Wandering through the worlds
2 The Beginning of it all and the God.
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Wandering through the worlds
Author :REkingme
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2 The Beginning of it all and the God.

A/N:Before we start I'm not even sure how to write scenes so this is gonna be pretty shitty so sorry. Also info dump.

----------Simon POV----------

Me: "Where am I, and why is it so dark?" 'where the hell am I and what the hell is going on?'

???: Ah, young one it seems you are awake, but before you ask any questions I must inform you of a few things so for now please stay silent. Okay first thing is yes you died, second, I'm what you would call God so all those insults you're mentally throwing at me I can hear, for instance you just called me and I quote " shitty old lying faggot you're not God so don't act like you are". Now that we've got that cleared, the third thing is since I'm getting old and I need a successor. So I'm going to give you a system known as The Grand Existence System. In exchange for that you have to inherit my Godhood and when you're strong enough you'll then have to become my successor. Got it?"

Ever since the God had called out Simon he decided shut up and listen, but now he had a dumbfounded look on his face.He was wondering ' how the hell does this guy know what I'm thinking ', but then he suddenly realized something ' holy shit I'm gonna get a system'. So he made the only choice available. Simon nodded and said.

Simon: " Well since I've got no other choice then deal."

God: " Good, now I'll explain the systems features as I am the one that created it. The system has six features 1st is Status pretty self-explanatory, it allows you to check your body's condition, examine your skills and distribute your level and stat points. The 2nd feature is Inventory, it gives you a 16×16 grid for storage. Items of similar types can be stored together and anything stored inside of something is counted as one object EX: you have 5 boxes filled with food and you store them, those five boxes even though they are filled the will count as a single object. So in turn you can have all five boxes together in a single space. The inventory is also upgradeable. The third feature is the Store. The Store sells pretty much everything you can imagine so don't worry about there not being something there. The fourth feature is The Clan feature it works like an organization that you lead. You can appoint new positions, also the clan feature dosen't allow people that are part of your clan to divulge information so it will be useful for keeping secrets. The fifth feature and the second most important one is your own Personal A.I assistant that will help you and keep you company throughout your journey, so remember to treat her well. The sixth and most important feature is The World Jump Engine. The World Jump Engine uses your own personal energy to fuel it so you can't use it willy-nilly, until you have enough strength and energy to support The World Jump Engine constantly. Ok, those are all the features of your system. Whew. Now any questions?

Simon: "Aren't I supposed to get wishes of some kind?"

God: "Oh, no you're just going to get a starting pack that'll allow you to choose a few starting powers .Hmm, I think that's all, oh and do have a good trip I think you'll like where I'm sending you, later."

Suddenly a white portal appeared next to Simon and sucked him in the last words he said before getting sucked in were.

Simon: "What?...aaaahhhhhh you fucker!!"

Scene change:Sometime Later, Location Unknown

Suddenly a young boy no older than nine falls out of a white portal. Said young boy is Sebastian Everteal.

Simon: "Well that fucking hurt.*looks around* Where the hell am I anyway?" ' Maybe I should ask the system.' " Hey system where did that Shitty God drop me."

[Host has been dropped in a world called....]
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    《Wandering through the worlds》