War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
2166 The Golden Lion King is Here!
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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
Author :Feng Qin Yang
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2166 The Golden Lion King is Here!

"The Supreme Elder took my Super Saint Weapons away a year ago? As the party involved, why don't I know about this?" Duan Ling Tian could not help but laugh. "Moreover, I have already sworn on the lightning penalty oath earlier... If I lie, I'll be killed by the lightning penalty. Aren't I still alive and standing?" Duan Ling Tian shook his head at the absurdity of the situation. He was speechless.

How laughable! How could people just believe the other party's words?

Naturally, Duan Ling Tian was unaware that powerhouses at the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage had a high place in many people's hearts. In the eyes' of ordinary people, powerhouses at the Ninth Form Saint Celestial Stage were almost invincible. They did not think such a powerhouse would lie just to obtain Super Saint Weapons.

Although many people felt skeptical when the Supreme Elder of Black Kshetra Sect released his statement, deep down, they all believed him. Moreover, all their doubts vanished when Xie Kang Xun, the Golden Lion King from Black Kshetra Sect, reduced the reward he promised.

The crowd fell silent as soon as Duan Ling Tian finished speaking.

After a few moments, a sectless cultivator stared at Duan Ling Tian intently as he asked, "Does this mean you still possess two Super Saint Weapons?"

As soon as the sectless cultivator finished speaking, Duan Ling Tian saw the greed in everyone's eyes when they looked at him. He knew very well if that incident with Kong Zhen did not happen, many of these sectless cultivators would not hesitate to attack him to obtain the Super Saint Weapons he possessed.

Duan Ling Tian shook his head in response to the question. "No."

"No?" The sectless cultivator was stunned and confused. "Didn't you say you were inside the trap that's left behind by three Eminent Devils for the past three years? Doesn't that mean the Supreme Elder from Black Kshetra Sect didn't manage to get his hands on the Super Saint Weapons? Your words are too contradictory!"

The others were confused as well.

"When I said no, I mean I don't have two Super Saint Weapons... I only have the Devilseal Tablet that I took back from Xie Zong! As for the Traceless Sword, I've never even seen it. Xie Kang Xun, the Golden Lion King, lied about me possessing the Traceless Sword," Duan Ling Tian said indifferently.

Due to the lightning penalty oath, no one doubted Duan Ling Tian.

"Now that Duan Ling Tian mentioned it, I remember the Golden Lion King said that Duan Ling Tian's sword resembles the Super Saint Weapon, the Traceless Sword. He isn't certain as well," someone said after thinking for a while.

"That seems to be the case."

Many sectless cultivators nodded in agreement.

"Maybe he has the Super Saint Weapon, the Nine Cloud Sword, instead!"

There were some sectless cultivators who said this and stared at Duan Ling Tian as though he was a walking treasure.

"I don't have the Super Saint Weapon, the Nine Cloud Sword." Duan Ling Tian's words mercilessly crushed some of the sectless cultivators' hope.

All of a sudden...

Someone bellowed from afar, "Duan Ling Tian!" It sounded like the roar of a lion! Soon after, a tall figure appeared before everyone's eyes. It seemed as though he had appeared out of thin air. Based on this, one could tell his speed was extremely fast.

The figure belonged to an old man who was two-meters tall. He had a sturdy figure as well. From afar, he looked like a humanoid beast. He had spike white hair and an unruly beard. He resembled a lion. Apart from that, he had big and fierce eyes that were framed by thick brows!

When he appeared, a terrifying aura rolled off him in waves, causing everyone to freeze in fear.

Some sectless cultivators recognized the old man with just a glance and exclaimed, "It's the Golden Lion King, one of the Four Great Karmapas of Black Kshetra Sect!"

"I didn't expect the Golden Lion King to show up so quickly! He seems very well-informed... This means the Black Kshetra Sect has many spies in Sin City."

"It only natural that he came here as fast as he could once he learned that Duan Ling Tian's here. This is a good opportunity for him to avenge his son after all!"

"Duan Ling Tian's doomed!"

The sectless cultivators looked at Duan Ling Tian sympathetically as they discussed among themselves. It seemed as though they were certain Duan Ling Tian was going to be killed by the Golden Lion King!

At this moment, they seemed to have forgotten that Duan Ling Tian had escaped from the trap left behind by the three Eminent Devils today! In order to leave the realm, one had to be able to tear open space barriers! Only powerhouses at or above the Seventh Form of the Saint Celestial Stage would have the strength to accomplish such a feat!

"Duan Ling Tian, I didn't think you'd show yourself..." The lion-like old man looked at Duan Ling Tian intently. "Regardless of why you showed up, you must die today!"

Duan Ling Tian did not disguise himself so the Golden Lion King recognized him immediately.

At this moment, Saint Origin began to rise from Xie Kang Xun's body. It seemed as though he was ready to strike at any moment with his domineering energy. It caused sectless cultivators with a weaker cultivation base to move back a little.

Duan Ling Tian was studying Xie Kang Xun as well. It was his first time meeting the Golden Lion King, one of the Four Great Karmapas of Black Kshetra Sect. "You’re Xie Kang Xun, the Golden Lion King?"

Previously, Duan Ling Tian had met another one of the Karmapas. He had met the Green Bat King. However, the Green Bat King had died in the pseudo realm created by the three Eminent Devils.

Xie Kang Xun only roared in response to Duan Ling Tian's question. Rage could be heard in his roar!

In the next moment, everyone watched as a powerful Saint Origin surged out of Xie Kang Xun's body. It seemed as though he had turned into the sun as his body was covered with a dazzling light.

"The Golden Lion King is going to make his move!"

Many people trembled in fear when they saw this!


A loud explosion sounded in the air as the Golden Lion King charged toward Duan Ling Tian at an extremely fast speed. "Where did he go?"

To many sectless cultivators, it seemed as though the Golden Lion King had vanished into thin air. That was, naturally, not the case. His speed was just too fast that most sectless cultivators could not catch his movement due to their weak cultivation bases.

To the sectless cultivators with a higher cultivation base, they only managed to catch a glimpse of the Golden Lion King's figure.

"He's really fast! No wonder he's ranked third among the Four Great Karmapas in Black Kshetra Sect and ranked 18th on the Supreme Saint Ranking!"

Xie Kang Xun, the Golden Lion King of Black Kshetra Sect, was a famous powerhouse after all. However, his opponent today was Duan Ling Tian, a prodigy from the Fire Worship Sect. His action could be seen as bullying the weak.

All the sectless cultivators present on the scene thought Duan Ling Tian would surely be killed by Xue Kang Xun!

Were they right in their assumptions?

Seventh Form of the Saint Celestial Stage... He's pretty strong!' Duan Ling Tian thought to himself. He could clearly see Xie Kang Xun's every movement unlike the sectlesss cultivators present on the scene.

Before Xie Kang Xun made his move, Duan Ling Tian had already mobilized his Sun Saint Energy. As soon as Xie Kang Xun made his move, he instantly cast one of his Divine Abilities. "Elementary Devouring Tactic!"

In just an instant, whirlpools appeared around Duan Ling Tian and absorbed the Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy in his surroundings. It raised his Sun Saint Origin to its highest limit in just a short while. His Sun Saint Origin was far stronger than that of a powerhouse at the Seventh Form of the Saint Celestial Stage. In fact, it was only slightly weaker than the Saint Origin of a powerhouse at the Eighth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage!


While Duan Ling Tian cast the Elementary Devouring Tactic, Xie Kang Xun who was halfway to Duan Ling Tian also cast an assist-type Divine Ability. In just a blink of an eye, his Saint Origin became stronger as well. It was almost as powerful as the Saint Origin of a powerhouse at the Eighth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage! For a time, his strength was evenly matched with Duan Ling Tian's strength!

"I see why you're one of Black Kshetra Sect's Four Great Karmapas. The assist-type Divine Ability you've mastered is quite powerful... However, if this is the extent of your strength, I'm afraid you won't be able to avenge your son today!" Duan Ling Tian said calmly as Xie Kang Xun charged at him at an extremely fast speed. It seemed as though he was not afraid of Xie Kang Xun at all!
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