Versatile Mage
1418 Sit On My Lap And Move Yourself
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1418 Sit On My Lap And Move Yourself

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth



The long-awaited sunlight penetrated through the dull clouds that were slowly dissipating, and shone upon the land.

The remains of the undead immediately turned to ashes as soon as they made contact with the sunlight. When the sunlight completely shone down, ashes glowing slightly with heat drifted in the air. It looked like some kind of spectacular ritual was being held in the North Valley.

The ashes eventually fell back to the ground, to serve as nutrients to the soil. The land would be brimming with life once again in no time. The Squaretrek Plain could easily reclaim its original appearance with the help of Plant and Earth Mages.

The world had always been a cycle; destruction and regeneration, death and reproduction, fallen leaves returning to the roots. Humans had long adapted to it. Otherwise, why had they not gone extinct yet?

The authorities had decided to settle the victims of the destroyed cities in Feihuang City. They were planning to develop Feihuang City into a metropolis, a foundation for the people in the north, similar to the Ancient Capital's role in China's Central Plain.

Whenever a disaster occurred, the cities, towns, and villages scattered across the North Valley would have to seek shelter from bigger cities. The same thing had repeated numerous times throughout history, so the new changes were necessary to ensure their survival.

However, it also meant the safe zone would be shrinking. The space available would be reduced, limiting the resources available to them. As a result, the Mages would have to carry a heavier burden on their shoulders!

As a matter of fact, apart from the North Valley, the cities along the coastline for over twenty thousand kilometers were undergoing the same plan of merging with other cities to form metropolises. The safe zone had already shrunk significantly while Mo Fan and the others were busy in the North Valley. Even Mo Fan was quite surprised when he heard the news.



"Everything was turned on its head in just less than a month, literally!" Zhao Manyan exclaimed.

They had no idea what was happening in the east while they were in the North Valley. They only received the news a few days after the battle with the Underworld creatures, while Feihuang City was being transformed into one of the main headquarter cities of their country.

"I bet Mo Fan still has no clue what's happening?"

"There are side effects to using the Demon Element. We sent him to the Parthenon Temple right away. We have no choice but to rely on the Parthenon Temple, since we can't really treat his injuries," Lingling told him.

The Parthenon Temple purposely sent someone over to pick up Mo Fan. Lingling knew the person was Xinxia's trusted subordinate, so she gladly handed Mo Fan over.

The rest of the group were close to full recovery after resting for more than ten days, but Mo Fan would most likely have to stay at the Parthenon Temple for a few months. First, he had to cultivate in seclusion, since his cultivation had declined after using the Demon Element. Second, the wounds on his face and the unbelievable injuries he got from the battle would take a long time to heal, even with the Parthenon Temple's help!

"It's a relief that Xinxia is there. Otherwise, Mo Fan would really be going to join the undead," Zhao Manyan observed.

Zhao Manyan went to Greece when he left Baxia to claim his Blessing of the God's Seal. Zhao Manyan knew it would improve his strength significantly, so he could not afford to miss out on the great opportunity. Normally, the Parthenon Temple would not give anyone the Blessing of the God's Seal after they had missed it, but Zhao Manyan was able to claim it with Xinxia's help.

Mo Fan did not find out Zhao Manyan was coming back with his sixth sense. He actually heard it from Xinxia, so he knew where to wait until Zhao Manyan showed up.

"Even my troops have been relocated to the east. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly," Zhang Xiaohou spoke up.

"Yeah, something so serious is happening in the East while we were busy with the battle here. To be honest, I still feel like I'm going to suffocate whenever I think about it. I wonder what Mo Fan will think when he sees everything has changed after he comes back," Zhao Manyan agreed.

"Luckily, Chairman Shao Zheng insisted on carrying out the Threat-Elimination Strategy despite the disapproval from the other authorities. Otherwise, it's impossible to imagine what's going to happen..." Lingling said.

"Yeah, it explains why Chairman Shao Zheng is searching for the Totem Beasts. I'm afraid our country isn't strong enough to face a calamity on such a scale," Zhao Manyan nodded.

"Either way, let's do our best," Zhang Xiaohou said.

"Speaking of which, Feiniao City has also become a new headquarters, with Fanxue Mountain as a part of it," Lingling observed, a bit surprised, after taking a look at the distribution of the headquarter cities.

"Let me have a look." Zhao Manyan moved to see. Feiniao City had indeed become an important headquarters facing the South China Sea.

Fanxue Mountain was to the north of Feiniao City, with mountains in the west and the ocean in the east. Hangzhou Headquarters City was located to the north of Fanxue Mountain.

"It seems like Fanxue Mountain is going to change dramatically soon, too," Zhao Manyan mused.

"Mm, I wonder if Sister Ningxue can deal with the pressure. Those in power will try everything to seize control of Fanxue Mountain, including the renowned clans. They will do anything to claim Fanxue Mountain as theirs," Lingling said.



Greece, the Parthenon Temple...

Mount Shimmer was to the south of the Mountain of the Goddess, the best place to enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean. It was normally used as a recovery place for important personnel of the Parthenon Temple. Many young and beautiful women were proud of serving on Mount Shimmer. 

The Mountain of the Goddess mostly consisted of women; it was many men's dream to stay on Mount Shimmer!

In a delicate mansion surrounded by a few Flying Flower Trees, beautiful sparrows were enjoying the desserts left on the coffee table in a glass corridor. The soothing sunlight warmly lit up the surroundings. The rocks were shimmering like the waves on the sea. A few young women were giggling while chatting softly. It was like paradise!

Imagine waking up in a place like this, where happiness and soothing sea breeze would hit one in the face. The curtains drifted elegantly as one was enjoying the spectacular view of the sky and the ocean merging with one another in the horizon, and the pleasant scent emanating from the Flying Flower Trees.

"Is that so? The mister living here is the one that captured a Red Cardinal alive? But he looks so young?" one of the women whispered.

"Why would I lie to you? It's real. He's so impressive; no one has ever captured a Red Cardinal alive before!"

"That's strange, he kept saying lewd things to us. He doesn't look like someone impressive," one of the women blushed.

"Ah, it's the Saintess..."

"She's here again."

"Quick, we have to greet her."

Mo Fan suddenly heard the women uttering respectfully in Greek. He did not understand them. However, they were chit-chatting in English just a moment ago.


Mo Fan slouched on the bench as he waited.

"You don't have to follow me," a soothing voice said, followed by a series of footsteps. They sounded like heels tapping rhythmically on the floor. Mo Fan could imagine the elegant legs wearing them.

"Massage my shoulders," Mo Fan said, without turning around.

A pair of soft hands landed on Mo Fan's shoulder. He squinted while enjoying it.

Why did he even bother trying to be a hero? Wasn't it better to just enjoy his life here? Besides, Xinxia could easily support him. It was not bad to live off a woman... 

"My legs are a little sore too, give them a little hammering," Mo Fan ordered.

Mo Fan soon felt a warm hand touching his thigh on a sensitive spot. A surge of electricity went up his thigh. Mo Fan almost lost control of himself, and pounced on the little sheep he had long been interested in like a starving wolf!

"Are you tired of having this thing?" an alluring voice suddenly asked coolly.

Mo Fan immediately realized he had pounced on the wrong person. He quickly rose to his feet and looked at the woman with an awkward face.

"I'm sorry, it was a misunderstanding, I thought you were Xinxia," Mo Fan lowered his head and looked at "Little Mo Fan". He could feel a chill surging through it, as if a warm hand would pinch his manly part into pieces in any second. He believed Asha'ruiya was the kind of person that would do something like that!

"Does your Xinxia even wear heels? Do you really think I'm unaware of what your perverted brain is thinking? I'll feed it to the dogs if you do that again next time!" Asha'ruiya blatantly flicked "Little Mo Fan" with her finger.

Mo Fan cried out in pain, but for some reason, the little guy was even stiffer when the woman's finger made contact with it!

"Aren't you going to tell the truth yet?" Asha'ruiya sat down and blinked her eyes in a seductive manner.

"Didn't I already tell you? I sneaked into the Black Vatican and saw the Cold Prince alone, so I knocked him out and abducted him. It was as simple as that!" Mo Fan said.

"Are you treating me as a three-year-old, or are you treating the Cold Prince as a three-year-old?" Asha'ruiya clearly did not believe Mo Fan's bullshit.

However, she was extremely curious about how Mo Fan had managed to capture the Red Cardinal alive.

The whole world was shocked when China's Enforcement Union announced that they had captured a Red Cardinal alive. It could easily be called a historical moment!

It was definitely a serious blow to the Black Vatican. It also served as a great inspiration for those that were standing up against the Black Vatican. After all, no one had ever captured a Red Cardinal before, allowing the Black Vatican to grow and act recklessly!

"I've already told you everything. There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me. By the way, this is such a good place to cultivate. My cultivation has already recovered, and I can even feel a breakthrough coming. I've decided to cultivate in seclusion here for some time to improve my strength," Mo Fan said.

"Humph, do you think you can just stay here as you please? Ye Xinxia has given up some of her benefits to earn you the spot. I bet you still have no idea what's happening in the outside world, don't you?" Asha'ruiya said.

"Well..." Mo Fan indeed had no idea.

He did not have a phone with him, and the place did not WiFi either, since it was used for cultivating in seclusion and recovering from injuries. It was secluded from the rest of the world, so Mo Fan had no idea what was happening in the outside world.

"Let's trade; tell me what I want, and I'll tell you what's happening out there," Asha'ruiya said.

"That won't be necessary. I will know what's happening once I'm done here."

"What do you want then?"

"Sit on my lap and move yourself. I am honest when I'm gratified," Mo Fan said shamelessly, while looking up and down at Asha'ruiya's alluring body.

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