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"Tian Wu's master?" Feng Wu Dao was stunned when he heard Duan Ling Tian's words.
He had no knowledge of what happened to his daughter after she came to the Dao Martial Saint Land. Due to this reason, he did not know his daughter had a master here.
"Uncle Feng, although all of you have been in the Dark Nether Sect for a while, I'm sure you've heard of stories from Windfall Nation," Duan Ling Tian said as he looked at Feng Wu Dao.
"Yes." Feng Wu Dao nodded.
"Since all of you knew about me being the Interim Advisor of Situ Clan, I'm sure you know how I became famous in Windfall Nation, right?" Duan Ling Tian asked again.
"You became famous because you healed the Great Young Master of Situ Clan and defeated that Lady Feng from Drift Blaze Sect," Nangong Yi said before Feng Wu Dao could reply.
"Exactly." Duan Ling Tian nodded before asking again, "Then, have you heard about Lady Feng from the Drift Blaze Sect?"
"Of course!" Nangong Yi's eyes lit up. "Lady Feng is a genius as well… It's said that she only appeared in the Drift Blaze Sect a few years ago. A year ago, she managed to get into the Heaven Ranking. Moreover, she's also the youngest Martial Dao genius in the Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion's Heaven Ranking! She's a female on top of that! After six months, she climbed up to the 23rd place in the Heaven Ranking. Not only did she become even more famous in Windfall Nation, but her fame had even spread to the Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion! After another six months, she was defeated by you. Everyone thought she would be able to make it into the top ten in the Heaven Ranking! It could be said that she was unlucky to have encountered you in your quest for fame. However, based on her innate talent and strength, it's not difficult at all if she wants to enter the top of the Heaven Ranking again! A woman like her who managed to achieve so much before the age of 40 really puts all of us to shame." When Nangong Yi reached the end of his sentence, he sighed emotionally.
"Ling Tian boy, d-don't tell me that Lady Feng from Drift Blaze Sect i-is…" A thought appeared in Feng Wu Dao's mind when he saw how Duan Ling Tian had deliberately brought up Lady Feng from Drift Blaze Sect. However, he thought it was too good to be true. That was why he did not complete his sentence.
"Uncle Feng, it seems like you managed to piece the puzzles together." Duan Ling Tian could guess Feng Wu Dao's thoughts when he saw the expression on his face. He smiled."That's right. Lady Feng from Drift Blaze Sect is your daughter, Tian Wu."
When Feng Wu Dao, Bai Li Hong, and the others heard Duan Ling Tian's words, it was as though they had been struck by a bolt of lightning. They were stunned for a long time before they finally regained their senses.
"It's really Tian Wu!" Feng Wu Dao's eyes were bright, and his face was filled with many emotions. His body even began to tremble.
"Lady Feng of Drift Blaze Sect is Feng Tian Wu?" Bai Li Hong, Sima, Chen Shao Shuai, and the Nangong Twins were bewildered.

All of them had heard of Lady Feng before, and they knew just what kind of person she was.
If it was not for Duan Ling Tian, Lady Feng would have definitely been the most amazing person among the younger generation in Windfall Nation.
Although she was defeated by Duan Ling Tian, she was still just as amazing as ever. She had merely dropped to the second strongest person among the younger generation in Windfall Nation.
That young female powerhouse actually turned out to be Feng Wu Dao's daughter whom he had been looking for all this while! How could they not be shocked by this?
Meanwhile, Xiong Quan and Gold Thug looked at each other in shock. "Lady Feng is Miss Tian Wu?"
They were no stranger to Feng Tian Wu. However, it did not cross their minds that after a few years, the beautiful woman who was deeply in love with their Young Master, or Master, would accomplish so much. Her achievements were just slightly inferior to Duan Ling Tian.
Duan Ling Tian was not surprised by the group of people's reaction. After all, even he was shocked when he discovered that Lady Feng of Drift Blaze Sect was Tian Wu.
"Wu Dao, congratulations." Bai Li Hong regained his senses first and congratulated Feng Wu Dao.
Sima and the others finally regained their senses as well and congratulated Feng Wu Dao one after another. Sima even had an envious expression on his face when he said, "Big Brother Feng, I'm sure you don't have any regrets in your life for having such an outstanding daughter."
At this moment, Feng Wu Dao finally returned to his senses. However, he was not as delighted as the others expected him to be.
"It's only been a couple of years, but Tian Wu's cultivation base had risen so much. I'm sure she must have had a tough time during these few years," Feng Wu Dao said. He felt a pang of pain in his heart.
As the saying went, 'If one wants to be the best, one would have to suffer for it.'
Feng Wu Dao believed his daughter must have gone through a lot of hardship to be able to achieve so much. Due to this reason, his heart ached for her.
If it was possible, he had hoped his daughter would be able to live a carefree life. He only wanted his daughter to be happy, she did not have to be powerful.
This was a father's sincere thoughts.
"Let's return to the capital first." Duan Ling Tian could see how desperately Feng Wu Dao wanted to see Feng Tian Wu when he saw a hint of eagerness in his eyes. He immediately motioned to Bai Li Hong before he brought Feng Wu Dao and the others back to the capital at lightning speed.
Meanwhile, shocking news had spread out from the Dark Nether Sect's estate.
Out of the two Saint Stage powerhouses in the Dark Nether Sect, one, the Supreme Elder, was killed, and the other, the Sect Leader, had disappeared. Moreover, many high-ranking officials and disciples had died as well. Apart from that, the remaining high-officials and disciples had left the sect in fear of bringing disaster to themselves if they continued to stay in the sect.
A seventh-rate force was destroyed just like that.
What was even more shocking was nobody dared to take control of the seventh-rate Saint Stone reserve at the moment even though the Dark Nether Sect's estate was completely deserted. This was because they did not know if they would offend the powerhouse who had almost destroyed the entire Dark Nether Sect.
"The Dark Nether Sect is gone just like that?"
"Although the Dark Nether Sect might be the weakest seventh-rate force in Windfall Nation, and it's nowhere close to being comparable to a sixth-rate force, it's still a seventh-rate force! Moreover, the sect even had two Saint Stage powerhouses. I can't believe it's almost completely destroyed in just a day!"
"Who exactly did the Dark Nether Sect offend? Did they offend any sect?"
Many people that inhabited the area close to the Dark Nether Sect gossiped with one another. All of them were curious about who or which sect the Dark Nether Sect had offended.
Soon after, another piece of news began to spread.
On the day when the Supreme Elder of Dark Nether Sect was killed and the Sect Leader had disappeared, the people who were enslaved by the Dark Nether Sect had witnessed the appearance of Master Duan, the Interim Advisor of Situ Clan, in the sect. Not only that, but they had also witnessed him killing a Vice Sect Leader, a grand elder, and many disciples of the Dark Nether Sect.
"Could the Situ Clan be behind this?"
"I-it should be… I wonder how the Dark Nether Sect had offended the Situ Clan to the point where the Situ Clan was forced to destroy the sect."
"Although they're both seventh-rate forces, it's easy for Situ Clan to annihilate the Dark Nether Sect. How ridiculous is that?!"
"Hurmph! The Dark Nether Sect is merely the weakest seventh-rate force in our Windfall Nation, how could they possibly be compared to the Situ Clan? The Situ Clan is one of the top seventh-rate forces in Windfall Nation. Moreover, they even have a close relationship with the Imperial Family. The Dark Nether Sect is not worthy to be compared to the Situ Clan."

The rumor of Situ Clan annihilating the Dark Nether Sect began to spread further and further. This was because of the sighting of Duan Ling Tian, the Interim Advisor of Situ Clan, at the Dark Nether Sect on the day the sect was destroyed. Moreover, he was seen killing many people from the sect as well.
However, Duan Ling Tian and Bai Li Hong's speed as they traveled back to the capital was still faster than the speed of the news spreading.
They were traveling so fast because they knew how anxious Feng Wu Dao was to see his daughter. After a few days, they finally arrived at the capital of Windfall Nation.
When they arrived at the capital of Windfall Nation, Duan Ling Tian brought them to the Situ Clan immediately.
"Master Duan." A few guards from the Situ Clan bowed to express their respect when they saw Duan Ling Tian. They did not dare to slack off at all.
What a joke!
Even the Clan Leader and Great Young Master of Situ Clan were respectful whenever they saw the purple-clad young man. How could they act recklessly in front of this person?
"Alright." Duan Ling Tian smiled at the few Situ Clan's guards and nodded before he brought Bai Li Hong, Feng Wu Dao, Sima, and the others into the Situ Clan.
Although the Situ Clan's guards were not familiar with the people Duan Ling Tian brought, they did not dare to stop him at all since they knew how strong he was. Moreover, even if Duan Ling Tian did not feel offended, they still did not dare to act recklessly in consideration of the Clan Leader and the Great Young Master.
If they stopped him, perhaps, they might have to pack up and leave, fired from the Situ Clan, if news of it reached the ears of their Clan Leader and Great Young Master.
"Master Duan actually smiled at us earlier… How friendly of him!" One of the Situ Clan's guards mused, "Previously, Second Young Master's friend who was clearly inferior to Master Duan in terms of position and cultivation base had acted so arrogantly in front of us. It was as though he was looking at slaves when he looked at us. What a huge difference between those two people…"
"I was there at that time! Perhaps, it's just like the saying, 'Ugly people are the ones who create troubles!'" Another guard chimed in.
"Haha… How true! In regards to appearance, Second Young Master's friend is really inferior to Master Duan." The few guards laughed out loud.
However, from the beginning until the end, there was one guard who remained silent.
His eyes gleamed as he said to the few other guards, "Brothers, I suddenly feel like my cultivation base is going to make a breakthrough, and I must go into closed-door cultivation. I'll take my leave now, and I'll make it up to all of you next time."
"Go on then." The few guards nodded. They were not too concerned about this matter since they had encountered matters like this before.

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