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Chapter 1098: The Ninth Advanced Level Wind and Fire Concept
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


A gust of flame arose from Feng Tian Wu's body as Lu Rui looked at the Profound Assimilation Formation. The rising flame formed a sword shape eventually.

The sword-shaped flame rose into the sky while scorching airwaves swept out, it was majestic.

All of a sudden, Lu Rui and Lu Qiu felt that they were placed in a stove where they were burnt by fire.


Before they managed to react to what happened, they saw the gorgeous red-clad lady with the extreme coldness on her face move.

All they could see was the flame in her hand forming a sword before it shot toward the Profound Assimilation Formation.

A path would open from the shockwave wherever the flaming three-foot sword passed while it gave off a crisp buzz.

However, the powerful sword seemed as if it had entered cotton when it landed on the Profound Assimilation Formation without so much as even making an impact.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, Feng Tian Wu who had a layer of frost on her beautiful face did not give up from the failed attempt. She proceeded to continuously shoot sword-shaped flames from her hand as if it would never exhaust her.

Feng Tian Wu only showed signs of slowing down after shooting out quite a number of swords while the flaming sword she held in her hand collapsed and eventually vanished.

Meanwhile, Lu Rui and Lu Qiu who were standing aside were dumbstruck.

Their eyes were locked on the sky above Feng Tian Wu's head.

The silhouettes of 8,000 ancient horned dragons faded before they eventually vanished.

'The strength of 8,000 ancient horned dragons!' Lu Rui and Lu Qiu looked at each other and saw the shock of disbelief in each other's eyes.

Clearly, Feng Tian Wu's abilities terrified them.

'Demon Monarch!' The both of them had the same thought in the next moment. They speculated that Feng Tian Wu was a demon... A Demon Monarch. To be precise, she was a powerful Demon Monarch!

To them, it was impossible for Feng Tian Wu to become a Martial Monarch powerhouse if she was a human only in her early twenties.

However, what they did not know was that although Feng Tian Wu could use Monarch Stage Profundities, her cultivation base was only at the First Level Void Transformation Stage.

Such a cultivation base was not even worth mentioning, especially when she had mastered the two profundities.

'Seems like the old guy next to Lu Song wasn't killed by the powerhouse hiding behind Elder Duan's back like Elder Zhi mentioned… He had to be killed by Miss Tian Wu.' As opposed to Lu Qiu's shock for knowing nothing, Lu Rui knew a lot more, which also caused him to think a lot more.

Realizing her inability to break the Profound Assimilation Formation, Feng Tian Wu recalled the two profundities and waited quietly without moving.

As time passed silently, Feng Tian Wu remained still. She did not move from the beginning until the end. It was as if she had turned into a sculpture.

"Lu Rui, you brat! Do you know about her?" Suddenly, Lu Qiu who could no longer suppress the curiosity in him asked Lu Rui through a voice transmission.

"I only know that she's Elder Duan's friend… I've no idea about her exact background," Lu Rui replied through a voice transmission.

"If she is what I think she is, she must be a powerful Demon Monarch! Elder Duan is worthy of being a reincarnation if he actually managed to meet a Demon Monarch powerhouse who willingly gives her heart to him!" Lu Qiu exclaimed as he communicated with Lu Rui through voice transmissions.

Lu Rui nodded in agreement. He thought the same as well.

The world inside the Profound Assimilation Formation was completely different.

There were people concerned about Duan Ling Tian's safety from the outside while he happily enjoyed himself in the baptism of Concept Energy that was going on inside the formation.

Half awake, he could sense the tremendous elevation of his concepts with every passing second and minute.

The elevation of his concepts would also elevate his abilities.

Duan Ling Tian indulged himself in such sensation.

As Duan Ling Tian continued indulging himself by absorbing the three types of Concept Energy, Xiong Quan who sat cross-legged nearby was also enjoying the baptism of Concept Energy refined from the Sword Concept Fragments as well. To top it off, his Sword Concept elevated at a terrifying speed as well.

However, Xiong Quan was in a deep sleep and was unable to feel anything happening to his personal elevation while Duan Ling Tian could feel every change in his concepts clearly.

He absorbed Concept Energy in a completely passive mode.

Time passed by silently. Duan Ling Tian had no idea how long had passed, but he jerked before suddenly waking up.

'My Wind Concept… It has broken through to the Ninth Advanced Level!' Duan Ling Tian did not open his eyes. Instead, he relished in the feeling the wind aura surrounding his body gave him as he slightly lifted his arms.

At that moment, the wind surrounding his body was no different from natural wind.

Duan Ling Tian knew fairly well that this was how his Wind Concept acted when he had already achieved the peak comprehension.

The next step would be comprehending the Wind Profundity!

'I, am a true, Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist now.' Duan Ling Tian's heart jolted as he thought to himself.

Although his abilities were comparable to a regular Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist before he entered the Profound Assimilation Formation, it was still only his abilities.

His cultivation base and comprehension he had of the different concepts were leaps and bounds from what a true Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist understood.

Now that his cultivation base had elevated to the Ninth Level Void Transformation Stage, his two concepts broke through to the Ninth Advanced Level. This was the symbol of a Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist!

Although his abilities were comparable to a Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist in the past, it was merely a comparison for the sake of comparing, especially since he was not even considered a true Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist at that time.

However, he was now considered to be a true Peak Level Void Transformation martial artist at that moment!

Without noticing, the green energy surrounding his body began to rapidly rotate as if it had now transformed into a green Divine Dragon lingering around Duan Ling Tian.


All of a sudden, the green Divine Dragon opened its mouth and began shooting flames. The majestic flames rumbled before it morphed into a Divine Dragon in a blink of an eye.

Now, it was a red Divine Dragon.

Regardless of size or aura, the red Divine Dragon was similar to the green Divine Dragon.

It was a Divine Dragon transformed from his Ninth Advanced Level Fire Concept!

There was no need for Duan Ling Tian to comprehend his Fire Concept separately. As long as there was an elevation in his Wind Concept, his Fire Concept would follow suit.

It was just like what was currently happening. Since Duan Ling Tian had comprehended the Ninth Advanced Level Wind Concept, the Fire Concept that he had never intentionally comprehended successfully broke through to the Ninth Advanced Level as well.

His Fire Concept originated from his Wind Concept. They were related to one another so the changes came following the changes to his Wind Concept.

At the next moment, the two Divine Dragons vanished as Duan Ling Tian recalled both concepts.

"I should continue… Seize the opportunity to elevate my Thunder Concept to the Ninth Advanced Level. After that, I'd go for the Earth Concept!"

Since his Sword and Wind Concept had broken through to the Ninth Advanced Level in succession, Duan Ling Tian proceeded to absorb the last two types of Concept Energy since he was feeling particularly focused.

His Thunder and Earth Concepts elevated at the speed of light. They were inching closer to catching up to his Sword and Wind Concepts.

South of the Lu Clan Estate where the Lu Clan served their guests was an individual mansion with a courtyard slightly smaller than the mansion.

However, any guest who was allowed to stay at the mansion upon arrival at the clan would definitely be someone with an outstanding identity. They would be treated as an honorable guest by the clan.

Meanwhile, usual guests would stay in individual compounds without servants to serve them.

However, there was an old man sitting in the pavilion at the front yard of an individual mansion in the south. He wore a silver robe and enjoyed his tea quietly as he sat before the stone table.

"The Elder Duan of the Lu Clan must be some big shot… Seems like he's really planning to let me wait for three to five months," the silver-robed old man said to the servant next to him calmly.


Before the servant managed to react, a silhouette appeared in the pavilion out of thin air. The two servants standing on both sides of the pavilion had changed expressions from the absurd appearance of a man.

"Should I force the Clan Leader to give us an answer?" It was an azure-clad middle-aged man who appeared. He asked the silver-robed old man in a testing manner as he looked at him.

"There's no need for that." The silver-robed old man shook his head lightly. "We're here to look for someone, not for trouble… A guest should suit the convenience of the host, I can wait."

"Also, I have a strong gut feeling… that the Lu Clan elder will show himself very soon," the silver-robed old man mumbled softly.

As the silver-robed old man was mumbling, the azure-clad middle-aged man vanished. The two servants had changed expressions once more as they shuddered from the scare.

Soon, a month had passed.

The mist that had accumulated in a spacious side hall in the Lu Clan Estate gradually faded away.

"Hmm?" Soon, the only person who was waiting in the side hall slowly opened her eyes as she cultivated cross-legged under the sky.

Her pair of bright eyes looked like flowing water, and they could make all men fall with a mere glance.

However, her drop-dead, seemingly frost-covered, gorgeous face gave off a cold aura that made it seem as if she would reject all who approached her.

As the mist faded, two silhouettes and a platform clearly appeared before her eyes.

She had completely ignored the middle-aged man.

She immediately locked her eyes on a young purple-clad man and never once did she look away.

"Ahhh!" The young purple-clad man who sat cross-legged on the platform exhaled and opened his eyes.

His eyes were light bright lamps that could light up the starry night sky.

"Hahaha…" At that moment, a laugh of excitement completely broke the silence in the side hall.

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