Versatile Mage
1417 Return the Favor!
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1417 Return the Favor!

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

It was like waking up from a dream; a nightmarish scene that was sending chills down one's spine was immediately replaced by familiar surroundings. Everything in the mind had suddenly vanished.

The Great Pyramid of Giza had disappeared. The Squaretrek Plain had returned to normal… well, not exactly normal, since it was ravaged beyond recognition.

The undead of the Ancient Capital were slowly retreating. They had obtained an outstanding victory. They did not have to celebrate it here in the living world. They could celebrate as long as they wished after returning to their territory!

The King of Undead returned to the Mountain Zombie's shoulder. The Mountain Zombie seemed unsatisfied. He kept roaring in the direction the Pyramid had disappeared in, like he was calling the Sphinx a cowardly dog.

The Sphinx was most likely about to explode in rage. If he had not wasted too much time and energy fighting Demon Mo Fan, how could he possibly lose to the clumsy Mountain Zombie!?

"My king, everyone has been waiting for too long. If they could satisfy their lust through battle, I believe many of the violent ones will be willing to stay put for some time," the Netherworld Queen said to the King of Undead in human language.

"Violent ones?" Mo Fan asked, confused.

The Netherworld Queen rolled her eyes. She was as seductive as a living human, or even more alluring. She said, "The world of the dead is bigger than you could ever imagine. Not every ruler of the undead is willing to swear loyalty to our king. Some of the undead Rulers who enjoy slaughtering the humans are already complaining. The truth is, it is unacceptable that the undead are forbidden from entering the living world. The dead cannot satisfy their desires for food and other things like humans. If they can't even satisfy their lust to kill, it will be no different than erasing their nature."

The King of Undead turned around and stared at the Netherworld Queen.

The Netherworld Queen realized she had said something wrong. She quickly dropped to her knees and lowered her head.

"Keep going, I'm listening," the King of Undead.

"I don't dare to."

"Say it!" the King of Undead snapped coldly.

The Netherworld Queen hesitated for a moment. She waited for her King to calm down a little before saying, "The different tribes of undead have been fighting one another, since they are forbidden to invade the living world. However, if all they are killing are just other undead, they will eventually doubt the purpose of being forbidden to invade the human world. Killing is the undead's only purpose to exist. If my king has granted the land to the living humans and decided not to interfere with their lives, we have to find a way to satisfy our people's desire to kill, like this battle… I believe you have felt it too, the respect and glory that your people have given you after claiming the victory."

The King of Undead did not respond, but one could easily tell the answer from his emotion.

"They are like your children; they respect you and treat you as their father, but it's hard not to hold a grudge if you are forcing them to act against their nature. It will allow the enemy to provoke them to rebel against you. They might move to another Underworld where they can satisfy their lust to kill. Therefore, isn't it better for us to find a way to satisfy their lust instead? If my king doesn't want to slaughter the living, we can declare war against the entire Underworld. The Underworld only needs one king, and I believe you are the only one worthy of the role!" the Netherworld Queen finished.

Khufu was already on the move. His army was massacring humans mainly to strengthen his kingdom. Killing had always been the most effective way for the undead to obtain more power!

The two strongest kingdoms of undead in the world were in China and Egypt. Regardless of how the wheel of fortune was spinning, the two kingdoms would eventually have to fight one another, and the Battle of Squaretrek Plain had served as the fuse!

The Red Skeleton Ruler stood to the side. He also desired to go to war, just like the Queen of the Netherworld. He wanted to kill! Even though he did not participate in the battle this time, the smell of blood lingering in the air was like fresh air energizing him!

"Do you think I'm the kind of person that is satisfied just by giving invaders a single slap to the face and calling it a day?" the King of Undead said.

The Netherworld Queen gasped in disbelief.

Only the Ancient King would describe killing hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the enemy's army as a slap to the face!

"It seems that my king has already planned to return the favor. Pardon me for talking too much!" the Netherworld Queen smiled.

"Kill them all, kill them all!" the Mountain Zombie roared with excitement and utter stubbornness.

Mo Fan was left speechless for some time.

Return the favor?

It was something that Mo Fan never thought of. It was already a miracle that they were able to drive the enemy away from the Squaretrek Plain!

"We need rifts that will bring us to their Underworld." The King of Undead turned and looked at Mo Fan.

"You're asking me to open the rifts?" Mo Fan pointed at himself.

"You can choose not to," the King of Undead said calmly.

Mo Fan let out a relieved sigh.

To think that he would be triggering a war between two Underworlds; Mo Fan strongly believed he was not fit for the job. It would mean he had to infiltrate a few of the famous Pyramids in Egypt. The problem was, even some of the Forbidden Mages would not dare to do such a thing, let alone an Advanced Mage like him. Wouldn't he be courting his death!?

To his relief, the King of Undead was understanding; he did not force him to do it.

However, Mo Fan heard the second half of the reply before he could relax.

"I will withdraw the rule stopping the undead from invading human territories. I have to take care of my people either way."

Mo Fan was left speechless.

Such bait!

The Chief Military Instructor had already become like this, yet his personality of entrapping people was still the same. Mo Fan almost believed that the Chief Military Instructor had shown up with his army to save his life, but it turned out that he was still too young and naive!

"It's not like I can demonize anytime I want. I'm just a petty Advanced Mage without the Demon Element's power. I will die if I try to enter a Pyramid," Mo Fan said.

"I thought you weren't afraid of dying. Don't worry, I'll lend you a hand. Besides, we never said that we were going to do it right now. We'll have to make some preparations and choose the lucky day," the Netherworld Queen said.

"The lucky day..." Mo Fan was lost for words.

Mo Fan suddenly felt like there was no way he could run away. Not long ago, he was despising the Black Vatican for betraying their own kind by opening the gates for the Underworld creatures.

Little did he know, he would soon be a gate opener, too! Luckily, he was opening the gates to Egypt's Underworld instead. It was China's undead declaring war against Egypt's undead, getting their revenge from the invader!

It was a tough job, yet Mo Fan had no choice but to accept it!

The Ancient Capital had yet to recover from the great calamity. The land desperately needed the peace provided by the rule forbidding the undead from entering it. Judging from the Netherworld Queen's words, the Ancient King's decision had infuriated lots of the Undead Rulers. If they were not allowed to vent their frustrations on the living, the only way left was by declaring war against another Underworld!

Egypt was constantly being invaded by undead too, mainly because the Underworld had gradually become stronger, and they needed a way to satisfy their lust for battle.

It seemed like Mo Fan would have to speak with Egypt's authorities. The two undead emperors had decided to have a showdown with one another, and he would be the one pulling the strings!

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