson light.

"Take this, Flame Emperor's Pure Yang Destruction Fist!"

The attack flew forward and there was a massive explosion that rattled the whole floating island. Feng Liena was washing up at the moment, the water in the spring splashed in her face and made her hair wet.

"W-what is happening, are they fighting?... why is Qiang this strong?"

Matt raised his eyebrow as he saw a bright red fist coming for him, he placed the same transparent Qi shield that had about the same defensive power as a regular nascent soul cultivator in the early stage. He watched as the fist continued to push against this barrier, the man that the fist belonged to shouted like a madman while inserting all of the Qi he could muster into the attack.



Matt raised his eyebrow as he felt the shield cracking slightly, but before it could give out Huo Qiang finally run out of steam. He suffered a small backlash from using too much Qi and his fist fractured in a couple of spots.

'Geez... why did he need to go that far...'

He fell back onto his back, his fist shattered but his spirit not broken. He looked up into the air, the hand that was fractured held up high into the air. He looked at the blood that was flowing a grin plastered all over his face.

"Ha Ha Ha! I heard it... it cracked! My attack reached you!"

Matt moved over to the laughing muscle head, he was apparently satisfied that he managed to cause a slight crack to the shield that was at a nascent soul level.

"You sure are an idiot... but that's not necessarily a bad thing."

Zhang Dong moved out his hand towards Huo Qiang who in response leaned forward and grabbed it. He helped his red-haired friend up to his feet and used this chance to insert his holy Qi into the fractured fist.

"You should really wash up, you smell like a Sludge Beast's asshole."

At that remark, Qiang moved up one of his armpits and gave it a whiff. He then looked back at Zhang Dong and gave him a shrug, not really seeing a problem there.

"This is the smell of a warrior Senior Brother, nothing to be ashamed of!"

"Yeah sure... could you and your 'warrior' smell go washup and then cultivate, we really don't know when the Dark Palm sect will be here."

At about this time Feng Liena appeared again, she was wearing a different robe and her hair was flowing behind her back while being slightly wet.

"Brother Dong, what was all this racket?"

She looked at Huo Qiang that was standing next to Zhang Dong, the foul odor that was coming of the buff cultivator could be smelled from even here. She came to a stop and realized that Huo Qiang had gone through the same process as she did, but he was also much stronger than before. She thought that Zhang Dong had to have done something to him besides the cleansing process, as she had gone through with it like him but her power level didn't go up this much.

"Ah, we were just finishing up here, I will help you advance your cultivation now as well."

Matt turned around to Feng Liena that was looking quite lovely with those loose hanging wet locks. His eyes wandered all over her body which probably didn't go unnoticed.

"Hah, you see this Liena! I could take you out with a pinky now!"

Qiang laughed while walking forward and towards the springs to wash up as well. The woman cultivator glared the man with no tact and just turned her head to the side while snorting. Matt just rubbed his head wondering why these two never got along with each other.

"You two... you will be the next Grand Elders of our sect..."

Qiang still laughed and Liena still snorted back, the two were clearly at bad terms which would be hard to fix. He felt like he would have to mediate things between these two in the future.

'Hope they don't start fighting at critical points...'

"Well then, let us get on with it Sister Liena..."

Feng Liena stood tight next to Zhang Dong, they were an arm's length away from each other. The foul odor was gone replaced by a perfume that smelled like cherries.

"I am ready Senior Brother!"

She looked resolute, she closed her small fist and jumped slightly forward. The problem was that when she did that, it caused her voluptuous mountain peaks to bounce. This delivered a critical hit to Matt's psyche as he suffered a massive mental attack.

"Tranquil Mind don't fail me now!"

He gulped and then coughed into his hand, he had a pair of sparkling blue eyes in front of him that belonged to quite the tanned beauty. He placed his hand on the girl's shoulder as if he was going to insert the Qi by hand. He was totally not taking advantage of the situation, he was far too much of a gentleman for such things. He only wanted to mask the fact, that he was doing it with the faction option of his system.

"Okay, I will begin the process now... this might feel strange..."

He started inserting spirit points into Feng Liena's cultivation. The percentages rose slowly as he didn't want the woman to suffer through the whole process just as Huo Qiang did. Her reaction was different that was for sure as instead of screams she started giving off some sensual moans.

"Oh...Senior Brother Dong...t-this f-feals s-strange...ahhhhh~"

Matt raised his brow and started sweating slightly. He looked down at the fidgeting woman that started panting. Her face was all red and she was giving out various lewd sounding sounds. He even wanted to pull his hand back for her to take a rest, but before he could do that she grasped his forearm while leaning forward.

"S-so much spiritual energy...uhhhh..."

She held his forearm with both her hands to support herself. Her legs were shaky and she felt like she would fall down if she didn't do this. This caused Matt's mind skill to go into overdrive as due to this lean, she could see quite a bit of tanned cleavage.

'Why do they wear those robes with so much space cut out...'

He gulped, even more, his heart racing as he tried to calm his little brother down. He was still a man and even though he had gone past his virgin phase, his dating experience was almost zero. The fling with the merchant daughter happened way to fast, which resulted in him not gaining much from the ordeal.

'I am but a rock in an empty field... nothing can phase me... I am one with the world...'

He chanted while closing his eyes, but he still needed to open up to click the blasted system window.

'Yes... everything is one... everything is...boobs...yes massive and bouncy...wait no '

The moment his eyelid rose he got a glimpse of more bountiful cleavage. His eyes opening wide while the woman leaned forward even further, so close that he could even smell her shampoo.

'Noo... I will get through this... I must... don't you get exited down there...'

He really didn't need excitement now, this would cause quite the loss to face, he would be able to face this woman down the road if she saw him pitching a tent. He decided to insert the rest of the points in one go even though they were only a bit over 50% done, this caused a drastic change to Liena's disposition.

She screamed out loud and just fell face-first into Zhang Dong's chest. She panted, even more, her hands and cheek resting on his broad chest, and those squishy lumps pressing into him as well.

'Noooooo! Not like this!'

In the end, Matt couldn't deny his carnal desires and something bloomed down low. His little brother expanded forward like a mighty sword that stood resolute, demanding a worthy battle. The only thing he could hope for is that the woman wouldn't notice it while being in that strange state of Qi absorption.

'My brother... why did you fail me in this time of need?'


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