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However, the Fourth Prince, King Qian, had actually sent someone to invite Situ Ming to King Qian's estate.
It would undoubtedly be bad for Situ Ming if news of him going to King Qian's estate spread out.
It was the ancestor of Situ Clan who had decided the Situ Clan would support the Second Imperial Highness. If he disobeyed the ancestor's order, there was only one outcome for him. He would be expelled from the Situ Clan.
"Please pass my message to His Imperial Highness King Qian that I'm very grateful for his goodwill," Situ Ming told the middle-aged man from King Qian's estate.
"The Fourth Imperial Highness knew you would decline the invitation, Second Master Ming. Therefore, he had also asked me to inform you that Ye Feng is waiting for you in his estate," the middle-aged man said.
Ye Feng!
When Situ Ming heard the middle-aged man's words, his eyes narrowed immediately.
Even Situ Zhuo, Situ Zhong, and the Situ Clan's elder were shocked.
They were, naturally, familiar with the name Ye Feng! Ye Feng was the Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect.
They had just received news today that the Supreme Elder of Dark Nether Sect had been killed, and Sect Leader Ye Feng had disappeared without a trace. The Dark Nether Sect existed only in name. However, someone from King Qian's estate came and told them Ye Feng was in King Qian's estate.
'Don't tell me the Dark Nether Sect had offended King Qian's estate?' The moment Situ Ming thought of this, his heart beat a little faster when he looked at the middle-aged man. "Lord, please pass a message to King Qian. Although I have some connection with the Dark Nether Sect, the Dark Nether Sect's actions have nothing to do with me!" Situ Ming intended to cut ties with the Dark Nether Sect.
"Second Master Ming, you'll have to explain this yourself to King Qian. I'm afraid I won't be able to pass on this message for you," the middle-aged man said indifferently, "Moreover, the Fourth Imperial Highness also wants me to tell you if you're unwilling to follow me to his estate, you'll have to bear the consequences of your action!"
Bear the consequences of his own action!
The moment these words left the middle-aged man's mouth, Situ Ming and the others' expressions turned grave immediately.
Situ Ming turned to look at Situ Zhong.
"You'll have to go." Situ Zhong nodded at Situ Ming as he transmitted his voice to him. "Since things have developed to this stage, you no longer have a choice. King Qian is not someone who would show mercy."
Situ Ming gasped.
He knew very well he no longer had any choice. If he offended King Qian, he would be doomed.
Although the prince that Situ Clan supported was in no way inferior to King Qian, he might be unwilling to directly confront King Qian just for the sake of protecting him.
In the end, Situ Ming gave in. "Lord, I'll follow you there then."
"Let's go." The middle-aged man motioned to him indifferently. Although he was only at the Imminent Saint Stage, he did not fear Saint Stage powerhouses like Situ Ming since he was responsible for handling King Qian's affairs. He acted arrogantly just like a dog that relied on its master's power.

Situ Ming left the Situ Clan and followed the middle-aged man to the Windfall Nation's Imperial Palace and entered King Qian's estate.
As soon as Situ Ming stepped into King Qian's estate, a figure lurking in the dark outside of the estate immediately left and went to another vast residence in the Windfall Nation's Imperial Palace. It was the residence of King Rong, the Second Imperial Highness of Windfall Nation's Imperial family.
"Situ Ming from the Situ Clan has gone to see Fourth Brother?" King Rong was a middle-aged man with a medium build. He was dressed like a scholar. Upon hearing the report from the spy he placed near King Qian's estate, he could not help but frown.
A young man dressed in black clothing standing behind King Rong looked at the spy before he asked indifferently, "Are you certain you're not mistaken?"
The young man had an ordinary appearance, but his gaze was extremely piercing. When he looked at the spy, it seemed as though two streaks of light had shot out of his eyes. The spy shuddered. He did not dare to meet that young man's eyes at all.
The spy took a deep breath and mustered up his courage before he replied, "I'm certain I'm not mistaken."
"Make a trip to the Situ Clan and ask Situ Hao what's going on. Tell him to give King Rong's estate a satisfactory explanation in three days time," the young man said again.
"Yes." The spy left and made his way to the Situ Clan.
When Situ Hao, the Clan Leader of Situ Clan, heard about this, his expression turned grave immediately. "Situ Ming actually went to King Qian's estate in broad daylight? What's he trying to do?"
"Clan Leader Situ, I've already passed on the message to you. Please give the Second Imperial Highness a satisfactory explanation in three days' time." The person who came from King Rong's estate, who was also the spy who had reported what he had seen to King Rong, was extremely arrogant even though he was very timid and humble in King Rong's estate.
He was only a small errand boy in King Rong's estate, but he was the messenger of King Rong's estate in the Situ Clan.
After the man from King Rong's estate left, Situ Hao's expression was still extremely grave, and his eyebrows were furrowed.
Meanwhile, in King Qian's estate, Situ Ming finally met the Fourth Imperial Highness of Windfall Nation's Imperial Family. "I, Situ Ming, am here to see you, Imperial Highness King Qian!" Situ bowed politely to express his respect.
"There's no need to be so polite, Second Master Ming. Please have a seat." King Qian smiled and motioned to Situ Ming to sit.
However, Situ Ming did not dare to sit.
The smile on King Qian's face disappeared as he asked with a grave expression, "What? Are you disrespecting me, Master Ming?"
"No, no!" Situ Ming was shocked. He sat down immediately. He felt extremely uneasy as though he was on tenterhooks.
King Qian looked at Situ Ming and asked with a smile, "Second Master Ming, I heard you're unhappy in the Situ Clan?"
"You're really good at joking, Imperial Highness King Qian. I'm the Second Master of Situ Clan, how can I not be happy in the Situ Clan?" Situ Ming forced a smile on his face.
Even if he was really unhappy in the Situ Clan, he would not voice it out all at, let alone voicing it out in front of King Qian. This was because, to a certain extent, Situ Clan and King Qian were on opposing sides.
"It seems like you're quite reserved in front of me, Second Master Ming." King Qian shook his head as he clapped his hands.
A figure instantly entered the main palace. Situ Ming was extremely familiar with this figure.
When Situ Ming saw this figure, he instantly stood up. His eyes flashed coldly as he asked through Voice Transmission, "Ye Feng, what are you doing here? Don't you know Situ Clan is on opposing side with King Qian's estate?"
Ye Feng did not use Voice Transmission. Instead, he said loudly, "Second Master, naturally, I know Situ Clan is standing on the opposing side of King Qian's estate."
Situ Ming's expression immediately turned grim. He asked angrily through Voice Transmission again, "Ye Feng, what are you trying to do?"
"Second Master, I'm not trying to do anything. I just want you to take a good look at the current situation… The Situ Clan no longer has any place for you! What you need to do now is to bring your men out of Situ Clan and join the Fourth Imperial Highness' faction!" Ye Feng continued to say loudly and clearly.

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