Versatile Mage
1419 Convalesce and Cultivate
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1419 Convalesce and Cultivate

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Asha'ruiya's eyes widened. Her pale face blushed alluringly.

Mo Fan was a little surprised by her reaction. Was she really considering his request?

Should he tell her the truth if she really sat on his lap and twerked?

"Brother Mo Fan, should I come back later?" a voice said behind Mo Fan.

Mo Fan's expression shifted right away. He turned around in disbelief. Xinxia had arrived without him knowing. The woman called Fiona was pushing her wheelchair, glaring at him with utter contempt. On the other hand, Xinxia's face was gradually becoming prettier while remaining expressionless.

"Hehe...Sister Xinxia, I told you letting him stay is showing the wolf into the house. Look at how outrageous and bold he is! He's been acting so shamelessly to me, let alone the maids that wouldn't dare resist him. They too have good looks and outstanding physiques," Asha'ruiya giggled like a little fox when she saw Mo Fan's face freezing.

Asha'ruiya rose to her feet and left after finishing the sentence. Her seductive giggle was still echoing in the room.

Mo Fan immediately felt his balls hurting. He did not expect Xinxia to show up while he was fooling around with Asha'ruiya. What was he supposed to do now!?

"Hehe, Xinxia, I was telling her to treat herself at home," Mo Fan explained with an awkward smile.

Xinxia was no three-year-old. She was well aware of what Mo Fan meant, especially after she had known him for so long.

"Humph, such a shameless man you are!" Fiona pushed Xinxia to Mo Fan's side with a curse before taking her leave.

Mo Fan did not know how to explain himself. He looked at Xinxia's face. Even though the girl usually wore a gentle and quiet look, Mo Fan knew her cheeks would swell slightly whenever she was mad. It was so adorable when she was still young, Mo Fan would sneakily kiss her on the cheeks.

However, Mo Fan believed he would most likely be rejected if he was to kiss her now. He might have to wait for quite some time before he could touch her again!

"Xinxia, your earrings are so pretty. Look at their shine, it's perfectly setting off the redness on your cheeks and the perfect shape of your face..." Mo Fan believed he had to say something. He quickly came up with the compliments.

"Don't you dare switch the topic!" Xinxia snapped.

"Alright, I'm sorry; I promise you I won't flirt randomly with other girls again," Mo Fan said in a serious manner.

"So you will still flirt with girls that you think are suitable and impressive as long as you are serious and have made up your mind?" Xinxia persisted.

"Mm? Since when are you so clever and eloquent? How did you know what I'm thinking? Tsk tsk, you've indeed learned a lot since you became a Saintess. You are smart enough to know if people are trying to take advantage of you!" Mo Fan complimented her shamelessly.

"I'm still angry!" Xinxia fumed.

"What is there to be angry about? I'm just fooling around, since I'm too bored. You do know there's no Wi-Fi here. I don't even have friends to bullshit with here. It's normal for men to have lewd thoughts when they are bored. I didn't even know what I was talking about, but I can promise you that I wasn't thinking of doing anything!" Mo Fan swore.

"Does she come here often?" Xinxia asked.

"Who? Asha'ruiya? Yeah, she comes here quite often. Why do I feel like she has too much free time?" Mo Fan said.

"The Parthenon Temple is split into three factions now. One, consisting of mostly aged authorities, is following Izisha. Another faction has sworn loyalty to Asha'ruiya, and the last one is supporting me. The three candidates are on equal footing now. I believe it will stay the same until the next election," Xinxia said.

"She's not an enemy, but she isn't a friend either; you do have to watch out for her still," Mo Fan warned.

"Mmm!" Xinxia nodded.

Asha'ruiya was far more capable than Xinxia had expected, having managed to gather a lot of support after what happened to Izisha. Xinxia was still considered a newcomer, so Asha'ruiya ended up gaining a lot of support.

Xinxia initially thought Izisha was her only competitor, yet it suddenly turned into a three-way competition.

That being said, it was not necessarily unfavorable to her. She knew it was impossible for her to challenge Izisha with her current influence and wisdom. Asha'ruiya's intervention had given her some time to catch her breath and prepare herself. She had taken some of the burdens on Xinxia's shoulders away, giving her time to equip herself with knowledge and gather resources and connections.

"How is Senior Sister Leng Qing?" Mo Fan asked.

Lingling was very worried about her sister Leng Qing. The Cold Prince had been arrested. He would be executed after he was pronounced guilty, according to the official procedures.

Leng Qing was the one who had sacrificed the most in the series of incidents. Mo Fan really hoped she was fine.

"Her condition is now stable. She should be able to recover in half a year, but it will take a long time for her cultivation to fully recover," Xinxia said.

"That's good to know," Mo Fan sighed in relief.

Xinxia pouted when she saw Mo Fan's reaction. It turned out that staying at the Parthenon Temple was the right choice for her. Otherwise, there was nothing she could do apart from wait on her wheelchair if she was to return to the Magic City. She did not mind waiting, but she would prefer to be able to help instead!

"Didn't you always mention Wang Xiaojun from Hangzhou to me? His situation is similar to Senior Sister Leng Qing's situation. You can bring him to me after I'm done with Senior Sister Leng Qing. I should be able to wake him up," Xinxia said.

"Really? That's great!" Mo Fan was overjoyed.

The vicious Councilman Luo Mian had devoured young Wang Xiaojun's soul, turning him into an empty soulless shell. His body was currently preserved by the Research Union of Hangzhou's Magic Association. Mo Fan had always kept him in his thoughts. He would visit him every time he went to Hangzhou.

It would be the best if Xinxia could wake him up. That way, his Heavenly Eagle's sacrifice would not be in vain!

Mo Fan saw Xinxia sitting quietly beside him after he recovered from his joy. She seemed perfectly normal, but Mo Fan could still see a hint of fatigue from her eyes. He immediately felt sorry for her. He said, "Isn't it too harsh for you?"

Xinxia shook her head and said, "It's actually very fulfilling to be able to do your best. It might be tiring to prepare for the election, but it can be very meaningful, too."

"I'll come visit you more often," Mo Fan promised.

"Mmm, I'll be very happy, as long as you aren't dying every time you visit me," Xinxia replied.

"Ugh..." Mo Fan awkwardly scratched his head.



The side effects of using the Demon Element were quite serious. Even though Mo Fan had collected enough Soul Essences to pay off the debt, his body and soul still suffered serious injuries from using the Demon Element too frequently.

Luckily, the Parthenon Temple was like his private garden. He could enjoy the best medicine, blessing, and Healing Magic as he wished. Otherwise, his cultivation would have declined more than just a level!

The strain to his body and soul for using the Demon Element was just unbearable. He had to refrain from using the Demon Element for a year or two, even if he managed to fill the Essence Orb!

Mo Fan would have to be more cautious if the Demon Element was not available. The Heresy Judgment Court was still waiting to put him on trial. If they ended up declaring his existence a heresy, he would have no chance of defending himself!

Mo Fan had recovered swiftly with the help of Xinxia's Blessing Element. Since his cultivation was still too weak, he decided to cultivate in seclusion after he had recovered from his injuries.

Mount Shimmer of the Parthenon Temple was a remarkable place to cultivate at. It felt like the place had gathered the essence of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Any Mage would benefit a lot from cultivating here, regardless of their cultivation level.

Mo Fan was already in a rush to hunt down the Black Vatican after Little Loach had just evolved recently. He did not have the time to cultivate with a peaceful mind. Therefore, he had decided to utilize the perfect environment of the Parthenon Temple to improve his Elements. Even with Little Loach's help, he still needed quite some time, due to the number of Elements he had!

Little Loach's recent upgrade multiplied Mo Fan's rate of cultivation fivefold. Mo Fan realized his rate of cultivation had slowed down after he achieved the Advanced Level. It was reasonable, since he would need a lot more resources as his cultivation progressed further. The Underground Holy Spring was no longer able to satisfy the needs of his Galaxies. If Little Loach had not absorbed the Totem Power of the Moon Moth Phoenix, Mo Fan had no idea how long it would have taken for his cultivation to improve again!

Mo Fan was planning to stay at the Parthenon Temple for some time. It would be the best if he could improve all five of his Elements to the third-tier of the Advanced Level!

In the past, it would take Mo Fan a long time to improve all five of his Elements to the third-tier of the Advanced Level, but was now possible now; his rate of cultivation was eight times faster with the sacred light of the Parthenon Temple and Little Loach's help!

He would have needed at least a few years for all five of his Elements to reach the third-tier, but he might be able to do it in less than half a year now!

Once his Fire Element reached the third-tier, he would be able to merge with Little Flame Belle again.

Little Flame Belle was now at the peak of the Commander-level. Her strength would further increase after merging with him, especially if he could find a perfect Soul-grade Seed! He could not wait to see how strong his third Soul-grade Seed would be!

The Lightning Element was still Mo Fan's strongest Element. The Blessing of the God's Seal had doubled its base damage. Used together with the Lightning Tyrant, lightning spells that were amplified twelvefold could kill a Commander-level in an instant. He might even be able to invent a move comparable to a Super Level Spell after conducting the lightning through his own body!

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