Versatile Mage
1415 The Battle Between Emperors
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1415 The Battle Between Emperors

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Huh? You're risking your life just to catch this guy?" an alluring voice inquired from behind Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was shocked. He turned around and saw a beautiful but pale face just three centimeters away. Her face was shrouded by a dark illusionary green mist. It felt like she was not really there, even when her face was within Mo Fan's reach!

"The king has asked me to keep an eye on you, to make sure there are no accidents," the Queen of Netherworld smiled. Her outline was very faint, and the parts below her waist were shrouded by the same green mist. Most intriguingly, Mo Fan could pick up a pleasant scent every time she spoke.

"You have my thanks," Mo Fan dragged the Cold Prince away with him. He did not expect one of the eight Undead Rulers to be escorting him personally.

Mo Fan was currently close to the edge of the Underworld army, figuring out a way to leave the place. His stamina and energy were almost depleted. To his surprise, the Queen of Netherworld had been watching him all along.

"Come with me; it's time to enjoy watching a real battle," the Queen of the Netherworld said.

"What do you mean?" Mo Fan was a little confused.

"There aren't many people in this world who are worthy to be the king's opponent, but the guy in the Pyramid is one of them. Don't you want to witness a battle between emperors?" the Queen of Netherworld asked.

"A battle between emperors?" Mo Fan was shocked.


Was the Lord of the Underworld inside the Great Pyramid of Giza really an Emperor-level existence? Was that why he could not withstand the pressure, even in his Demon Form?

Mo Fan followed the Queen of Netherworld to the battlefield, and she brought him up to the Mountain Zombie's shoulder. It felt like they were standing on top of a mountain. They were able to see the entire chaotic battlefield!

The wind blew past him strongly. The mist of the dead hovering above the battlefield was within hand's reach. Mo Fan could easily see the sacred golden Pyramid from his current height. It was still emitting the deathlight, but was no longer as bright. The Flesh Mound Corpse Officials must have inflicted some damage on the Great Pyramid of Giza!

The King of Undead was standing on the Mountain Zombie's shoulder, too. He was alone on the Mountain Zombie's right shoulder, while the Queen of Netherworld, the Red Skeleton Ruler, and Mo Fan were on the Mountain Zombie's left shoulder. The King of Undead was staring right at the Pyramid. His overwhelming aura extended across the Squaretrek Plain and was directed straight at the Lord of the Underworld inside the Pyramid!

Ten Dark Swordmasters were lined up inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. They were now mere servants hauling a levitating golden chariot. The Dark Swordmasters were moving in the air, walking above the Underworld army.

A man wearing a shining white pharaoh robe stood on the golden chariot. He was holding a pharaoh's staff, and glowing with a dark blue deathlight. From the distance, he looked like a saint that had transcended the mundane world!

"That's Khufu!" Mo Fan was astounded.

The being whose voice had echoed across the North Valley, whose light was able to drive him to the ground and command the Underworld army, whom even a creature like the Sphinx would submit to, was none other than Pharaoh Khufu!

The King of Undead kept applying pressure to the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was quite obvious that Khufu could not afford to stay put anymore.

One was the greatest emperor of China, who had invented the Undead Element and attained eternal life. The other was the pharaoh of ancient Egypt, building massive mausoleums to make him the Lord of the Underworld!

It was black against white; they were both Rulers of the Undead. It felt like this battle had been destined to happen for thousands of years.

The Ancient King and Pharaoh Khufu seemed to reach an agreement. Their duel did not occur on the battlefield. Their overwhelming power would easily bring massive destruction to their people.

The black and white emperors disappeared at the same time.

They soared into the clouds in an instant. Mo Fan could not tell if the fight had already begun. He could only see huge whirlpools appearing in the thick clouds. Inside the whirlpools was a world of chaos and void, where two figures, the Ancient King and the Pharaoh, stood on opposite sides. Two beams of light crashed into one another before spreading wildly like sparkles...

Mo Fan raised his eyes. What he was seeing was power that he had never encountered before, nor understood.

The two emperors seemed to have opened up a confined space for their battle, forming the huge whirlpool in the sky. The people on the ground could see it despite the great distance between them. However, it prevented the destructive energy from leaking out!

"Can you see it clearly?" the Queen of Netherworld asked with a smile, and a hint of mockery, when she saw how focused Mo Fan was while watching the battle.

"Not really, but I can feel it," Mo Fan answered.

The emperors were extremely quick. They had gone back and forth multiple times or even more than Mo Fan had thought within the blink of an eye. He was struggling to make the call.

He could not tell how many Elements were being used, nor could he tell how powerful the energy surging within the whirlpool was, as it was beyond his understanding. He was utterly dazzled by the sight of it, but he knew one thing for sure: even if he was in his Demon Form, he would be crushed to ashes within minutes if he was caught in the battle!

The level of the battle was beyond the Ruler-level. It was also Mo Fan's first time witnessing a battle beyond the Ruler-level. He never imagined what it would look like. The two emperors were so strong that they could freely weave between planes while utilizing the true ultimate of Dimensional Magic!

Shocking cracks suddenly appeared in the sky after a great blast.

The cracks were so obvious that those watching could not help but wonder if their world was actually a mirror. Otherwise, why would there be cracks scattered over five thousand kilometers?

The dimensional whirlpool highest in the sky was shrinking. It seemed like the fight had been relocated back to their plane from the world of void and chaos. That plane was on the verge of collapsing due to the overwhelming energy from the battle.

"Watch out for those cracks, they are deadly!" the Netherworld Queen reminded them.

A crack suddenly split open, coming down from the sky and catching a troop of skeletons and Underworld Executioners who were fighting one another. Both the skeletons and the Underworld Executioners disappeared in an instant, as if they never existed!

The deadly cracks were everywhere in the sky. If the battle had taken place on the ground, who knew how many creatures would perish because of it. Even the cracks randomly falling from the sky were causing the two armies of undead great fear!

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