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the commander's pregnant wife
Author :Roia
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@@To my dear readers,

Hello guys!

I know its been awhile since the last time that I updated a chapter and a lot of you is asking if this story is discontinued.

First of, no, this novel is in hiatus for now due to personal reasons and we will be back on track probably by august?

Secondly, I know a lot of you thought that this novel which is full of grammatical errors and such that you felt cringe and confused. Well, when I reread I also thought so 😅 and asked myself what am I thinking during that time that I created this? Alas, I was only trying to improve my knowledge in english and grammars before because it was needed in school, so sorry for that 😅 But, don't worry my dears, before I continue this story, I'll edit this first and try to improve it. I know you hate those lines, 'you must know...' or other lines like that and I find myself feeling like that as well. So, when I start to edit this novel, I'll remove some of those lines. And, also, expect that I will delete the chapters first while I am editing them. And, this incompetent author of yours is asking for your patience during that time, sorry 🙏

Also, Covid-19 had spread all over the world and I hope, you my dear readers are safe and healthy. 😊 And, thank you my loyal readers for reading this novel and patiently waiting for this story to continue up to now. But, I'll ask once again, for a bit more time and your patience, if you could still wait until august? 🙏

So, uhmm that should be all I guess? So guys, stay healthy and safe. God bless us all and let's all pray that this pandemic will end soon. 😊 See you next time 😊

Sincerely yours,

your bubbly author

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    《the commander's pregnant wife》