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Chapter 1239: You’re Still Not Worthy of It!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Among those who did not leave were Luo Ping and Zhang San, the two Vice Sect Leaders.

Then, there were Lu Bai, Chen Shao Shuai, the Gold Thug, and Xiong Quan, and another middle-aged man in a silver robe.

"Li Si, aren't you leaving?" Zhang San looked at the middle-aged man in silver and asked in surprise.

In addition to being his old friend, Li Si was also an extremely outstanding grade one alchemist. He had just come out from a closed-door cultivation a while ago. He went to the Ling Tian Sect once he came out because the sect's reputation attracted him.

Naturally, part of the reason Li Si joined the Ling Tian Sect was also due to him being there.

However, in Zhang San's opinion, Li Si was unlike the other grade one alchemists and grade one weapon craftsmen. He did not receive any favors from the Ling Tian Sect, so it was justifiable even if he left.

Nevertheless, Li Si's choice was beyond his expectations.

"Zhang San, although you don't convince me, I won't just desert the Ling Tian Sect since I've decided to join it… That's not my style," Li Si said.

"Hmph! Since you all want to die, I'll help you!" Han Jing never thought that even when they faced his threats, there were still seven people who did not know what was good for them and ignored his words. For a moment, all he felt was fury.

In an instant, Han Jing stepped forward and raised his hand to use the Continuous Palm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Instantly, along with a series of loud bangs, seven solid palm prints headed towards Xiong Quan and the six others with great momentum. It was so swift that they could not react at all.

They only had time to notice the oncoming winds on their faces which suffocated them.

Even though they knew that Han Jing was strong, it was then that they truly felt his strength when Han Jing attacked them in that split second.

"Young Master,I've to leave first… If there's an afterlife, I hope to be able to be by your side and serve you wholeheartedly." Xiong Quan's face was filled with despair.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Just when the seven of them thought they were definitely dead, a series of deafening loud noises resounded in their ears and they recovered from their shock, realizing that Han Jing's attacks did not touch an inch of their bodies.

Out of the blue, an invisible wall seemed to have appeared in front of them. No matter how Han Jing's attacks landed and caused ripples in the air, none of it passed through the wall.

They knew that someone had saved them.

"Hmph!" Noticing that his attacks were blocked, Han Jing did not even have time to think who the culprit was. He lifted his arm and a grade one spirit saber appeared in his hands.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

He raised the saber and slashed, sweeping overwhelming attacks towards Xiong Quan and the rest with great momentum.

However, despite the sky being filled with the endless gleam of the blade, his attacks were still blocked when they went near Xiong Quan and the others.

The invisible wall in front of them was extremely solid and wholly immune to Han Jing's attacks even though he utilized his spirit weapon and fully exerted himself.

"A Martial… Martial Emperor powerhouse!" At that second, Han Jing's expression finally changed and his face became extremely distorted.

His strength could be considered the top among the Martial Monarch Peaks. He believed that it was impossible that someone below the Martial Emperor stage could block his attacks so easily without exposing themselves before him.

For that very reason, there was only one possibility. The person who blocked him had to be a Martial Emperor powerhouse!

After Han Jing said that, everyone was dead silent.

A Martial Emperor powerhouse?

At once, those who had recovered from the shock started to look around as if they were trying to find the Martial Emperor powerhouse who had blocked the attacks earlier.

"Lord, we thank you for saving our lives!" Then, Xiong Quan and the six others bowed respectfully toward the void and thanked it.

They knew clearly in their hearts that if it had not been for that person, they would be corpses by now.

No. Perhaps they would not even have a corpse.

When Han Jing's face remained gloomy as he broke out into a cold sweat, he thought of escaping but did not dare to. Just then, a child-like voice rang out in the air.

"Xiong Quan, it's been a while since we last met."

It was a child-like voice of a girl.

"Who are you?" Hearing someone calling his name in a little girl's voice, Xiong Quan could not help but feel stunned.


Soon, there was a flash before Xiong Quan's eyes as he realized a golden figure had appeared in front of him. It was a girl in golden clothes. She was chubby and very adorable.

"Earlier, was it you who called out to me?" Looking at the little girl before him, Xiong Quan asked hesitantly.

"If it wasn't me, then who would it be? Xiong Quan, you wouldn't have forgotten me, would you?" The little girl in gold stood with her arms akimbo and puffed her cheeks while she looked at Xiong Quan. She seemed a little upset.

"And you are...?" Xiong Quan sized up the little girl in front of him, but he failed to find any memory of her no matter how hard he racked his brains.

"Little girl, I don't think I know you," Xiong Quan smiled bitterly and said.

"Little Gold, I did say Xiong Quan surely wouldn't recognize you." At that time, another child-like little girl's voice spoke up, accompanied by a white figure descending.

This time, it was a little girl in white.

Many people were staring at the two little girls somewhat sluggishly. They were shocked that they could control the air and fly at that age. Then, two other figures came down from the sky as well.

It was a girl in daffodil yellow and a little boy in black.

The girl in yellow seemed the oldest at around fifteen or sixteen amongst the four newcomers.

Even though the four people in front of Han Jing had shocked him, his mind was not fully focused on them. He was still searching for the hidden Martial Emperor powerhouse.

"Little girl, who are you?" Xiong Quan looked at the little girl in gold as the doubt on his face etched even deeper.

Then, the little girl in white answered to clear his doubts, "Xiong Quan, she's Little Gold."

"Little Gold?" At once, Xiong Quan could not react.

"It's that greedy little golden mouse!" The little boy in black piped up to remind Xiong Quan.

When he heard the little boy's words, it dawned on Xiong Quan. He finally recalled that small, golden figure.

"You… are you the same little golden mouse from back then?" Xiong Quan was mollified.

"Yes, I'm the little golden mouse from back then… Now, you'd be able to guess both their identities, wouldn't you?" Little Gold glared at the boy and then pointed at the both him and the girl in white as she pointedly asked Xiong Quan.

Xiong Quan looked at the children who looked like a pair of twins for a while. Then, he quickly responded albeit hesitantly, "Little Black and Little White?"

"That's right. I'm Little White and he's Little Black," said the little girl in white.

At that moment, Xiong Quan felt a bit dizzy. The three little fellows back then had already transformed into humans?

"So, they're demons!"

"I told you so! How could a young human child control the air and fly? They're actually demons!"

"Demons! They can still transform into children even if they are only just a little over a hundred years old."

Many people who had deserted the Ling Tian Sect were discussing among themselves.

"Demon?" At that time, Han Jing, who was still looking around, turned and focused on the three children before him. His heart skipped a beat. "They're actually demons? Could she be the person who blocked my attacks earlier?"

Unconsciously, Han Jing's sight landed on the girl in yellow beside the three children. She was obviously their leader.

Han Jing's face was dignified when he realized that the girl in yellow before him might be a Martial Emperor powerhouse.

"We can catch up later. Little Gold, didn't you say you'd solve this?" The girl in yellow was Han Xue Nai who had brought the three little fellows across the Ruo Shui River with their bodies. They had witnessed the entire fuss earlier when they arrived at the Ling Tian Sect.

They had arrived before the group of people deserted the Ling Tian Sect, but they were not in a hurry to appear.

They only decided to do so after those who should leave the sect had gone. Then, they rescued the remaining people who stayed in Ling Tian Sect.

"If you won't solve it, I will," Little Black looked at Little Gold and calmly said.

"You wish! I won this chance fair and square in a game of 'rock, paper, scissors'. I won't give it up to you unless there's something wrong with my brain." Little Gold shot Little Black a look and then turned to look at Han Jing squarely in the eye.

However, a bitter smile quickly appeared on her face.

That was because a yellow figure had appeared in front of her. More accurately, it was Han Xue Nai who had blocked her.

"Sister Xue Nai?" Little Gold was dumbfounded. She did not know what Han Xue Nai intended to do.

"Little Gold, I'll deal with this person." Han Xue Nai's expression was a bit distorted as though she had noticed something.

"Are you from the Cloud Continent's Ancient Han Clan?" Han Xue Nai stared at Han Jing calmly and asked in a deep voice.

Even though she had arrived earlier, she had not heard Han Jing's introduction.

"Yes. How should I address you, Miss?" Han Jing did not dare to ignore Han Xue Nai since he guessed that she might be a Demon Emperor powerhouse.

Facing the courteous Han Jing, Han Xue Nai snubbed him and exclaimed, "You're still not worthy to know my name!"

Instantly, Han Jing's face sank. He would have attacked her if he were not worried that she might be a Demon Emperor powerhouse.

"Since you're from Han Clan, then I shall kill you personally. You have no reason to live since you dared to find fault with my Brother Ling Tian's sect," Han Xue Nai muttered. She seemed to be talking to Han Jing but at the same time, she also seemed to be whispering to herself.

However, Han Jing still could not help but turn incredulous when he heard her. In his opinion, her courage to say it out loud meant that she was absolutely confident in killing him.

"So, it appears that she's the Martial Emperor powerhouse from earlier!" While his heart skipped a beat and fear flooded his veins, his pupils shrank at almost the same time.

All of a sudden, a cold draught blew through a bloody hole on his body. Despite the bloody hole passing through Han Jing's body, no blood was shed.

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