reborn as kid naruto
6 Wind and Lightning?
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reborn as kid naruto
Author :Superwriter8
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6 Wind and Lightning?

*Naruto's POV*

Today is the day, I will start training with Itachi and Shisui, because I was to excited that I will start training with them, I barely slept at night, and most of the day I trained my chakra control even further, I was thinking I should concentrate on other things like using a kunai or a shuriken , but In the end I decided that improving my basics is better.

Although kunai and shuriken are also something that shinobi use daily, I think that I should concentrate on my weaknesses, another issue that troubled me in the anime is the lack of Justus.


Even simple and basic Justus the original Naruto couldn't do, so it is something I must improve, body flicker is a must, and also basic wind and lightning Justus.

(In chapter 1, he got as a bonus lightning chakra element, for those of you that don't know)

Oh no, I was thinking too much, I am almost late for the training!!

*Time Skip - 5 months* (Third POV)

In an area, full of trees, you can see a small kid, tired and full of sweat, chasing after a teenager with the Uchiha symbol, it is none other than Naruto having a spar with Itachi, Although Naruto was young, he had a sturdy build, that of an athlete.

Naruto was using one of Shisui's prized techniques, his body flicker jutsu, Naruto was fading and appearing without leaving a trace.

How did we get to this point? It all started like this:

*First training day*

Shisui sensei and Itachi sensei, sorry for being late! I didn't have much sleep last night because I was too much excited , - said Naruto with a smiling face.

-It is fine Naruto, we didn't wait long, right Itachi? - Shisui calmed down Naruto and asked Itachi

- We didn't. - Itachi replied without a hint of emotion, to any other person it looked like he was a cold-blooded person, but you can still see care in him. what Naruto didn't know was the fact that Itachi was anbu in training, In the Anime Itachi wasn't in anbu until he was much older, it is probably because he was in training to become anbu.

Shisui sensei what are you going to teach me today? - Naruto asked full of expectation.

- Well, before even teaching you something, we will check your affinities, all you have to do is to inject chakra into this piece of paper, here have a try. - Shisui said smiling.

Naruto toke the chakra paper, and injected his chakra in it, the paper crumbled and split into two.

- Seems like you have a strong wind nature Naruto, it is good, I also have wind and fire so I can train you in wind, and as for lightning, Itachi will teach you.

So, Naruto, first of all you need to know that wind has the most attack power in close medium range battles, and if you train it well enough, well you can do awesome things like me! - Shisui said with a smile appearing somehow behind Naruto.

-That Naruto was my Body flicker jutsu, well It isn't mine, I just trained the body flicker and infused wind chakra enough to make an effect of me disappearing and appearing, quite cool isn't it?

Sadly, for you, that is a more advanced technique so we will try something easier, try concentrating wind in both of your hands, when you can do it without an effort tell me okay?

I and Itachi are busy today, see you tomorrow to see your progress, ja ne :)
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    《reborn as kid naruto》