Versatile Mage
1420 Viscera Hunters
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1420 Viscera Hunters

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan's Shadow Element had improved significantly after he acquired the Fiendish Night. Mo Fan believed he could easily defeat most Advanced Mages when he recalled Bei Jiang's Dark Swamp Domain and his ability to summon numerous shadows to flank his foes.

His Summoning Element had huge room for improvement, but it was not something he could achieve just by cultivating diligently. Lingling mentioned that a Summoner was able to sign a second Contract. They could also summon a real horde of beasts with the Summoning Gate. He could take on a hundred enemies on his own if he could afford to spend lots of time and resources on improving his Summoning Element!

The Space Element had unlimited potential, too. Mo Fan was unsure if he could achieve the third-tier of the Advanced Level of his Space Element within the time he had. The Space Element relied heavily on his mental strength, so he still had a long way to go!

The path of cultivation had always been an extremely boring process, a self-torture that required great discipline. During the first few days, every Mage had a strong urge to give up, but after they were immersed in the process, they would fully blend into their Spiritual World. Time would flow a lot quicker, and they would slowly experience the joy of exploring their Spiritual World.

Luckily, Mo Fan had long gotten used to the process. He was able to enter the right mental state quicker than most people. He was extremely patient, and knew how to think outside of the box, too.

He slowly peeled away the layers of the barrier. It felt like he was able to see further across the universe with every layer he stripped away. He was able to obtain more energy and different powers from the stars, too!

Mo Fan had learned something after reaching the Advanced Level; the Orbits, Patterns, Constellations, and Palaces used to align the stars were only the basics to casting spells. When a Mage's control over the Element was strong enough to create a Domain and accumulate the energy particles of the respective Element, the Mage would be able to alter the form of the magic to achieve entirely different results.

It was referred to as the derivation of spells!

Normally, deriving a new spell relied heavily on the combination of Soul-grade Seeds and Domains, and how familiar the Mage was with their Stars.

When a Mage could easily construct a Fire Constellation mentally, they could easily manipulate the Fire Spell, too. A Mage that did not know how to invent their own magic was not worthy to be called a strong Advanced Mage. The more adept they were at aligning the Stars and drawing the Star Orbits, Star Patterns, and Star Constellations, the greater their control over the Element, allowing them to manipulate the Element and invent their own magic. It all came down to how good they were at controlling their Stars...

A Star Constellation consisted of three hundred and forty-three Stars, which intertwined to form forty-nine Star Orbits, and further combined into seven brilliant Star Patterns. However, a Mage had to figure out the quickest way to construct it themselves. Where should they start; where should they end; should they construct the Star Patterns simultaneously, or should they construct them consecutively? Different Mages had their own ways of doing it, their own habits, and their own preferences...

Mo Fan was able to cast Basic Spells instantaneously after he was able to construct Star Orbits with a single thought. He now had a new challenge; constructing a Star Pattern with a single thought!

Once he was able to construct a Star Pattern with a single thought, he would be able to cast an Intermediate Spell in an instant!

Mo Fan had upgraded many of his Intermediate Spells to the fifth-tier. Once he was able to cast Fiery Fist: Nine Serpents and Thunderbolt: Lightning Chains with a single thought, his strength would surely improve significantly!



To the east of Feiniao City, the Pacific Ocean...

The reefs that were visible every time the tide fell were no longer around. Sailors would use the reefs as reference points for their navigation. They would refer to the reefs if their navigation devices were not working properly.

"The sea level is still slowly rising," an old Mage said helplessly.

Shao Yu was on the ship's deck. She was wearing a tight outfit which perfectly displayed her alluring curves. The straight hair reaching her shoulders was perfectly set off by her icy yet beautiful face! 

"It must be around here. We can only follow our instincts now," a Water Mage replied.

"Look, there are things floating over there!"

"Steer the ship to it!"

The ship quickly headed for the area with the floating objects. Several heavily-festered corpses were swaying in the waves. It seemed like something had dug out all the organs inside the bodies, causing them to float on the surface instead of sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

"It must be the Viscera Hunters. Damn it, they've killed all the scouts we've sent out," the old Mage grumbled furiously.

"Yeah, we obviously lacked intel on the sea monsters. We don't know how big their army is, what species they have, nor do we know when they are going to attack."

"We should leave at once. If the Viscera Hunters are roaming in this area, we might end up as their prey, too."

The ship began to make its way back. There were strange movements on the surface of the ocean. Shao Yu frowned when she heard something. She told the captain, "Pick up the pace, something is coming."

The captain immediately ordered the crew to sail at full speed without any hesitation.


The heavy pressure slowly dissipated as the ship bore away at full speed. The ship eventually returned to Feiniao City.

Feiniao City was still being transformed into a headquarters city. Construction was happening everywhere. Both the structures on the ocean and the appearance of the city indicated that the city was only making slow progress.

A commander quickly came up to the ship and asked, "How is the situation out there?"

"The Viscera Hunters found us. I feel like they already know we are planning to turn the city into a headquarters city. They are slowly gathering toward the city," the old Mage reported.

"Don't tell me they are planning to invade the entire coastline?"

"It's too sudden. We would struggle to ensure the safety of the city with our current numbers, not to mention that the sea monsters are obviously under the lead of a Ruler. They are going to focus on the areas where we are building the defenses. We have already lost a few thousand kilometers of the coastline over the past few months. At this rate, every city in the East is going to end up part of the ocean!" Commander Huang Kun cursed. 

"The rising sea level has allowed the sea monsters to move freely. Who would have expected the sea monsters to invade so suddenly? Chairman Shao Zheng made the right call when he insisted on carrying out the Threat-Elimination Strategy, yet the threat doesn't cover just five thousand kilometers of the coastline, but the entire coastline in the east, from Liaodong to Hainan..."

"We must eliminate the Viscera Hunters. Otherwise, they are going to lead a huge army of sea monsters to us while we are building the headquarters city," Shao Yu deduced.

"The ocean is their territory. Most of the people that are allocated here, including Commander Huang Kun, are land troopers. They are not good at fighting in the ocean. It won't be easy to eliminate the Viscera Hunters," the old Mage sighed.

"I think we should let Fanxue Mountain handle it. Wasn't Fanxue Mountain reluctant to be incorporated into the military? If you insist on having your own say in Feiniao Headquarters City, you'll have to do something impressive to convince us!" Li Ting of the Dali Clan broke in with a cold harrumph.

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