Versatile Mage
1421 Pudong Sea
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1421 Pudong Sea

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth



Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport…

Mo Fan was wearing a pair of sunglasses. The young man who considered himself a handsome role model for the country was putting up a facade. He was worried that some teenage girls who were his fans would recognize him, bringing him some unwanted attention...

"Sir, we've verified your identity. You are not the wanted criminal we are looking for. You may leave now," the guard saluted him and gave Mo Fan his passport back.

Mo Fan's expression was extremely dark. He began to wonder if he was living in ancient times. Why did no one recognize him, after he had done so many shocking things?

It had been the worst day for Mo Fan. He initially planned to enjoy some time with Xinxia in the morning, but that old woman Tata had to come and disturb their private time. Furthermore, not only was he late for the flight, he was brought straight into a room to be interrogated after being mistaken for a criminal!

Seriously, have they ever seen such a handsome criminal!?

Mo Fan was too lazy to waste his time with the guards.

"Speaking of which, doesn't the flight always go to Pudong? Why is it landing in Hongqiao now? The airport is so crowded," Mo Fan grumbled as he headed for the exit.

"Are you referring to Pudong International Airport?" the guard asked.

"Yeah," Mo Fan said.

"How long have you been away?" The guard looked at Mo Fan like he was an alien.

"Less than half a year, why? Did they relocate Pudong International Airport?" Mo Fan asked.

"That area has already turned into Pudong Sea. Even the biggest plane in the world wouldn't dare to land in the area where Pudong International Airport was," the guard informed him.

"What do you mean by that?" Mo Fan asked, confused.

"It looks like you really have no idea. The coastline is soon going to fall to the sea monsters. The cities will be devoured by the ocean, too," the guard went on.

"Is it really that serious? I'm telling you, I'm not a fool, don't you try to trick me!" Mo Fan blurted out.

The guard was amused when he saw how reluctant Mo Fan was to believe him. He did not argue any further, merely saying, "Feel free to go take a look yourself."


Mo Fan was utterly confused as he made his way to the basement parking lot. Zhao Manyan had been waiting there for some time. He had a cigarette between his lips, had dyed his hair golden just like old times and wore ear piercings. He was well-dressed, and attracted a lot of attention when he stood beside his luxurious car.

"Look at you… aren't you worried that someone from your clan is going to recognize you?" Mo Fan jibed.

"Which is why I have to go even more overboard. Get in, check my new ride out. Enjoy its beastly roar as it traverses the city," Zhao Manyan replied, revving up the engine.

"I could enjoy a ride, let's go to Pudong," Mo Fan suggested.

"Pudong?" Zhao Manyan was stunned.

"What is it? Is the area off-limits?" Mo Fan asked.

"I'll need a speedboat if you want to visit Pudong," Zhao Manyan answered.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean, what do I mean? Have you been secluded from the world for half a year? I don't believe you are the kind of person that doesn't surf the Internet, read the news, or listen to rumors," Zhao Manyan shook his head.

"That actually sums up how I've spent my time for half a year. I've only been cultivating. The Parthenon Temple doesn't even have Wi-Fi, and mobile signals are blocked, too. I was living the life of a caveman," Mo Fan replied.

"I won't be able to explain it in a few words. I'll bring you there if you really want to go. Let's hope you're ready for it," Zhao Manyan rolled down the windows and slammed on the gas. He drove out of the carpark recklessly, triggering a series of angry horns.


Zhao Manyan got on the highway and drove at an insane speed.

Mo Fan felt refreshed when he saw the Magic City and its modernity after so long, especially after he had spent such a long time living on a mountain. Humans could not afford to live in nature for too long. The greenness, fresh air, and pleasant scent of nature were not as relaxing as the haze of the Magic City!

"Is this the way to Pudong?" Mo Fan asked when he felt something was wrong.

"We're going to Baoshan, it's safer there," Zhao Manyan said.

"Safer?" Mo Fan's thoughts were full of question marks.


When they arrived at Baoshan District, Mo Fan could already see the ocean in the distance from the highway. Something felt extremely odd to him.

"Something keeps bothering me," Mo Fan said.

"It must be the ocean," Zhao Manyan said.

"Exactly, I don't recall seeing the ocean from here before. Why does it feel like the sea is suddenly so close to the city?" Mo Fan wondered aloud.

"It's because the sea level has risen," Zhao Manyan said. He quickly shifted gears and overtook a car that was speeding, too. He raised his middle finger in the air, and since the roof was open, the other car could clearly see his action.

"The sea level has risen? Why would that even matter?" Mo Fan asked.

"Are you seriously that uneducated? The rise in sea level is a serious problem. A single meter is enough to submerge many islands across the world. If it rises by ten meters, do you know how much our territory is going to shrink? Do you know how easily the sea monsters could invade us now that they can move freely?" Zhao Manyan asked.

"Oh, that sounds reasonable. So how many meters did the sea level rise?" Mo Fan asked. He sounded like he still had no idea how serious the situation was.

"Do you know why I'm not driving all the way to Pudong?" Zhao Manyan replied.

"How would I know? Maybe there's a huge storm there. We do need a boat if there's a storm… holy crap, are you telling me that Pudong is drowned too!?" Mo Fan suddenly realized what was going on after recalling what the guard told him.

"We have arrived. Take a look yourself," Zhao Manyan drove into Baoshan Fortress.

Baoshan had already turned into a fortress dam over twenty meters tall. Mo Fan initially thought the walls were tall buildings that had joined together. He abruptly realized that they were the walls of a dam instead. The dam was separating the city and the ocean, with many alert Battlemages patrolling on the walls, as if they were expecting an attack.

The dam went along the coastline of Baoshan District and extended on to Yangpu District. It even connected with Hongkou District and Jing'an District!. The Huangpu River, which ran through the Magic City, had now turned into Huangpu Sea, connected with the East China Sea!

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