Versatile Mage
1423 I“ve Never Seen Anyone So Good At Bluffing
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1423 I“ve Never Seen Anyone So Good At Bluffing

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"The best remedy to the tightness in one's chest is beating the crap out of someone," Mo Fan murmured to himself, rising to his feet. 

Zhao Manyan smiled. He casually lit a new cigarette while looking at the rather good-looking girl toward the back of the group with a perverted look. He was curious why a girl with an unworldly temperament like her would be hanging out with these lowly rascals.

Mo Fan did not use his magic. It was just a little brawl. He gave the man with the headscarf a punch to the face, stepped on the foot of the young man with a perm, and slapped a guy wearing spectacles in the face...

Mo Fan took them all out in just a few rounds. He felt a lot better.

He had to admit, if they had not shown up, he might have felt troubled and depressed for quite some time. Their appearance helped Mo Fan totally forget about the rising sea level temporarily. He was utterly grateful to them. They had reminded him that no matter how the world had changed, there were still a lot of idiots waiting to be trampled. There was still a lot of trash that he had to take care of, and a lot of girls waiting to be conquered… life was never better.

"You dare hurt me? Do you know who I am? Do you know I can ask someone to come and shove your car into the sea right now!?" Headscarf Man yelled. He was clearly not done yet. He even threatened to call for backup to deal with Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan.

Mo Fan went close to the ledge and threw a punch at the seawater.

A Fiery Fist gradually enlarged and roared with fury along in its path. It left an enormous hole on the surface of the ocean, evaporating the water instantly. The flames spread a few hundred meters further out, dying the sea blazing red!

The street racers were dumbfounded. Mo Fan's punch could easily destroy a tank, let alone them, who were not even Mages!

"Err, brother, it's been a misunderstanding. I was in the wrong first, everyone in Baoshan calls me Brother Haixian (Seafood). I am the founder of Seafood Street, please allow me to treat you the most expensive seafood here as a way to apologize..." The man's attitude shifted immediately.

"Sounds good, I haven't eaten anything since I landed," Mo Fan nodded. He did not reject the offer.

"It's my honor to treat a powerful Mage like you to a meal. It's my honor..." Headscarf Man said with a forced smile.


Zhao Manyan and Mo Fan were pretty laid back. They did not bother rejecting Brother Haixian's offer. It was in fact the best way for the street racers to resolve the conflict, as they were wondering where they should go to enjoy some delicacies. The man's suggestion had solved their problem.

As a matter of fact, they did not have to worry too much about the situation, since the only thing they could do was to accept it. As for the fate of mankind… it was something the Forbidden Mages and the leaders of the country had to worry about.

After drinking some alcohol, Brother Haixin, who was named Lu Kai, had befriended Mo Fan and Zhao Manyan. Lu Kai was the typical kind of guy that bullied the weak and feared the strong. Mo Fan was not too fussy about what Lu Kai had done. He was quite satisfied with the meal that Lu Kai had treated them to.


After Mo Fan ate his fill, he received a message on his phone. It was from Chairman Shao Zheng's secretary. Chairman Shao Zheng had probably learned that he was back in the country.

He promised Chairman Shao Zheng to look for Totem Beasts to resolve the danger along the coastline. To his surprise, the danger had arrived so quickly, before he found the Totem Beasts. Even Chairman Shao Zheng was taken by surprise.

It was a relief that the country had such a reliable leader. Otherwise, it was difficult to imagine how much worse the situation would be!

"I'm done here. Chairman Shao Zheng is asking me to meet him. I'll be going," Mo Fan rose to his feet and rejected Lu Kai's offer for more drinks.

Zhao Manyan, as expected, was conversing with the good-looking girl. He had no choice but to leave with Mo Fan too.

"Are you seriously going to drink and drive? Just come with me," Mo Fan chided him.

"Where is the Chairman?"

"The Pearl Institute."

The two rode the Flying Creek Snow Wolf and left in no time. The speed racers did not see Mo Fan Summon the Flying Creek Snow Wolf. They were just surprised to see that Zhao Manyan had left his luxurious car behind.

The good-looking girl was in shock, too. She was holding a car key in her hand. Zhao Manyan had asked her to drive the car back for him before he left. He did not even wait for a response from her. She had no idea what to do. Her heart was pounding heavily, looking at the luxurious car.

"Brother Kai, I've indeed learned a lot today," the man with spectacles said.

"Likewise, I've never seen anyone so good at bluffing! Fighting an enormous tree demon, catching a Red Cardinal alive... did they even say Chairman Shao Zheng was asking for them? We might not be Mages, but that doesn't mean we are idiots!"



Mo Fan arrived at the Pearl Institute. He was rather surprised when he found out that Chairman Shao Zheng had actually chosen to meet him at his place!

Mo Fan opened the door and took off his shoes. He immediately saw Mui Nujiao sitting on the couch, in a perfectly upright posture. She would normally have an elegant and noble temperament, yet she was clearly very nervous now!

She had surprisingly ordered food delivery, as she was too tired to cook herself. When she opened the door, she was shocked to see Chairman Shao Zheng with the takeaway food she had ordered. The chairman told her he stumbled into the delivery boy when he arrived, so he conveniently brought the food with him...

Mui Nujiao's mind went blank for some time. She was utterly lost. She quickly invited the chairman inside and brewed a pot of tea for the leader of their country.

Mo Fan went in and realized Chairman Shao Zheng did not bring his secretary along. He had come alone.

"I actually graduated from here, too," Chairman Shao Zheng smiled, as if he knew what Mo Fan was thinking.

"So you are our senior, then?" Mo Fan sat opposite Chairman Shao Zheng. He gulped down the pot of expensive tea that Mui Nujiao had just brewed, as he was feeling a little thirsty.

Mui Nujiao glared at Mo Fan helplessly.

"You've seen it?" Shao Zheng asked.

"Mm, I just did! I'm very shocked," Mo Fan admitted.

"I miscalculated still..." Shao Zheng let out a sigh.

"You've already done a great job minimizing the losses. I doubt anyone from the Asia Magic Association will doubt you again. I bet your political enemy Su Lu is in a lot of trouble now!" Mo Fan pointed out..

Perhaps without Shao Zheng's preventive measures, he might not have stumbled into the street racers today, nor would he have been able to enjoy takeaway food peacefully in his comfortable home. When everyone's life was in danger, they would no longer differentiate between one another, since everyone shared the same goal of trying to survive!

"We could have prevented a lot of things if Su Lu hadn't intervened… that prick..." Chairman Shao Zheng was angered as soon as Su Lu's name was mentioned. He had the urge to tear the assh*** to pieces!

"It happened so quick, I wasn't able to find the Totem Beasts in time," Mo Fan sighed.

"You've already done a lot. The Prophet has told me about the Great Pyramid of Giza. I really don't know how I can pay you back!" Chairman Shao Zheng replied.

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